NIghtmare and Giveaway Reminder!!

Disclaimer.....this post is not really teacher related (although it happened to a teacher) and it's partly gross.....very gross.....

Ok....I am stuck in a living nightmare.....I walk out to my backyard because I am going to mow.  That's where our push mower is.....have to push mow the backyard because it has so many little gardens (obstacles my hubby would say) plus the exercise is good right???  Well, we have an old shed in the backyard....ummmm, with no door.  Haven't needed a's just got the push mower and mostly gardening stuff and our hurricane shutters....

So I walk out to get the mower out and as I enter the shed...I notice an odd, not so nice smell.....then, I see some flies...............

I think, ok, something is dead......maybe a lizard (we have hundreds of those running around all the must be a Florida thing) or maybe even a mouse............a squirrel????????  I have about 13 of those, last count in my backyard with all my bird feeders........

I investigate a little more.......the smell is, I'm gagging now and all alone.....did you hear me?  ALL ALONE!!!!!

I run into the house, call the hubs who is working is the conversation:

"Hello?" hubs
"You have to come home RIGHT NOW!" me, not a hi....nothing...straight to panic
"Why, what's wrong?" hubs (yes, I scared him a little)
"Something is dead in the's bad, please come get it!"
"I'm working, like right in the middle of a job....I can't come home now and do that."

moment of silence......

"Why?!?!?!" (yes.....I am a spoiled princess)
"Because I can't....what is it?"
"I don't know!!!!!"
"Well, did you look?"
"No, there's flies and it's really bad.....I can't breathe.....I almost threw up!"
"Go in there and see what it is and get it out"
"Have the kids do it" (teen son and daughter)
"They aren't here!"
"Well then, it will have to wait until I am done with work."
"bye......." me- push button hard cuz I'm mad!!!

I go back and and try to figure out what it is and where it is.........people it is not pretty..........
then, I see a tail.......a BIG tail............we have a little plastic kiddie pool out there so I kick it to make sure the tail doesn't move (as if the smell didn't convince me!!!!!!!)

No movement.....I move a pressure sprayer that is in the back corner and there it is!!!!!!!  A HUGE dead raccoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, what??????  I can't move that!!!!!!!!!  I've already gagged about 4 times and almost threw up once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The teens are off running errands so I am in the house blogging about my emotional trauma and waiting and hoping that maybe it will walk out on its own...... I going to die of rabies?!?!?!??!?! 

Waiting for the 6'2 teen boy to come home and praying he will be a man and take care of this situation for me!!!!!!! 

Told you it wasn't pretty!!!!!!  Sorry!  Really sorry you all had to endure this with me.....think of my telling you as my therapy.......I'm sorry......

On a much lighter and brighter is the last day for my adorable lunch bag giveaway. (I know.....I know......awkward combo with the dead animal and a conversation about lunch.....SORRY...I am completely freaked out at this minute about this....)

  It's NOT the last day to join the linky.   I have been having soooooo much fun seeing all the super cute lunch bags and lunches and reading about how DIFFERENT all our lunches are!!!  CRAZY!!   So, if you haven't up and join the fun:)
Click the pic to check it out:D

Lunchbox Linky and Giveaway!!

So I have been wanting to have a linky for a while but was clueless about a lot!!!

a)  What kind of linky????  Thank you Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this adorable and fun idea!!!

b) How to make it fun and cute????  OHMYWORD, thank you Michelle from The 3 AM Teacher.  I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it but knew what I wanted and she was/is absolutely AMAZING!!!  Is the linky button super cute or what?!!  She did it!!!  ALL of it!!!  I cannot thank her enough!! 

Now, thanks to my WONDERFUL friends, I have a cute and fun linky to host!!


