B.O.Y. Writing Activity and Letters Answer

Hey all!  Another week gone!  Time is really flying by!  I wanted to share a beginning of the year writing activity we did.  Before I tell ya about it I have to say.........I am pretty sure I saw this on Pinterest somewhere but can't find where to give the original idea credit.....IF this was originally your idea, please pop me an email so I can change my post to credit you:)

Ok, so I asked the kiddos to draw a big pair of sunglasses.  In the lenses of the sunglasses I asked them to draw pics of what they did over the summer.  Then they had to write about it and after that they could color them.  They turned our pretty neat and it was a fun way to learn a little more about each other.

I love how different and unique each of the sunglasses are and some of the pics just crack me up:)  They all have stories under them, I just wanted you to see some of the glasses.

I also wanted to answer a question I have been asked a lot......  
Where did I get the "homework" letters?
I got them from Teacher Heaven.  Click on the pic and it will take you right to the link.  I also got several borders from there as well.  The set I got is called Circle Frenzy:)

I also added a border (that I got from there too) to my daily schedule:)
Finally, thanks to The Book Whisperer, year #2, we are off to a wonderful start with what we are reading:)
Although I do have a small class, they all haven't started their cards yet........BUT some of them already have 8 and 9 books!!!  They are loving reading and I'm loving it!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!  Be blessed and safe!  My girl is coming home for some momma/daughter shopping!!!!

See ya back here for September's Made It Monday!!

Monday Made It #13 - WOW!!

Hello!  I can't believe it is #13!!!  You guys have been too sweet to hang in there with me:)  I have gotten enough ideas to keep me busy for a year or more...lol!!  I have had a blast with this linky gang!

I know almost everyone is back or almost back to school so I think, if it's ok with everyone, I'm gonna make this a once a month linky.  I know I'm having trouble keeping up with it myself.  So, I'm thinking the first Monday of every month..................what do ya think?

I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, due to the Isaac distraction, but here goes what I did get done:)

Classroom Made It #1:
I saw this adorable idea on last week's Made It and knew I wanted to make some for my peeps!
This too cute idea was from Amanda at First Grade Garden and she got it from Shari Sloane.
Super easy to make.  The directions are on her blog:)
These dice bottles will be a fun addition to my Math Workshop:)
So fun!  Yes, I played with them!!!

Classroom Made It #2:

Confession....didn't make this....downloaded it's cuteness, printed, laminated and hung it up.  I'm not done yet.  Hung it Friday but scooted out of there after school to get ready for storm...I'll update soon.  This was from Deana at Primary Punch and it's free!!  So cute and so is her blog, go check it out:)

Classroom Made It #3

Confession number 2....I didn't make these either!  Aren't they beautiful?!  My part in it was the printing, laminating, and cutting out:)  They are from the wonderful Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files.  They are also free.  Love her wonderfulness!!!  Can't wait to use these either:)

Classroom Made It #4:

So I swooped these up a while ago at the Dollar Tree.  I got several sets and each one has 2 of each number and they are magnets.  They also come with the different math operation symbols.  Right now we are working on place value (well actually finishing it....I got behind on my making)  So I made sets of place value task cards to go with the numbers.  Each task card only uses each number once so really I am making one activity for 50 cents:)
There are 10 task cards and they all fit nicely in these little zip lock pouches I got at Staples over the summer:)
If you would like to check them out they are at my store:) TN 

I have other plans for the rest of those cute little number magnets.....that will have to be another Made It.

That does it for me gang:)  Hope everyone is safe.  School was canceled so I will be relaxing and catching up with blogs (I hope!)  Can't wait to see what everyone has made!  Again, thank you ALL for linking up with me this past summer, it has been fun!!!  I'm hoping with having a month to prepare, some of you will have some time to come back and link up again:)))  So next week will be the first one of the once a month series:)

Coffee up people!  Have a happy, safe, and blessed Monday:)


Work on Writing and Math Finds!!!

