Monday Made It Monthly Series - #1

Here we are.....the first Monday of September, so it's time for the once a month Monday Made It linky:)
Surely all of you are back in school and if not, I'm know it's right around the corner.  I switched this to monthly in hopes you all can still link up with it being once a month instead of weekly.  I also HAVE to keep it going because, honestly people, it keeps me accountable:))

So here we go.......................................................

Classroom Made It #1:

I love these little Math key word posters!  My kiddos need some help in that area so I searched Pinterest and found these.  I did not make these.  They are from Barnard-Island Shop and they are FREE!!  Love them and love how cute they look along with my other number stuffzies:)  I'm so proud of my Math wall/section/work in progress.  (thanks Guided Math book:)

Classroom Made It #2:
Ever since I saw this on Nicole's blog, Rowdy in Room 300, I HAD to have one!!!  Lucky for me my sweet,  crafty daughter was home this weekend and made this for my classroom.  I want to add it to my writing center so that's why I didn't have her put my name on it.  We are going to make more though.  Nicole's tutorial is perfect and easy to follow:)  

Classroom Made It #3:

I don't usually like to post about a product from my stores on my Made It but I was so stinkin excited about this, I just had to.  In Florida, we have a state writing assessment (like the kids and teachers aren't stressed enough....don't get me started).  Anywho, they have really cracked down on the spelling and BIG time......well, in this lovely world of texting and video games, kids spelling of sight words is horrible.  I really wanted my kids to practice words in a fun way, with repetition, so that it would stay with them.  This is what I came up with:
This is the first of 2 sets so far.  The directions explain their "superhero mission".  Each set includes 8 lists of sight words.  Each list has a word search and checklist.  I'm laminating mine so they can be used over and over in our Daily 5 Word Work.  After they find each word, they check it off their checklist and then have to spell it and use it in a sentence (on other paper).  
Can you stand the cuteness of the superheroes?!?!?!?!?  They were by none other than Nikki from Melonheadz.  I got the idea for this activity when I was running and knew I wanted a superhero theme and Nikki had just what I needed.  Check out all her cute things!!!  LOVE!!  I just love them and I know my kids will too!  I have gotten quite a few comments/emails from new to 4th grade teachers excited that "4th Grade can be fun".  I am constantly trying to come up with fun ways to teach everything.....we are competing with the video game generation so I feel like it's so important to put a fun twist on the learning:)  Just my thoughts:)  If you would like to check these out they are at both my shops: TN and TPT.  

I have 2 different sets so far, one that targets words 3rd graders should know and one that targets words 4th graders should know.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day!  Be blessed and link up when you can:)


  1. Thanks for keeping Monday Made It going! I think once month is wonderful timing during the school year.

    Fourth Grade Garden

  2. I love your super hero sight word idea! My students need a lot of help in that area too. I also love reading about how your daughter helps you make your projects:) My Monday Made-Its area full of inspiration from you!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Tara I love the super hero sight word activity! I teach 3rd and most sight word activities are for the younger grades. I would love this for the Daily 5 word study activities and have put it on my wishlist!

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  4. I've been stalking Monday Made It all summer long and finally posted! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas with us, Tara : )

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  5. How are you still doing it girl!?!?!?
    You amaze me!

  6. 1) I am so jealous of that Math bulletin board! Every time I see it I think "How could I do that in my room?!"
    2) LOVE how your pencil turned out - the colors are super cute, and thanks for the shout out!
    3) Your super hero sight word pack looks AWESOME! How about a Kindergarten set?! Help a sister out ;)
    Hope your week is fabulous with your new friends!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  7. Thanks for keeping the Make It Monday going! I have been inspired all summer by the posts. I love the math key word posters that you found and I am printing them out right now. Your lucky to have a crafty daughter!

    I have to finish up a few things before I can post my projects!

  8. Tara~
    I am so happy that you are keeping the craft fest going all year! I don't have a blog, but want to thank you and all the other bloggers that unselfishly share your ideas and freebies! This year I moved from 4th to 3rd and I have found so many great blogs b/c of your Monday Made Its.
    I also teach in FL and am all too familiar with that ugly writing test that 4th graders have to do...your Superhero Sight Word pack is perfect to practice the Big 5 (as our district calls them)! Good luck this year and looking forward to many more Monday Made Its! :)

  9. Yay! Very excited this is now a monthly linky. hoping I can rejoin the fun.
    Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten

  10. I love all your ideas, you inspire me! :)

  11. You go, girl. I'm so impressed by how incredibly hard you are always working. You are truly a total inspiration for me.
    I'll be linking up soon as I can kick my booty in gear and finish my projects.


    Fun in Room 4B

  12. I am in such awe! :)
    I've been making things, but forgetting to show how-tos...wait..I just made a purse...should I add that?? lol

    sooo....looks like I may be going to 3rd grade....again....AND after a month of school has already started...grrrr....

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  13. I love your super hero sight word packs. Such a smart idea with a fun twist!
    Life with Mrs. L

  14. Those are some AWESOME made its! I love the math signs, so thanks for the tip!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  15. Well haven't you just been super busy/crafty? I love all the things you made. I just downloaded the addition and subtraction key words and I know they'll be staple in my room this year! I really want to make that pencil too. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Rambling About Reading

  16. Love all of your stuff ! I also have lots of "made it" products for decorating the classroom, including 30 free classroom labels you may like. I love your blog and all the colors! I am a new follower

    Take a Walk on the Teaching Side

    My Teachers Pay Teachers Store

  17. I taught 4th Grade in FL for a few years before becoming a Reading Coach- so I'm totally understanding about the FCAT Writes. I'm going to share your sight with my teachers so they ca check out your product.
    Leading and Reading


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