Here is the ADORABLE linky button made by Michelle - 3 AM Teacher!!  I truly think she can make/draw anything.  If you haven't seen her blog and adorable graphics, you have got to go check it out and follow her:)  You will be soosooo happy you did!! 
Please grab this button and post it when you link up:)) (There was a code for the button but it wasn't working :/ so please just copy the pic and link it back here:)  )
So here's a pic of my lunchbox.  My daughter got it for me cuz it matches my classroom:)
 My lunches are not too fun because I am on a diet......I would love to say I have chocolate and cookies and yummies........but, nope!  I have chicken, zucchini, and pears on the menu for today:)
So there's a peek in my lunchbox:)  My lunch this year is at a really "normal" lunch time.....11:53.  In the past I have had it earlier and it was hard to get used to......I get 30 minutes for lunch which, I have to admit....sometimes feels like 5 by the time I drop off the kiddos, pick up mail, and all the other things I need to do at times.  Sometimes I eat alone in my room cuz I am multi-tasking....grading and eating, computer and eating, prepping and eating......but I have gotten better about taking that time off to eat...sort of.  I also join my team mates in my roomies classroom where we chat and play catch up:)  Then once in a while I bring the entire class back to the classroom with me:)

When you link up, not only would I love to see your lunchbox, I would love to hear about your, I know some teachers eat with their students....I think that will be heading our direction if budget cuts continue....
Do you eat with your students or not?
How long do you get?
What time is your lunch at? 
 Since I am getting super close to 1000 followers I wanted to make this a giveaway too (another yummy idea from my dear Farley!!)  To stay with the lunch tote theme (and the word yummy), the winner will get this adorable bag from Katie, my new Thirty-One consultant:)
Pink!!!!  My fave color!!!  So if you want to also enter the giveaway, here is how you enter:
1 - Link up with the linky (leave 2 comments, worth 2 entries)
2 - Like Katie's Facebook page - HERE
3 - Email her(HERE) an item you like off her Thirty-One shop HERE
4 - Follow me:D

Leave me a comment for each thing you do.  Giveaway will end Saturday, March 31 at midnight.
Thanks for popping by:) 


Science Foldable, Vocab. and a Heads Up!!

It was a busy first week back after spring break.  I think my kiddo's heads are still spinning as we have hit it hard times 10 with the wonderful state assessments coming up quickly! 

I totally feel like this year has flown by and it will be summer break soon.....kinda makes me sad because I have gotten quite attached to my littles this year and the thought of good bye makes me sad......ok....enough of that.....

Here's a quick peek at some Science foldables my kiddos made this week...I had them write facts they learned about the Sun, Moon, and Earth and then compare and contrast them.

We also used these awesome graphic organizers from Mor at A Teacher's Treasure!  They were just perfect to help my kiddos with their vocabulary words and to use in Word Work this week:)))

Please oh please pop back Monday (I'm hoping) for a super fun linky and giveaway!!  I am too excited about it.......I have never had a linky and always wanted to have a linky but have been a linky loser and not hosted one.....well, cuz I don't know about linkies and didn't have any ideas for a linky and, and, and......

Sooooo I asked my bud Farley, yes....the Queen of the Currently linkies and she gave me a wonderbar idea, as I knew she please pop back and see what's it's all're gonna need the camera:))

Have a wonderful weekend:D  Road trip to see my daughter tomorrow:))  Chow for now:)

Anchor Chart Linky, Smile, and a Freebie!!

I'm joining the anchor chart linky at Ladybug's Teacher Files.....I'm a little late to the party but I made's a few of the anchor charts I have used this, please keep in mind that my anchor charts are not near as cutey patooty as a lot of them floating out there in blog land BUT I get an A for effort, right??

We just did this one Monday for a refresher on Character, Setting and Plot.

This was one of my faves.....we read I Can Read with my Eyes Shut and then did a thinking map of all the places we read, then they drew pics and then our book buddies drew pics too (little kinders) and we glued all of it on this anchor chart.

This was a total copy/inspiration from an anchor chart I saw on Pinterest to go with a mini lesson on adjectives and to jazz up my 4thsies writing...(there's that word I made up again....)

Another chart to spice up the writing using sensory words:)

Another one of my faves....this went with the Daily 5 mini lesson we did at the very beginning of the school year for perfect fit or just right books.  I borrowed a baby shoe from my BFF for too small/easy and used one of my clod hoppers (size 10!!!  YIKES) on one of my littles for too big/hard. 