Just a quick post with some fun finds for my classroom.  I have spent so much time preparing for Isaac that of course, Monday Made It is not done......I'm getting there.  I have come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many plants, pots, do-dads, and items in my yard that all have to be carried in when a hurricane is coming.  Not fun.  The good news is, it looks like it's moving further away from us although we will have tropical storm force winds and rain, better than a hurricane and I'm sick for anyone it is hitting:(.

School is canceled for tomorrow so I will hopefully have a minute to catch up with some bloggy buds and read some posts that I am oh so behind on......

Ok, on to my finds......(in honor of my bud Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B......now I find things for your linky!!!)

I love to go to Goodwill and look for Scrabble tiles, dominoes, and any other goodies I could adapt to use in my classroom.  Well I found this.....
I have never heard of it before but anything that has Math fact practice.....um hello, I'm there!!!!
The kiddos can practice multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction:)  The only thing missing was 1 die...I have all kinds of those:)  $1.99!!!!!!  SCORE!!!!!  This will be too fun for the Math Facts center in our Math Workshop:)

Next Find was this yummy:
Rory's Story Cubes
I tripped over these at Walgreens the other day!  $6.99 each.  They only had 2:/  I so love these and how wonderful will they be for Work on Writing.  There are so many possibilities for writing creativity!!!  Can't wait to use them.  I'm hoping to find a few more sets:)
and there you have my fun finds for writing and math.  

If you are in the path of this storm be safe!  See you back here tomorrow for Monday Made It!!


Me in Numbers, Workshop, and Isaac...Uggg!

Hey all!  A quick post about a fun "All About Me"  activity in numbers.  I'm still working hard to make my classroom numeracy rich.  Quite a while ago I pinned an activity from Jennifer at Lifelong Learning.  It's a great beginning of the school year activity.  Go check it out;)

I put a little twist on it because we use Thinking Maps and are working towards turning those things into writing.  I told my kiddos they had to come up with at least 5 numbers that tell me something about them......maybe how many are in their family, how many sisters or brothers, pets, birthdays.....you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless.  Then they made bubble maps with those and next to each bubble, had to write a short little blurb (yep, I said it) about that number.
Next they took their bubble map and wrote a short paragraph with a little more detail, about themselves.....
All About Me in Numbers:D

This student really thought outside the box and asked if her soccer number counted.....YEP:)  So cool how they start to see how numbers relate to them ALL the time if they only look around:)
I have started Math Workshop.....
I wish I could say it is all rainbows and bubbles, but so far it isn't.  It's not bad......I'm just not feeling super great about it.  I'm hoping it's because of the newness and things will start to flow more smoothly soon.  My biggest concern is that I feel rushed.....like SUPER rushed.....like will I fit it all in rushed!!!  Any words of wisdom or encouragement from anyone who has done this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

On a side note, since I posted this pic:
I have had a few ask if this is/or will be in my store.  It's my Morning Math Meeting.  I would like to add a few more things to it and then I will post it in my stores:)  This part of our Math is going AWESOME!!!!  I really think it's super helpful and just a few minutes every morning:)  The kiddos love it!

As, once again, I haven't started my Monday Made It.....I now am watching the TV wondering where that swirly guy named Isaac is heading.  Right now we are in the cone.  For those of you who do not live in Florida, the cone is not a fun place to live.....lots of nervous, stressful days as we watch and wait.  So that's what I will be doing the next few days....watching and waiting and hoping it just falls apart:)) 

A girl can dream, right??  Happy Thursday!!


Monday Made It #12

I must work well under pressure!  Last week, on MONDAY, I told myself I was gonna get a jump on my Made Its for the week and not wait until the last minute again........

and then Tuesday happened, and Wednesday, and then Thursday...............
and before I know it, it's Saturday and I am spazzin out because I'm gonna be gone most of the day Sunday to see my daughter and nothing is done.........................................................!  But I did it!!!

