Monday Made It #13 - WOW!!

Hello!  I can't believe it is #13!!!  You guys have been too sweet to hang in there with me:)  I have gotten enough ideas to keep me busy for a year or!!  I have had a blast with this linky gang!

I know almost everyone is back or almost back to school so I think, if it's ok with everyone, I'm gonna make this a once a month linky.  I know I'm having trouble keeping up with it myself.  So, I'm thinking the first Monday of every month..................what do ya think?

I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, due to the Isaac distraction, but here goes what I did get done:)

Classroom Made It #1:
I saw this adorable idea on last week's Made It and knew I wanted to make some for my peeps!
This too cute idea was from Amanda at First Grade Garden and she got it from Shari Sloane.
Super easy to make.  The directions are on her blog:)
These dice bottles will be a fun addition to my Math Workshop:)
So fun!  Yes, I played with them!!!

Classroom Made It #2:

Confession....didn't make this....downloaded it's cuteness, printed, laminated and hung it up.  I'm not done yet.  Hung it Friday but scooted out of there after school to get ready for storm...I'll update soon.  This was from Deana at Primary Punch and it's free!!  So cute and so is her blog, go check it out:)

Classroom Made It #3

Confession number 2....I didn't make these either!  Aren't they beautiful?!  My part in it was the printing, laminating, and cutting out:)  They are from the wonderful Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files.  They are also free.  Love her wonderfulness!!!  Can't wait to use these either:)

Classroom Made It #4:

So I swooped these up a while ago at the Dollar Tree.  I got several sets and each one has 2 of each number and they are magnets.  They also come with the different math operation symbols.  Right now we are working on place value (well actually finishing it....I got behind on my making)  So I made sets of place value task cards to go with the numbers.  Each task card only uses each number once so really I am making one activity for 50 cents:)
There are 10 task cards and they all fit nicely in these little zip lock pouches I got at Staples over the summer:)
If you would like to check them out they are at my store:) TN 

I have other plans for the rest of those cute little number magnets.....that will have to be another Made It.

That does it for me gang:)  Hope everyone is safe.  School was canceled so I will be relaxing and catching up with blogs (I hope!)  Can't wait to see what everyone has made!  Again, thank you ALL for linking up with me this past summer, it has been fun!!!  I'm hoping with having a month to prepare, some of you will have some time to come back and link up again:)))  So next week will be the first one of the once a month series:)

Coffee up people!  Have a happy, safe, and blessed Monday:)


  1. I love the once a month idea....I have a feeling I will actually be able to accomplish something worth posting about :) I love the dice....I've been wanting to make those too, just haven't had time.

    Enjoy your day off and stay safe,
    Super Pig and Tyrant King

  2. I'll have to link up when I get home. All of your made its look wonderful! I especially love your place value task cards!! I need those! Great job!
    PS you can still come to South Carolina!

  3. I'm baaaaack! :))) Love those dice in water and I wish I could put task cards in a pouch and have my kids read it ;) Yours look awesome!! Keep safe today!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  4. Monthly would be great... THANK YOU! I like your dice! What a super idea!
    - Michele
    Multiage Moments

  5. I love all your ideas as always!! I have some magnetic letters at home and now I am thinking of other uses for them at school. I think monthly Made Its is a wonderful idea! It will be good motivation throughout the school year to keep up the fresh made its!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. oooo...I love the beginning of the month idea during the school year! I am going to make every effort to join in them all--I'm wicked excited about this!!

    I will definitely be linking up today because I have been a busy little teacher since we start soon!!

    I'm glad you have time to be at home and stay safe today--will be thinking of you and all the others in that area! Thanks for the sweet shoutout Tara, you are a wonderful bloggy friend :) :)

  7. You always have the best ideas! Love them! Thanks for hosting as always!

    Life's A Beach in First Grade

  8. I love all that glitter!! Very cute ideas.

    I have a bit of a problem. I meant to link up to today's Monday Made it, but instead I linked up to last weeks. How do I delete the one I posted by accident?

    my classroom is my runway

  9. Thanks Tara! By visiting your blog, I was able to download a few things and cross stuff off my "to-do" list!


  10. I love the dice idea!! I think once a month would be perfect. I am just glad that Monday Made It is not coming to an end. I have gotten so many great ideas!!!

  11. I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's creativity this summer, and many have inspired me to get busy and make things that I otherwise would have never thought of doing. Such a great idea!

  12. LOVE your schedule signs and thanks for the shout out!! I'm so glad you were able to use them and they look great!

    Primary Punch

  13. My first time to this linky party. Im your newest follower!
    Flying Into First Grade

  14. Love your dice in bottles! Those are really neat!
    Conversations in Literacy

  15. Your place value task cards are perfect for me tonight! Saved me so much time. I started math workshop today. With my schedule it takes 2 days to get through one set of rotations. My kids at the hands on station told me that the activities I had there were fun at first, but they got boring and too easy by the end of the rotation. Tomorrow's groups will have your task cards to keep them challenged! Thanks for making them!

    A Place to Thrive

  16. I am with you, no matter how often. . I love that we have links to all these crafts in one place. Sometimes Pinterest can send you on a wild goose chase (no offense to geese)- but with the linky, we know the source and get how-tos quickly!
    Thank you, Tara!

  17. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting this linky! I think that changing to once a month is perfect for the school year!

  18. OH MY GOODNESS! I have to tell you that I found your site on Monday via Pinterest, where I am clearly an addict. Anyway, every minute I could spare in the last three days I have spent reading each and every one of the links for the Monday Make It Linky party. I would love love love to join, but bloggins is all new to me and I am still just getting the hang of it. Linking to one of these is something I just don't get yet. Anyone know of a blogging for dummies class? I made tons of items this summer for my summer school program. We don't start school until next week, our teacher contracts don't begin until Set 1 so we start Tuesday with kiddos coming on Thursday. But because I am a specialist, (ELL Specialist) I don't work with kiddos til they've had a full week with their teachers. So I am hoping to get a lot of things made between now and then. I am so so so inspired. If anyone wants to email me and explain how to do this i would love it. I am trying to get someone to dress up my blog for me, so hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be much nicer than it is now. I actually just kind of journal on it right now. So, hope to hear from some of you.
    Diary of a grateful teacher (blogspot)

  19. I love your Monday Made It linky, and I hope to finish my project this weekend so that I can link up with you again. I am beginning a new linky Friday called "Fun Friday" and would love for you to link up any fun lesson, activity, game, idea, etc. Please come over Friday and check out my blog and link up! I'd love to have you.

    Teaching Fourth

  20. Did you just put magnets on the back of the schedule cards? I just printed them - so glad that you posted it as I didn't see it earlier. Since school started not enough time to see all the creations...


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