Factors and Word Work

Each day a little more Seussy stuff is sneakin into my classroom.  The kids absolutely love it....and they are loving listening to the stories....what kid doesn't like to be read to?? (it probably helps that I read to them like there's ten different people inside me!!!  Ha....prob the coffee!!!)   I squeeze in a quick Seussy read aloud whenever I can.  Back to the Seussy classroom......I'll be posting some pics soon.  My desks are back in groups and that makes them all happy and me too!!

Today we did a wonderful Word Work activity that I bought from Sunny Days in Second Grade TPT store.  I love it!!  I have been struggling to find word work activities that were for upper grade level kiddos and this one works great:)  It's called Word Work Literacy Center and is for grades 2-6.  There are tons of activity cards that the students do with any books.  To fit in with the Seussy theme, today we used Dr. Seuss books:)

Thanks Denise!  So glad I bought these!!!  Here's the link to the activity at her store:) HERE

We are also starting fractions and factors so I made an activity for my store and classroom so the peeps can practice factors.  This kiddos will have to put the fishy factors into the correct fishbowl.  Loving the graphics from 3 AM Teacher:)

It is at my Teacher Notebook store if you are interested:) (there are more pages than what is in the picture)  Click on the pic to check it out:)
I'll give away a free set to the first 3 comments:D  Don't forget to leave an email:) 


  1. These would be PERFECT for my class!!! I hope I'm one of the 3!! :) :) :)

  2. Wow! These would be perfect for some of my students still struggling with factors. How fun!

  3. Love the fractions! We are working on fractions next!


  4. The reading & LA teacher in me just love the title Fishy Factors!!!! I heart alliteration & catchy titles!

    Looks super!

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  5. I think your blog is so great that I gave you an award! Come on over to accept it!
    Daisy Days for Learning

  6. Thanks for sharing the wonderful word work activity! I bought and printed it last night and can't wait to get the cards laminated! Also, I love your "Fishy Factors!" I will need to get those for when we get to factors! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  7. Love the word work activity - thanks :)
    How do you assess your different word work activities throughout the week? Also, do you allow the students to choose their word work activity? Do you leave them all as options each week? If you do, how do you manage that a student isn't doing the same choice every week? Sorry for the barrage of questions but I'm new at this and still have some questions :)


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