So here we go:)

My first Made It isn't really a "Made It".....more like a "Put it Together"......I wanted to put together some little goodie bags for my daughter and her roommates.
So each little pencil pouch has some pens, pencils, post its, and a ring pop:)
They also got a little clipboard with a cute notepad:)

Now on to the classroom Made Its............

Classroom Made It #1:
I've been wanting a To Do list that I have been seeing lots of for a while but didn't have time to make one.  Then I came upon this cutie at Monday Made It last week and loved it!!!  It's from Jessica at Apples and Papers and you can get it here.  So super cute and it matches my colors too!!!  

Classroom Made It #2:
I saw this idea for a Squishy Bag at Play At Home Mom LLC and loved it for a sensory activity.
I put duct tape around it in hopes of making it more sturdy.  We will see how it goes.  I know I had fun playing with it:)

Classroom Made It #3:
These adorable pins were a freebie from Tonya at Tonya's Treats for Teachers.  I LOVE them!!!  They are fun and colorful and did I mention...FREE!!  

The buttons I got from Target dollar spot and the little tub to put them in came from there too!
Can't wait to share these with my kiddos!!!

Classroom Made It #4:
I finally made my own shared writing journals.  Goofy me forgot all about them until I saw them on other blogs for Made Its.  So now they are set to go for our Work on Writing.

Classroom Made It #5:
I made a Daily 5 rotation board similar to my Math Workshop board.
This goes with the group tags I made last week.  
Remember, I do my Daily 5 different and because of time constraints and other reasons, my kids have free choice within their activity but not free choice of when they go to what......does that make sense???

Ok......I think I'm done.....lol!
Before I go.....I have had a lot of questions about the name posters I shared about last week:

They were super easy to make.  I made them in powerpoint using Wordart.  The font was grobold.  I put one per page and just blew them up to take up the whole page.  I used the wordart that was outline only so it would be blank in the middle.  Once you have the name typed and on the page, you can format (or it might say edit) the wordart....that's where you can make the outline thicker.  Hope this helps:)

Can't wait to get more wonderful ideas from everyone!  Thanks for linking up:)  Grab my button and some ideas and of course your coffee:))


Numeracy Rich and Week #2!!

2 summers ago I was introduced to the world of blogging and as I was reading and stalking along, read about Daily 5 and The Book Whisperer.  I joined the blog book studies and read and planned and planned and read and became very nervous because these books were going to change EVERYTHING about my reading block as well as my mornings.  Last August, I dove in head first and haven't looked back!

I am happy to say this is week #2 of year #2 of Daily 5 and I couldn't be happier!!  The kiddos are building their stamina like crazy.  We are at 13 minutes for both Read to Self and Work on Writing (remember, I don't do it exactly like the book so I teach in a different order too)  Monday I am going to start working with small groups as they rotate through Read to Self and Work on Writing (and me).

Also, this is my second year of starting my days in complete bliss because the kiddos are quietly reading curled up in a corner or at their desks.......thank you Book Whisperer.  No more busy work, bell ringers, do nows.......what ever you call them.  The kids come in, unpack, get their book luggage and read until the bell rings and it is bliss!!!  Now I'll admit when I first read about this I kind of thought.....um, yeah, that won't work.  Well I am here to tell ya IT DOES!  It is so much more relaxing and peaceful and the kids LOVE reading first thing in the morning.  It really sets the tone for a wonderful day!!!  No more morning papers to grade and kids coming in late and being upset because they didn't have time to finish the morning work...........

