Literature Circles Starting Soon!!!

Hey all!!!  Happy Sunday!!  I am totally chillin today.....the day before THE BIG TEST starts!!!!  We have FCAT testing Monday - Thursday!  Let me tell ya, I will be one happy camper when it is over......too much stress (yes, I know.....I put a lot of it on myself but still........)

We got an adorable surprise Friday when our cutie patootie Kinder book buddies popped in with good luck posters for my kids.

So cute and my kiddos loved it!  I could eat those little guys up BUT never teach itty least I don't think I could.......Love their visits though.  It was a neat afternoon.  The room was buzzing with all my kids reading to the Kinder's soooooo cute to watch!!

As soon as testing is done we are jumping right into Lit. Circles!!!!  Love to do these with my kids and they are too excited to start.  I usually put my kids in 3-4 groups and each group chooses a chapter book to read. (I have slowly gotten a pretty good selection from scholastic so each kid has their own book)

I normally make their journals out of plain old lined paper but decided to get creative and was totally in LOVE with Michelle's pudgy animal set (HERE) - The 3 AM Teacher,  so made some new posters and journals for my kids to use. (Those pudgies are too stinkin cute!!!!)

I can't wait to start these on Thursday:D  This set includes 7 job posters (that I have named based on the "lingo" I use in my classroom) and explanations, job journal pages, 2 different journal covers, and a blank page.  If you want to check it out, it is at both my Teachers Notebook store and TPT Store.

I've got some posters in other themes in the works that I will be posting soon:D  If you're in Florida, good luck on the FCATs tomorrow!!

I'll be giving away a set of these to the first 3 people that leave a comment and their email!!


  1. These look great! I always love your activities! :)

  2. This looks wonderful! I've been wanting to do something like this!


  3. Love your Literature Circle Fun packet! I am interested to hear how it works out with your students. I have tried doing literature circles before, but have found the students to take a long time to complete assignments, and some students not happy with the role they are given for the week. I would love to hear more about your procedures and expectations.

    Also, good luck on testing! We have Science testing tomorrow and Social Studies testing Tuesday.

  4. We are going to start lit circles soon too! We decided that we would split our kiddos up and each class would take a group, we will see how that works! I would love. love, love a copy of these! My email is

  5. This is too cute!!!! I'm a little reluctant about lit. circles in that format only because I hate writing about what I'm reading. I much more into discussing verbally as a reader myself. I still haven't figured out what is my favorite way to go about it in the classroom. I go back and forth on this.

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  6. Hey Tara!! Best of luck tomorrow and this week! I hope everything goes quick and smoothly! Those posters are so cute--your kids are going to love them. I have always, always wanted to do lit. circles but never managed to pull it off. I can't wait to read more about them (if you feel like posting about them, that wasn't a demand or hint!!). :) :)

  7. Good luck next week!!! Your lit circle package is adorable!!! I LOVE doing literature circles with my classes - going to start a new one in a couple of weeks - thank goodness for Scholastic deals!!!

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  8. Hi Tara!!

    Good luck this week!!! I'm sure it will be a relief when it is all over! LOVE your literature circle packet!! It is adorable!!! I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for you other themes too! I did lit circles in my class last year, but they didn't work as smoothly as I hoped. I'm hoping to try them again this year with better luck! This packet looks like it would be a good start for improving them!

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  9. oh I am so sorry. I am just a wretched friend. can't blame the leprechaun anymore. :(

    Hope testing went well!!!!


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