Testing and Lorax Earth Day Stuff

Hey all!!!!  We are almost done with the yucky state testing.....(can I say yucky about the test???  Well, I don't like what it does to my littles or to teachers.....so, I think it is yucky!) 

One day left!!!!  If my kiddos get scores based on their effort then I would be super happy!!!  They have been workin sooooooo hard and I am sooooo proud of them:D  I wanna plan something special for Friday....don't know what.....any ideas anyone??????

Now me on the other hand.......I'm a stressed out mess!!!  Thinking it's cuz I don't have enough coffee in my system........and last night I woke up at 3!!!!!  That's A.M. and didn't get back to sleep......cuz I couldn't shut my head off!!!  Hate it when that happens!!

I am too excited to be introducing our Lit. Circles tomorrow after the test.  I'm not quite sure how it's gonna go down with trying to get it in with Daily 5....I'll post about it soon though cuz I've had some questions about how I do it:)  With Earth day coming up....and the test the only thing on my mind.....that's right, couldn't think past it.......I wanted to repost a couple of things we have done recently that would be sort of cute for Earth day activities.......

First, our "If I was a Lorax for a Day, this is how I would make the World a Better Place" paper.  That was the prompt I gave the kids and then after they wrote their paper, they topped it off with a Lorax.  (I read the book to them first and saw these Lorax toppers on Pinterest somewhere....can't remember where...sorry)
Of course these aren't hanging in my room now because of testing and dark, depressing test mode://  But that's over tomorrow afternoon:)

Staying with the Lorax theme I made this worksheet that the kiddos did during Work on Writing in our Daily 5.  I have a ton of magazines (Nat. Geo, Big Backyard, Discovery Kids).  They chose a magazine, then an article and read it and then completed the Fun Facts with the Lorax sheet. 

You can get this free at my Teachers Notebook store HERE.  The kiddos had a lot of fun with it and learned tons too, as a matter of fact, so did I as I was grading them:)  I actually copied this on both sides (saving trees:)  ) so they did the activity on 2 different articles.

That's all I've got for now:)  Hoping.....no praying to get a good nights sleep tonight:)  If ya hear a YAHOOOOOOOOOOO tomorrow around 11:15ish that will be me and my peeps celebrating the test being OVER!!!!


  1. I hope tomorrow goes quickly for you and your poor kids!! Your Lorax prompt looks awesome! Sleep well :) :) :)

  2. I LOVE your Fun Facts with the Lorax!! I used it with my kiddos during Dr. Seuss week and they loved it!! I should probably make some more copies for them to work with during Work on Writing! What a fabulous idea!! And woo hooo for almost being done with testing!!! Maybe you could have some kind of "decorate the classroom" party on Friday to add color back into the room!? With some fun, colorful streamers? We have our school "fun run" on Friday so we will be spending our morning at the nearby park where the kiddos will be running laps! I love spending class time outdoors with the warm summer weather setting in! Ooo, maybe popsicles while listening to a read aloud outside on Friday??

    Lessons with Laughter

  3. Whooohooo for being done! And to think I was the only teacher losing sleep. I couldn't be more proud of my little troopers. I, too, found a cute Lorax unit. I plan to make Friday an all-out fun day. They deserve it, right? One of the cute things we will be doing is to make our own paper. I bought a cheapy kit from Scholastic last year, but honestly, you can make paper from household supplies. It will dry over the weekend and they can take it home on Monday. I figure that it fits in nicely with Earth Day. Also, if you put seeds on the paper while you are making it, you can plant the paper and the seeds will sprout! PERFECT again for Earth Day or Mother's Day. One note of prep, you need to soak the paper starting Thursday, so it's nice and goopy (word????) by Friday. I say your littles deserve it and you can start Lit Circles on Monday. :)

  4. Cute Earth Day stuff! Don't forget to join my Earth Day linky party!

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  5. Tara!!YAY about being a TBA author! so happy for you!
    Love your family picture-adorable-


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