So that's a peek at those:)

My smile......A quick yahoo about winning a giveaway at Lessons with Laughter:)  I'm too excited!!  Molly has an awesome blog....pop over and check it out:)

My Freebie....I made some cute multiplication cards for my kiddos to practice double by double and triple by double.  There are 20 cards in all and would be great in a Math center.  Hope you like:)  They are FREE at my TN store HERE or my TPT store HERE.


Is that an Alligator in my pond?!?!?!?

 It is my last day of spring break and of course I am trying to cram in everything I didn't get done and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not happening but a girl can dream right??
Spring break has been awesome.....I've had some girl time with my daughter, fam time with the hubs and teen, gardening,

Nook reading (didn't finish my book darn it), sleeping, walking, cleaning, rearranging of the living room and porch, crafting................busy but fun and now it's all done.......

Seriously, I do miss my kiddos quite a lot and I know these next 2 1/2 months are going to fly by with big state assessments coming so I'm ok with going back! 

I did manage to get another little unit done.  It has a space theme with adorable graphics done by KPM Doodles:)
This unit includes:
8 story starters
Word Sort - Long A/Short a 18 words to sort
10 simile strips to make sentences
an adjective activity
Synonym activity with 12 pairs of synonyms

If you would like to check it out it is HERE at TPT back to the gator in my pond.  I have a koi pond in my backyard that the hubs built.  It has an upper level and then a waterfall to the lower level which is where the big koi are.  I also don't know if I mentioned that my husband and I have this sick game of scaring each other.......well, yesterday I came home from my girls vball tourney and went in the backyard to water some plants.   We have had trouble with a huge white bird getting into our pond to eat our fish and hubs said "the bird was back".....little did I know that was a trick to get me to go look in the pond and count fish.....I do.......I don't want the bird to eat any....well, when I went to count, this is what I saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now does that look real or what?!?!?!??!?!  I live in Florida....there are alligators....lots.  So, I thought it was real!!!  I don't know how I didn't do the "I'm dying and being chased by a monster scream" but I didn't.......I froze!!!  I froze, convulsed,  and stopped breathing!!!! All to the enjoyment of my husband who was watching from the window just above the pond!  I won't tell you what happened next cuz it wasn't pretty.....not at all!!!  Thank the Lord it is fake....

Now I'm off to suck up all of the last few minutes of spring break that I can!!!

Happy Sunday!


Book Recommendation Tree Project Done and Shades:D

This is going to be so super quick because I am freaking out that my spring break is already almost over!!!

It just started.....where did it go???!!!!

It's not that I don't love my job...I do, BUT I also love my "me and fam" (yes, I know it's fam and I but I'm on break people) time and it is going away WAY too I know some of you aren't even on break this week so don't hate that I'm whining.....

Ok, as soon as I saw Molly's book recommendation tree post at Lessons with Laughter, I KNEW I had to make one over break.....well, mission accomplished.....kinda...I still need to get some more ribbon, ran out so it looks a little nakey right now........ I also need to decide what I want written on the's the reveal:
Can't wait to add it to my classroom!  Thanks for the inspiration Molly:)

On a totally not teacher related note......check out the yummy new shades I picked up yesterday shopping with my girl.....
I'm little Miss Boring when it come to sunglasses......I always get black, brown, black, tortoise, brown, oh yeah and black!!!!!!!!   Thrilling right.....well blue and coral are supposed to be the "it" colors for this summer................(that's according to yesterday's Today show.......) anywho, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and grabbed these Prada knockoffs (yes, I said knock offs......or should I say inspired.....the box at the mall said Prada)! 
 The sides are awesome with a little bling but the picture wouldn't take:/
I think they're fun:)

Also, Lorraine at  Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is having an upper elementary linky for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers:)  So, I'm linking up and then doing some stalking later:)

New Literacy Unit and New Blog!!

