Howling at The Moon and Happy, Happy JOY!!!

Ok, I'm not really howling at the moon....although, I could be because it is so EARLY right now and I don't know why I am up this early......and the moon is there so I could howl if I wanted to and..........

sorry, I'm rambling and have not had my much needed coffee yet........I DO know why I am up this early and will tell ya in a sec......................................first, the moon!

We have been working on the Earth  and Sun and Moon and all that fun stuff this last week.  Well we finally got to the moon phases!!  Couldn't wait because I have been waiting forEVER to do this activity that I saw on Pinterest (of course!!  I tried and tried to find the source to give credit but it only took me to Google)

Anywho, there are lots of Oreo cookie moon phase activities....this one had a cupcake for the Earth.
Awesome idea...........................WAY too much sugar for my cherubs!  So, as you can see from the top pic, they each drew the Earth in first, then they labeled and then they "carved" (with plastic spoons) their moons.  If they are careful, each kiddo only needs 4 cookies.
They had a messy blast! (can you say frosting fingers????)

Great end of the day activity.  Get'em sugared up and send them on their merry way:)  Actually, several of my littles didn't even eat the cookies when they could.   Such good kids:)

Ok, now quickly on to why I am up so early........................I am going to move my daughter home for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?!  Those of you who have followed me for a while know that this is a big seems like just yesterday I was crying for days after she left and now she is coming home and I survived!!!!  I think I might just keep her this time!!  teehee!!!  I know, I know, I have HUGE separation issues.....but just with my kids:)  So, I am off (yes from work too....I never take off of work) to drive up to pack her up and bring her home!  My heart is about to explode!!! 

I hope I don't get a speeding ticket on the way.....between the excitement and the coffee, I could be in trouble!!!!!!  (kidding....well, maybe????)

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Tara:
    Get decaf! And then get your daughter.
    Happy Homecoming!
    : )
    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I saw this activity awhile back (after we covered moon phases of course!!) So I am excited to use it next year!!

    Have such a fabulous day picking up your daughter!!!

  3. That's awesome!! I'm so happy for you Tara!!! When do you get out school this year? You must be counting down to those free days to spend with your girl!

  4. What a yummy way to learn!

    Oooh, our babies are coming home! I have only seen my son five times since last August. Being at home will probably drive him crazy, but I miss his face!!! Hugs to you~~~


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