Earth Day Follow Up

Happy Monday:)

Confession........I didn't touch my laptop alllllllll weekend!!!  Not for one second!!!  I was happily gardening and hanging with the fam but now have TONS of blog stalking and pinning to catch up on!!

I wanted to post a quick follow up to my Earth Day activities.  I posted earlier about how I had each of my students write a letter to the Earth, kind of like their pledge to the Earth (you can see that HERE).

Well, we also made word clouds with Tagxedo.  The kids loved these!  I put them in groups of 3 and they each had to come up with a list of 10 words or phrases of things that we should do to help the Earth.....not just on Earth Day but every day.  Then they got to type them in, along with their names, and made their word clouds.  Of course the word cloud had to be a "earthy" shape (like a tree, leaf, Earth, flower..)

I still have a few more to print but they turned out super cute and the kids loved making them....especially picking the theme (color) and font!  We hung them with our Earth letters.

I love Tagxedo!!!  Have you used it???  I would LOVE some other ideas for using this fun tool in the classroom!!

Make every day Earth day!!!  Thanks for popping by:)


  1. I used it for all our staff names on the web page and we frame one of all the kids names for end of year gifts
    Love these

  2. I really need to explore Tagxedo out! Your board looks great...FYI-the one in South Carolina looks pretty great, too!

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. So creative!!! I love your ideas Tara :)

  4. Love this, Tara!
    I'm sending you bigger-than-big cyber hugs!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have used wordle, but didn't realize there was a program that could change the shape. I am thinking of Mother's Day projects. Maybe the kids could brainstorm words that describe their mothers.
    Susan at

  6. I LOVE Tagxedo! It's so much fun! I had my kiddos make St. Patty's Day ones in the shape of a shamrock using different vocab words for that holiday (like leprechaun and mischievous)! They loved it! They also can choose to do a tagxedo with their spelling words as part of their weekly spelling activities. They get practice typing and spelling and they love picking out the design and color! I have been planning to blog about this sometime soon, so I'll have to put up pics when I do!! And we did your letters to earth and they loved them! I took a pic today so I will be posting that sometime soon as well! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  7. These turned out terrific!! Simply beautiful. Some of our teachers used Tagxedo to make their class Social Contracts. So fun. Ooooo, and I'm SO happy that you're a TBA author now; what a blessing to our readers you'll be.

    Happy May Day!


  8. These are awesome. I love the wordles.
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  9. I am using tagxedo for mothers day projects, I'm uploading side profiles of my students and then putting words that remind them of their mom or grandma.

  10. I love the Earth Day activities! Filing away those ideas for my classroom next year :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Your Earth Day goodies look AMAZING! :)

  12. I love your Earth Day projects! Where did you get the E shaped like the earth?

    One of the teachers at my school used Tagxedo as an end of the year gift for each student. She had the students list one word they would use to describe each of the other students in class. She then took the list of words about each student and put it into Tagxedo. They were super cute and sweet.

  13. Love it! I used Wordles to print out poems written by and about all my students at the beginning of the year. They used their first name and 7 words describing their interests & personality and one word for a hope for the future. Students picked out font and color scheme. Printed and laminated pages (white for girls, black background for boys) and hung on our room wall as border near the ceiling so we could get to know each other and revisit during the year to see how well the poems identify each person. They took them home last week before state testing and were SO excited!


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