I'm Back...Kinda...+ a Shopping Share

Quick post to tell ya all I am back from my mini vacay with the girls (sisters and mom).  We had a wonderful time and now I need a vacay from my vacay....LOL!  Ok.....funny, not so funny thing...I'm the Florida gal and I'm the one with the worst sunburn:(((  Like I think my entire back is going to come off....just drop off....in a sheet......................................................

I am slowly starting to get caught up in the blog land.....boy do you fall behind in just a few (4) days....yikers!
Between housework, laundry, unpacking, and painting, I am checking out Monday Made Its and leaving my comments:D  These Made Its just keep getting better and better!!!  Thanks too for the sweet comments!  I also have had lots of email questions....be patient guys as I try to get caught up.....um, hello, I need a personal assistant!!!  Like bad!!! LOL!

On that note I wanted to share a fab find I found at Target last week (let me tell ya, they aren't at all Targets...I've checked, I need more....)  I found these awesome magnets!!!!  Now when I say awesome, I mean awesome....see, LOOK:
Aren't they YUMMY????????!?!?!?!?!?!?
I've got big plans for these!!  Sorry but I don't remember exactly how much they were....thinking around $2.50 a set...there are 52 in each set.

Okay.....I'm out.  Just wanted to say I am back and catching up!  


  1. Did you find them in the school area or scrapbook?

    1. I guess more by the office/school stuff. They were on an end cap in the Target I found them in:)

  2. Love them! I'm on a mission to find them now!

  3. Love these! Hope my Target has them!


  4. They have similar magnets (just in B&W -- they may actually be the same photos!) in the bargain bins at Michaels! And they have matching stuff, too, like notepads and mugs! ;)

    There's No Place Like Second Grade

  5. I NEED these!! I hope my Target has them. They are perfect for my ABC station (I teach Kdg). :o) Thanks for sharing!
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  6. Welcome back!! I love those magnets. The wheels are turning about the many uses I can have for those & I have to get some for my centers!! Thanks for telling us about those! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Welcome back Tara!!!! Glad you had a wonderful trip and I hope that your sunburn fades quickly!!! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  8. Welcome back, I'm loving the magnets.

  9. LOVE those letters!! So cute!! The Targets around me are disappointing me! I keep seeing all this fun stuff everyone is getting, and not one of the 3 I have been to is carrying the items!! {or they are just out!}

  10. I LOVE those letters! When you get finished with your to do list, you can come help me with mine. :)
    I start school and close on a new house all on the same day! Whoa!
    Fourth and Ten
    Like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!
    Formerly Stories From Second

  11. Welcome home!

    Love those magnetic letters!


  12. Hi Tara! Glad you are back! I nominated you for an award! Swing by my blog and pick it up! :-)

    Craft of Teaching

  13. I love the magnets! I hope my Target has some. Were they in the Dollar Spot with the $2.50 items??

    Glad you had a good vaction! Sunburns are NO FUN!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  14. Tara,
    I too am a Florida girl, you must have forgotten your sunscreen (right?)
    My Target never has enough of what I need...maybe I should visit at 8 am...ugh!


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