Organizing as I'm Packing!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I am so excited because I have one of my "Summer Bucket List for My Classroom" projects done, thanks to my wonderful daughter.  At the beginning of this school year I saw a  post from my friend Rebecca at Create*Teach*Share, about a wonderful teacher toolbox that she made. (see post HERE)

Well.....I decided as I am slowly starting to pack my classroom away for the summer, I would also do some major organizing.  I have wanted to make this teacher toolbox all year...just never had the time.  So we went to Lowes and grabbed the toolbox, gave it a makeover, and voila..............


And all decked out in my black/white theme:)  Here's a close up:
So super cute and organized and everything in one place.  This will go on my bookcase behind my teacher table next year:)

I also decided to cutesy up my word work bin (well I decided....Tay did it)  I'm organizing she's making it cute.

and then we organized all my bulletin board borders.......

So check one item off my To Do only 30 to go......teehee!!


  1. LOL!!! I was actually reviewing Rebecca's post this morning thinking that I so needed to do this!! Your tool box looks amazing!!! Did you use her templates that she has on her blog or did you do something different?? It looks fab Tara!

  2. LOVE the toolbox! Hmmm... do I have room for this in my class?? Got to investigate Monday morning... Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. oh my gosh, I am jumping up and down with excitement! I have to do this! I have to do this soon!! I forgot about this idea until you mentioned it--thank you Tara (and Rebecca)!!! I was using those 3 drawer carts but some are too big for what I need and I want everything more condensed. And it looks just stunning Tara (is that over the top?? I guess not, I know you are as nuts about teaching stuff like this as I am!!). Do you mind my asking how much it was? You are awesome Tara! :) :) :)

  4. YAY! I love your super organized toolbox! I so needed some organizational motivation!
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  5. This is a great idea and it's one that I am doing! Thanks for helping this disorganized dude get with the program! :)

    Mr. B's Beach Brains

  6. I love how everything came out! That toolbox is definitely on my to do list this summer! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Tara-Dear:
    That looks fabulous--even better that it was a Mom-and-Tay activity!
    Love it!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. Could you happen to maybe find a link from Lowe's to show what the toolbox looked like when purchased?

    1. There's a pic of the exact one on Rebecca's blog. I linked to her above. It's called the Stack on 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet. It is actually blue but I painted mine black with some spray paint for plastic.

  9. Wow, what a great idea. I so need to do this! I just award you with the One Lovely Blog award. If you haven't received it yet you can grab this award by clicking on this link.

    Hope you have a wonderful last few days of school.

  10. Love your organization!! Your toolbox turned out so cute! I started on during Spring Break, but sadly, never finished! You've inspired me! Hope mine turns out as cute as yours!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  11. I love the teacher tool box! I will definitely be making one of those of my own... if I ever manage to get a classroom!

  12. So fantastic!! Now I have another thing to add to my list!

    Surfin' Through Second

  13. I love your toolbox! I actually have one in my classroom but it's not labeled, I can't wait to do make a cute toolbox like yours!
    Stories From Second

  14. Looks great! I have been working to organize while packing as well. It is a challenge for me, as I have never been an "everything has its place" person.

    Lifelong Learning

  15. I'm definitely getting to work on one of these right away! I am curious though, what are the other items on your Summer Bucket List? Maybe I'd like to work on some of those ideas too!

  16. LOVE this! Must pin. Adding to MY summer to do list now ... that list seems to just keep growing ;)

  17. I'm obsessed with your new toolbox!!!!!!! Can I borrow your daughter to help me make one too?!?!!?
    I LOVE it!!!!!! The color scheme is beautiful. I'm jealous :)
    I miss Rebecca! I hate that she stopped blogging. She was so sweet to everyone and had so many fabulous & inspiring ideas. Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  18. I love that!! That is being added to my "must do" summer bucket list!

  19. Love this! I am going to buy one today so I can get it spray-painted this weekend (yay for long weekends!) and then get organized as I am packing up the next 2 weeks! Thanks so much for the idea :)

  20. Hi Tara
    I love your blog and am your newest follower. Such Great ideas. I know you already have 1100 followers, but I'd love for you to check out my blog sometime.
    The Caffeinated Classroom

  21. These are too adorable. A little scrapbooking of my classroom drawers is on my summer bucket list- you are just inspiring me a little more to get it done! I am your newest follower. Come check out my blog sometime too if ya'd like :)

    The Second Grade Superkids

  22. I love organization ideas. Thank you for sharing these. I'm your newest follower. Take a peek at my blog when you have a moment.
    Stories by Storie

  23. How much was the toolbox at Lowes?
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love the supplies organizer! I have seen it on many sites, and I am seriously considering making one for my classroom. Thanks for sharing yours!

    my classroom is my runway

  25. Where can you find the scrapbook paper that you used for the toolbox?

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