Me in Numbers, Workshop, and Isaac...Uggg!

Hey all!  A quick post about a fun "All About Me"  activity in numbers.  I'm still working hard to make my classroom numeracy rich.  Quite a while ago I pinned an activity from Jennifer at Lifelong Learning.  It's a great beginning of the school year activity.  Go check it out;)

I put a little twist on it because we use Thinking Maps and are working towards turning those things into writing.  I told my kiddos they had to come up with at least 5 numbers that tell me something about them......maybe how many are in their family, how many sisters or brothers, pets, get the idea.  The possibilities are endless.  Then they made bubble maps with those and next to each bubble, had to write a short little blurb (yep, I said it) about that number.
Next they took their bubble map and wrote a short paragraph with a little more detail, about themselves.....
All About Me in Numbers:D

This student really thought outside the box and asked if her soccer number counted.....YEP:)  So cool how they start to see how numbers relate to them ALL the time if they only look around:)
I have started Math Workshop.....
I wish I could say it is all rainbows and bubbles, but so far it isn't.  It's not bad......I'm just not feeling super great about it.  I'm hoping it's because of the newness and things will start to flow more smoothly soon.  My biggest concern is that I feel SUPER will I fit it all in rushed!!!  Any words of wisdom or encouragement from anyone who has done this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

On a side note, since I posted this pic:
I have had a few ask if this is/or will be in my store.  It's my Morning Math Meeting.  I would like to add a few more things to it and then I will post it in my stores:)  This part of our Math is going AWESOME!!!!  I really think it's super helpful and just a few minutes every morning:)  The kiddos love it!

As, once again, I haven't started my Monday Made It.....I now am watching the TV wondering where that swirly guy named Isaac is heading.  Right now we are in the cone.  For those of you who do not live in Florida, the cone is not a fun place to live.....lots of nervous, stressful days as we watch and wait.  So that's what I will be doing the next few days....watching and waiting and hoping it just falls apart:)) 

A girl can dream, right??  Happy Thursday!!


  1. THANK YOU for the great idea (and link!) to that first day activity. I'll definitely be doing this :)

  2. I love your idea of All About Me and Numbers. I am going to be trying math workshop for the first time too. (School hasn't started yet.) Keep us posted on the progress in your room.

  3. I'm watching and waiting on Isaac too! People have already started talking about not having school Monday or Tuesday of next week. I really hope it dies down before it gets to Florida so it is just a tropical storm.

    I've done math workshop 2 years in a row now and I love it! It takes awhile to love it though! At first it takes the kids awhile to get into the routine, learn the games, how to log on the computer, and just general do their work but once they get the hang of all of it things will run smoothly and you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this for years. Trust me! I usually take an hour for 2 weeks (I have first grade babies though) and then after getting into the routine we just do it for 45 minutes. My past 2 classes have loved math workshop and have even said it was the best part of the day over literacy centers because they always got to "play games".

    I know you'll do great with it just give it a little longer. Good luck and let's hope Isaac doesn't come our way!

  4. I'm worried about Isaac too....praying it doesn't do any damage and close school down! We'll see soon I guess!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  5. I love this all about me number idea. Thanks for sharing. I missed it the first time. I love the idea of being numeracy rich in the classroom. I think it is probably something we could all work on. I love seeing what your doing. As for math workshop, I'm sure it is going better than you think. Think like Daily 5 and look for small success each day and build on those. Your kids are lucky to have you.

    The Teaching Thief

  6. Thanks so much for sharing a new spin on an old writing activity! I am going to try the math workshop this year. I tried last year with my grade ones and I just couldn't handle it. I will try again, hopefully with greater success, with my new grade threes. Love the Math Morning Meeting! I will let you know how mine goes when I start school next week!

