Winner, Shed Follow up for KIM, and Fractions

Hey all!  Happy Sunday!  It is a beautiful day here in sunny Florida and I am happy to say that I have a happy ending to my story...or should I say conclusion to sound more teachery?? (a word???) 

Thankfully the teenage son came home soon after I posted and after I freaked out to him and sis, took care of the "situation" like a man.  I know I was/am quite the drama queen but that little episode flipped me out a little!  Ok, a lot!!  Like why did he die in my shed?? That bothers me a smidge....hoping old age and died peacefully in his/her sleep and not rabies.....that would not be good at all!!

I am also loving that I had so many in agreement with the phone conversation I had with the hubs....there's comfort in numbers people......thank you! (still don't know why hubs didn't drop everything like prince charming and come to my rescue!!!  Just kidding..........well, sort of)

Ok, drama done, on to the giveaway.  Thank you bunches and bunches to everyone that entered!  The winner is:

Congrats Patty on winning the super cute lunch tote:)  Please send me your email so Katie can get in touch with you!  Thank you again Katie for jumping aboard and giving the super cute lunch tote from Thirty One!  If you haven't checked out all the cute items at her shop, you can do that here: Katie's Shop.  I'm going to be treating myself to a new lunch tote after I have seen all the super cute ones......I've got my eyes on the cinch it up tote.....what do ya think??

Thanks again to my gurl Farley for the adorable'll be so proud of me Farley....I have another idea for another linky and it's all my own:)))  Does that mean I'm all grown up???

I also want to say a huge thank you again to Michelle at The 3 AM Teacher, for doing this adorable linky button!!! 
The linky doesn't end so I would love it if you haven't, if you would link up.  It has been sooooo fun reading about all the lunches, times, bags, duties.  I have found that I am extremely lucky to still have a duty free lunch compared to all those of you who don't........

and speaking of The 3AM Teacher......I just made a fraction review activity for my peeps and my stores with her super cute graphics!!

This activity is matching fraction eggs with their simplest form chicks:D  You can find it at my Teachers Notebook store or TPT store if ya want to take a looksy.  Hope everyone has a wonderful ending/conclusion to their weekend:D


  1. Darn it!!! Now I'll just have to order my own! Congrats Patty!
    Love this cute little fraction game!

    Glad the stinky situation resolved itself :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  2. Oh my goodness! If I teach math again any time soon, I am totally buying this! :)

  3. LOVE the fraction pack!!! and can't wait to see what your next party is!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH the possibilities!!!!!!!

  4. Thank goodness for your son!! :) Let's all just think that the raccoon died of old age. I'll sleep better.
    Your new unit looks adorable!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. This was sooo awesome!!!! Congrats to the winner!!!!! Can't wait to send her the new lunch tote!!!!!
    I am also soo excited to help you and anyone else who wants some 31 too!!!!!

  6. Unfortunately, I was too late to the party to be entered in the giveaway. However, I linked up because I loved peeking into other peoples lunch boxes. So fun! Awesome party!


  7. Tara,
    You did an outstanding job on this linky! Thanks for making sure I linked rock!

    Fun in Room 4B

  8. Thanks for leaving a comment ony blog. Did you know the author based that story in a lot of factors - one being a similar story from a Greek Myth? I found a lot of historical themes in the book. It reminded me a little if Lord of the Flies. The author had an interesting background! I read all three! I really think they are good but meant for High School students. I saw s third grader reading it - Yikes!!

  9. Okay, Tara, I have been thinking about this since yesterday (And the night before that,
    I was the one having nightmares about YOUR raccoon because there was no closure--on the shed or in the story!!)

    So... I think that maybe Rocky decided he needed to... "expire"... in a safe place. And I feel partially responsible because I just blogged about what a sweet animal lover you are... And maybe he felt those vibes... And maybe he chose the shed because it was safe, and dark, and probably warm.

    And... well... I'm thinking he hadn't wanted to freak you out... but safety had been his primary concern and your yard seemed like the nicest/kindest place in the area.

    I'm trying to find words of comfort for you and for him...

    Or maybe he just ran out of steam by the time he got to your house and that's where he landed!

    What REALLY matters is the Mr. Son saved the day...

    And that he (the four-footed) has gone to his eternal resting place... one way or another.

    I'm HONORED that I found a place in your title.

    Because, let me tell you, the way you explained it, all of your BloggyFriends lived that experience right along with you!

    If I had made my freebie with a raccoon, I might have had to change it... Or should I add one to honor his memory???

    This is what happens when I am on Spring Break and my mind is not adequately occupied!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  10. Thank you for all your great ideas! I love your blog! There are so many of you that have "hooked" me into the blogging world & have inspired me to want to start my own! If you have any great advice for a newbie- I am willing to learn! I just started my own blog and waiting for my blog makeover which should be ready in a few days! I would love to learn how to create printables etc, but my "nitch" is technology. If you are interested in integrating technology into the classroom, maybe you could stop by:


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