This past summer I read Guided Math.  One of the things I read, kind of reached out and smacked me in the face.  That was that usually when you walk into any classroom, you can see they are literacy rich but not numeracy rich.  That was a WOW moment for me and I have been trying very hard to be conscious of that in my classroom.  It's far from perfect but it's definitely more numeracy rich this year than last year:))   It's a start:)
Here's my finished Math It Up board:)  LOVE!!!
Got it HERE (Teacher on the Loose)
My Math Workshop rotation board and yummy Math pennants from Fun in Room 4B.  That is in full swing this week.  I still am getting used to the whole thing or small groups for Math.  Great idea.....I am just afraid I won't get it all in. (you can see the starts of my Math word wall on the side)
This little baby I am too excited about.  After our blissful, quiet morning start of kids reading before the bell, we do this.  As soon as announcements are over, they grab their dry erase boards and markers and gather on our carpet to do this......Morning Math Meeting.  Each morning I have a number written down and they do the rest on their boards and then we go over it together quickly.  I will be adding to this as the year goes on.  The idea for this came from Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6 and her calendar math.  Loved that idea:)  Then we are right into Math workshop.

Here are some after pics of my kiddos name posters from Monday Made It!  I love them:)

Hope ya all had a great week!  Have a super weekend!  I'm off to see my girl:)


Monday Made It #11 and a YIPEE!!

It's Monday Made It #11 and I'm hanging in......although I will confess it was crazy nuts around here yesterday trying to get my act together!!!!!  Starting week #2 of school and trying to get my duckies in a row!

Before I get started, I have to share....I got home Friday to an email telling me my blog was named to the Top 50 Elementary Teacher Blogs!!!  I am thrilled and honored, especially after I saw the list of company already in that group:)  So, that's my YIPEE!!!

Ok, so here we go with my Made Its for the week:

Classroom Made It #1:
I finally got some painted clothes pins done!!!  They aren't nearly as cute as some of the glittery ones or the mod podged scrapbook paper ones, but they are black and white and they work:D  

Classroom Made It #2:
With my new found effort to make my classroom numeracy rich (Guided Math), I am adding this:
I am so stinkin excited about this, I can't see straight!!!!!  AND the most exciting part about it is.......it's a free download from Teacher on the Loose and it matches my colors and it's super cute and, and, and........
Ok, so I'm excited! So all I had to do was print, laminate, and cut it out:)  Love that!!   It's boggle with numbers!  Can't wait to set it up and use it with my Math Workshop:)

Classroom Made It #3:
Poster names!  I got this adorable idea from my buddy Molly at Lessons with Laughter (if you haven't checked out her blog...you MUST!  It's adorable and full of goodness!!!)  Anywho, she made posters of the kids names and hung them in the classroom.  Free hand I might add!!!!  WHAT?!  Well, I cheated and used word art!!!  I'm going to have them color these, laminate them and I'm thinking hang them in the hallway over their work:)  Each one is printed on card stock and a full page size.  I think they will look neat once they're done.  I'll update with pics:)

Classroom Made It #4:
This is the start of my Daily 5 groups and rotation board.  I still have lots to do!!!  But in Daily 5 you don't do groups Tara......so what's up with that???  Well, I told you I do it differently.  I pinky promise I will post about it soon but in a nutshell.......our reading block is not super long, and I don't do CAFE yet.....I teach the mini lessons but don't do the conferencing yet.  I just can't give up my guided reading groups!  For this reason the kids are in groups.  They still do the different activities and do have free choice within the activity but not free choice for the rotations order.  I know....I'm sure I'm breaking a Daily 5 rule somewhere!!!  This is only going to be my second year of doing it and it worked that way for me last year so that's how I am starting it out.  I am going to try to do conferencing once a week this year:)  More about this later.

Classroom Made It #5:
Here are my signs for my Math Workshop groups.  I want to add pink ribbon but have to run out tomorrow and get some:)  They match my Math Rotations Board and my Morning Math Meeting Board (inspired by Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6) I will be posting about in the future:)

Ok gang, it's your turn!!!!  While you are linking away I will be starting week 2 with my littles:)
I super <3 my class already and can't wait to see what this school year holds:)
Don't forget to grab my button when you link up:)  Have fun:)  Someone PLEASE drink some coffee for me:)

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