I am oh so excited to share with you all in bloggy land that I have completed my first unit for my stores!!!  I have a confession to I would sit and look at all the wonderful things everyone else made, I would think.....yeah.....I probably can't do that....not that big........and then I was jealous of all the K-2 teachers who could make all the cute stuff and there's soooooo much to choose from.  I have still been struggling with finding stuff to use with my 4thsies (yep, not a word), so decided to give making a unit a try:)

Well, I did it and I am so excited about it.  I used the adorable graphics from Nikki at Melonheadz.  If you don't know who she is, you must go check out her work!  She is an absolute doll to work with:))

It is Charlotte's Web themed but was made to be used with any stories or chapter books:)
Here is what all is included:
Word sort with Wilbur - er/ur/ir
21 words

Antonyms -
16 pairs of antonyms

Sentence practice:

Main Idea and Details:

Figurative Language - Idioms

Vocabulary Practice and Word Webs -
8 words with definitions or use your own

So there you have it!  There are black and white copies of everything included in the unit:))
It's at my TPT (HERE) and
TN (HERE) stores:) 

I also wanted to take a sec to introduce a new blog....well, she's new to me and absolutely wonderful and a fellow 4th grade teacher and has the super cutest, yummiest ideas that I am stealing and........well, you get the idea!! 
Lessons with Laughter
Her name is Molly and her blog is Lessons with Laughter.  So pop over and say HI!

Sharing Help and Love

Living in Florida, we rarely see tornadoes, we have hurricanes.  I have seen first hand the devastation that can cause.  During that time I also saw total strangers band together to help.  I saw people driving door to door to help cut apart huge trees, deliver food and water.  I volunteered in our church as truck load after truck load of donations poured in, we unloaded and organized, handed out little bags full of "life's essentials", toothbrush, washcloth, things we tend to take for granted. 

Well, it's time for total strangers to reach out and help the many affected by the devastating tornadoes that tore across 5 different states on March 2.  I am linking up with Crystal at Kreative in Kinder to do just that.  I am donating products my TPT store to those that need or can use them and when I get back from spring break, I am going to dig into my closet and cabinets and see if there is anything else I can donate.

I will leave you with this quote.  I absolutely love it and I think it applies to this very well.  After I read The Lorax to my kiddos, I was thinking about how very powerful this statement is, and not just for saving  trees.  I told my kiddos that it applies to everything in your life, your schoolwork and grades, your rooms, helping your parents, the list goes on.  If you apply it to your life!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."
                                   Dr. Seuss - The Lorax

I am so grateful to work with such a caring group of people that stretch across blogland!!

Lorax, Perimeter Bots, Math Games, and Spring Break!!!!

What do all those random things have to do with each other????  Well, they are all things that have happened in my week:)  I cannot even believe how fast this year is going and now spring break is here!!!  Wowza!!  So I have a little extra hop in my step:)  My kiddo is coming home tonight too!!!  Same spring break:)  Thank you Lord for that wonderful blessing!!!

Here is some of the fun we had this week in pics.......these are all Pinterest inspired projects that we did:)

The first:

After I read them The Lorax, they each made their own and I gave them this writing prompt:
If you could be Lorax for the day, what would you do to make the world a better place.

Super awesome ideas they had!!!  I know I saw the idea of the Lorax head on the top of the paper but for the life of me I can't find who!!!!! 
I am SO sorry and if it was you
or you know who,
please let me know,
so I can credit them too!!!

Did any one see how I just had a Dr. Seuss moment??????  Anyone,  anyone????

The second:

We also made Area and Perimeter Bots or Super Heroes.  A little of both I think:)  This was Pinterest inspired from Ashleigh at Ashleigh's Education Journey.  Loved this activity and SO glad we did it.  Silly me thought they had the whole area/perimeter thing....until they were asked to make these bots....then "Oh My Goodness!"  Let's just say some of the robots needed reconstruction!!!!  Practice makes perfect right??

The third:

We played my Fishy Factor game I made for my TN and TPT stores.  Well, I made it for my class first and then posted it on my store.  The kids loved using it with the ELMO:)  If you would like to take a peek at that game it is at either store.....TPT  or TN.

I am hoping the creative juices will kick in and I can make a few things over break.....or, I may not......I may just completely relax.....yeah right......I am planning on doing some gardening, beach going, and reading...not in that order:)  Chow for now:)

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