  7. I love your number mapping activity. I made my Math Workshop board like yours after seeing your post. I was excited to try it this year because I thought I was going to have a small math class this year. Unfortunately, it has grown quite large by the first day of school. (We level at our school. 4th grade - 8th grade all have math at the same time and we have students traveling all through the school.) I haven't tried it yet. :( I only get 43 minutes for math. I'm hoping to try it on Monday. I'll be looking forward to your posts. :)

  8. Stick with it Tara. I promise it will work with time. It took me about 2 months to work out all of the kinks last year. And...why don't you just plan a trip to SC this weekend to escape Isaac??

  9. Love the math mapping...made a more structured rough draft version for my lower 2nds! Can't wait to use it.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  10. I love the all about me in numbers activity. I will definitely be using it next week when school starts back.

  11. Love the All About Me Map lesson! Love how you have your students writing about Math. I am also keeping an eye on ISAAC, here in southern Louisiana. As of now we are to the west of it. Stay safe!

  12. Our 5th grade teachers and students did the "my life in numbers" activity! It was cute!

  13. Cute....I am revamping math this year as well and most days I feel rushed as well!!!

  14. Cute....I am revamping math this year as well and most days I feel rushed as well!!!

  15. Hey Tara,
    Love these ideas! Can you do me a favor? What do your pennants say on your math board? And do you have those available anywhere?

  16. Hey Tara!

    Your ideas are beyond cute. I've been following your blog for a while and I am just so inspired by your blog that I decided to start my own. I even put your button on my page. I would love if you would check mine out and give me any tips or hints at this whole blogging thing. I haven't posted anything just yet, but I hope to post all my DIY projects, blog finds and the printables I create.

    Here's my blog:

  17. We did something very similar this week for a Math All About Me map. I'll post pics when I get back Monday. I like your morning Math board!!! I'm trying to do it on my Smartboard this year.

    Hope Isaac passes us all safely :)

  18. Hi Tara, I love the fact that you are starting math workshop this year! I wish that I had this kind of opportunity when I was in school. I grew up hating math ever since I can remember, and only began to see how nifty it is in my practicum! I so wish that everyone would give students this hands-on approach, and I hartily encourage all of you who are trying it! Also, I'm in Pinellas County, and am also watching and worrying, already getting pretty dark around here. Best of wishes to all of you in the infamous cone. P. S. Tara, if you are in Pinellas, would love to meet up sometime ;)

  19. Hi Tara, It's nice to know another math workshop is not perfect yet. Do you have the file for your math workshop board? If you do and are willing to share, I would love it. I can't remember if I already asked.
    Thanks, Sydney

  20. I'm glad to know that I am NOT the only one who is struggling with Math Workshop. I teach 5th grade math (we're departmentalized and part of the middle school in our district; eek!) and so far, I love it! I started math workshop with my students this week and they seem to like it. I'm still not ready to trust them with a game/activity, so for now I have been giving them one rotation to work on their bookwork.

    I get the kids for 90 minutes a day and have to split that between the math book and Buckle Down (our standardized test prep book). So even though I have them twice as long as the other teachers, I don't feel like it's enough time at all!!! Depending on how the book lesson goes, I get somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes for a mini-lesson. I'm slowly getting into the groove of how much I can cover in 10 minutes though, and I noticed a significant difference when I expect them to finish the Buckle Down practice pages independently versus with me (my high achievers obviously start with the practice pages...I'm going to work on extension activities for them in the future for when they get to me, I'm just not there yet).

    I feel like I'm rushed, but I don't know if that's my 1st year teacher inexperience or if it's just normal. Seems like it may be normal. The biggest thing that I *have* noticed that my kids are slowly getting into the routine of it. One class is at the point where there is absolutely zero noise when they are in non-teacher stations. I was so excited (my last class of the day, teaching with a headache) that I gave them all our behavior reward slips in celebration after workshop was done. AND they finished 10 minutes sooner than I expected!

    After one week of workshop, things are definitely running more smoothly for me though. I'm going to have to subscribe to your blog just to see how math workshop is going for you throughout the week :)

    - Laura


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