Laughin' and the Ugly Cry

I am spent!!!!!  Spent a little physically because of packing and hauling and shoving furniture........

but super spent emotionally!!!!!!  It doesn't seem real and I know lots of you are still counting days or celebrating but I just can't right now.......I'm really sad this group is gone:,,,,(

 Super sweet kids and they have each changed my life in several ways this year.

By 8:30 I had messaged Miss Squirrels 2 times because I had done the ugly cry already 3 times!!!  It wasn't pretty people!!!!  So it will take a few days for it to soak in because right now, it doesn't feel over and I'm sad......................

Now, along with the ugly cry, we also had some laughs.  The kiddos finished their Memories and Me journals (which, if you are still in school and need an end of the year activity, you can grab it at my store for free HERE).  Gotta love the honesty of kids.  They totally humble me and crack me up at the same time............

here are a few of my faves:
Now......I feel the need to clear something up......I don't recall when but early in the year instead of saying "no horsing around" or "no screwing around" when I was "laying down the law" I would say "no poppin off". Then one day I went to pick the peeps up from specials (and I would usually have a couple that couldn't quite contain themselves) and my adorable "reporter" came to me and said:
"Mrs. Eiken, no one popped off today."  LOL!  Too cute.  I cracked up!  Maybe not the best phrase, but our phrase and it worked for us:)  So you see her #1 word of wisdom poppin' off!  NEVER!  lol

This kiddo cracks me up.......yep, she did get in trouble for locking all the bathroom stall doors.  The cute thing is A) she remembered it  B) she was honest in her response and C)  she would like to have done it over to fix it:)

I wish I could have kept these because they were awesome!!  Love their responses!  It was really fun to read them and laugh, cry, giggle..........

FYI, according to several of the kids journals, the secret is out...............................................

they know I have eyes in the back of my head!!!!!   HAHA!   Love that they think that:)

Spelling is a little off on this last one, one of my ELL babies and believe me when I tell you her spelling is much better, but the message is loud and clear and was my goal for this school year, to bring back the LOVE of reading (thank you Book Whisperer!!!)

It's all about the lives you touch and change daily people:)

I'll be back tomorrow to post one of our Pinterest inspired, end of the year activities:D


  1. AHHHH!!!!! Sending you hugs!! I loved the shared memories! Those are the things that keep us sane, motivated and honored to be a part of so many little lives!

    Have a great summer!

    The 3AM Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome memory book ..your class is so cute-that's what its all about!
    Enjoy summer :) (I'll be teaching till' the end of JuNe)

  3. I live right outside the zone where I teach so we shop at the same stores and ear at the same restaurants
    I will see quite a few of them this summer
    And even though I know this
    I has to take migraine mess
    The headache from all the crying was awful

  4. Awww! Loved reading the messages from the kiddos! I did the "ugly cry" last year. Pretty sure it's not gonna happen this year, that kinda group if you know what I mean! LOL
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  5. Aweeeee Tara!!!

    I was a mess last year!! And this year isn't looking much better! My kiddos are such sweethearts and I am really gonna miss them!!! I LOVE your students' memory books! They turned out amazing!! Next year you should have them do a page for you! Maybe the "Something I will always remember about my teacher" page!! On the bright side, you'll be able to spend more time with your daughter, right?! :) Oh, and I didn't get to tell you Monday, but your hair looked super cute!! Can't wait to chat again soon! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

    1. That is one of the pages in the thing I will always remember about my teacher is......

      those reads were the ugly cry ones:,((((( So sweet:)

    2. I meant you should have them do that page for you to keep!!! And you can make your own little book with all the things your students will always remember about you!! :)

  6. This week (our last) has definitely not been my favorite. I won't be returning to my school, so it's been rough. I let the kids write on my white board to say good-bye, and I was really surprised at some of the comments. I really did touch a few lives this year. As my first, I wasn't sure if I really connected with any of the students, but clearly I did. I can't wait to use your memory book next year. It looks like so much fun!

  7. Awww...this is precious. Your kiddos are great writers! I just finished my teary-eyed post about the last day. My last day with the kinders was last Friday and I cried all weekend.

    Eighty days of summer sounds pretty good now!

  8. Oops. Linking to a fav book on Amazon was not my intention, lol!

  9. So sweet!!! I had a challenging year so I am ready to say good-bye to several of them. :)


  10. I totally feel the same as you! I have had the BEST year! We all worked hard and played hard, thanks to your blog and others. Today is our last day, and I have been tearing up all week! While I am excited to have the summer off and be home with my own two, I will miss the kids and teaching. Do you mope around the house for about a week after school's out, then snap out of it? That's what I do! I am going to have my students fill out your Advice for the Next Class page and I am going to keep it, so the incoming students have a letter on their desk to read on the first day of school, then we will discuss what third grade will be like. Thank you for the freebie, and I hope you feel better soon!


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