Florida Native Americans and a BOO-SALE!!

I'll tell ya about the sale in a sec.......

First I want to share a social studies project we did.

In social studies we just finished a lesson on the Native American tribes of Florida.  To wrap it all up, I wanted a fun project for the kiddos to complete.  They made Florida Native American Paper bag Pockets.
Their assignment was to choose 1 of the tribes we studied.  First they illustrated a cover.
On the inside, they had to draw a map of Florida and show the region that their tribe lived in.
Finally, they had to choose 5 facts/things they learned about their tribe and write it on cards.
The fact cards just slide right into the open end of the paper bag book:)
Here are a few other examples:

I think they turned out cute:)

I have to share cuz I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!  I just finished my very first Math center unit!  
My eyeballs hurt from looking and all the numbers...lol!  It has 7 different activities that would be great in a Math workshop or for centers:)
It's 29 pages:)  If you want to check it out or read more about it, you can see it HERE.

Kind of a making words activity for those lovely sight words some of my kiddies spell wrong.  
It can be used with any spelling list though:)

Now, to the sale....
Starting October 29th, everything in my stores, TPT and TN, will be 20% off until midnight October 31st!
Hope ya find something you can use:)


Blossom....Monsters? Writing Fun and Freebies!

This is Blossom:
Isn't she just the cutest, little fluff ball everrrrrrrrrr?

These little guys are Blossom's stunt doubles!
I bought them a while ago for some creative writing homework.
(I thought I blogged about it but can't find it....)  
Anywho, I made 2 covers to go along with them and made journals 
(Super adorable clip art...Melonheadz)

Each day, I would draw 2 numbers and those kiddos got to take home a Blossom (stunt double) and journal to write an adventure with her.  This was in addition to their homework.  Most of the kids loved it and begged to do it.  

Sadly, 3 weeks ago, one Blossom (stunt double) met an untimely death due to being left out on the couch at a student's home and was chewed up.  Very sad.  She lost her tail, her nose, her little hands......it was ugly people!  
Honestly, I couldn't believe it didn't happen sooner....so, after this, we took some time off from the journals.  If you remember, I said most, not all, of my kiddos loved it.  So I decided we were stopping...maybe for a while, maybe forever.  

Didn't take long and the kids were asking about doing it again....when will we start it up again.......will we ever get to do it.......can we get another Blossom..........please can we do it again........

Well, kids begging for homework........can't resist but needed a change.  
That's where these little cuties come in. Clearance at Hobby Lobby!!  Did I tell you a Hobby Lobby just opened up within walking distance of my house!!!!!  WHAT?!!
So I made new journal covers.
(Super adorable clip art Melonheadz)
As of 2 days ago, the kiddos were super excited to be writing again.  They really have fun with it and I know it will help with their narrative writing in class:)

Blossom, classroom pet is happy and still has one stunt double left:)

If you're interested in starting some journals of your own, both covers are free in my TPT store:)

Another freebie that is there and great for this time of year - my Fall Story Starters.

I also made some Pumpkin Patch Pairs.... multiplication matching flashcards.  I'm adding them to my Math workshop tubs:)
I am giving away 5 Pumpkin Patch Pair sets to the first 5 comments that also leave their email:)

Now folks, I'm off to prepare my team for kickoff!!!  The Vikings play the Bucs.....My team is the Vikings.  I know, I know.......I live in Florida!!!  I took the Vikings with my marriage vows.....through thick and thin.....and people that team has been there!!!!  Things are looking up for them this year:)  I say prepare my team because I talk to them all like they can hear me!!!  It is quite a ride to watch a football game with me.  I get a little cray cray (as dear Farley would say).  

Go Vikings!  Night:)


The Itsy, Bitsy Spider Crawled up Mrs. Eiken's Arm...

Catchy title, right?  It didn't crawl up my arm!  It didn't crawl on me at all!  Look at that pic!!!!!  
That's not the spider, that's the spider's molt!!!!  FREAK me out!!!!!!  
Looks just like the spider!!!!

So, the tarantulas came and we had quite the time of learning. 
Interesting?????  YES!
Did I learn lots? YES!
Do I like spiders?   NO!!!!  Still don't!

But my kiddos LOVED the learning, the up close and personal with the molts and the real deals!!!  
Spider molt......I know!!!!!!!  It looks so real....the kiddos did circle maps and took notes during the presentation. (that's the start of it under the spider!)
Spider molt on the ELMO!  Yikes!
This is one of the real spiders!  Black, hairy, crawling.....eekk!!!!
2 different molts without the "back" part.  If you look closely, you can see the holes where each of the legs 
came out!  Ewwww!
Ummmmmmmmmm!   Too real looking!  One on left.....HUGE!  Her name is Elvira!  LOL!
Brave kid holding molt, not real spider, that was not allowed.  

Real baby tarantula.  Not cute, even though it's a baby:/  
Her name is Sweet Pea, by the way.....
Another real one again!  This is Liberty.

Kids loved the day!  Super cool experience!  If you have made it through all the creepy, crawly pics 
I have a freebie for ya:)  I have finally posted my Spider Factoids sheet at TPT.
It can be used with any non-fictional text about spiders:)

Good news.......I got to see my girl yesterday playing at a beach tourney!
Bad news........I forgot that the beautiful sand and Siesta Key acts like a mirror SO it doesn't matter if I sit under a tent all day..........I have a sunburn from the top of my head (no lie....my part is sun burnt) to the tips of my toes!!!  OUCH!!!!!

BUT WAIT!  More good news!  My girl is coming home to hang out for the day and watch football with me:)))))  That makes the sunburn hurt a lot less!!!!
Happy Sunday all!!!


Winners, Boo times 2, and SPIDERS!!

Hey gang!!!!  Thanks so much for all the entries and super sweet comments about my little ole blog:)  I honestly wish everyone could be a winner:)

Here are the lucky peeps:  Winner 1, Brittany Evans and Winner 2, Lisa!!!!!
Congrats ladies!!!  I'll be emailing you soon!!!

Thank you again to my bloggy buds for jumping in on the giveaway fun:)

I also have to tell ya I have been boo-ed  not once but 2 times!!!  I also think they are 2 different kinds of boos!!  Michele from Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera boo-ed me with this one:)

My running buddy, Elizabeth, from Fun in Room 4B, boo-ed me with this one:
OH.....btw, Elizabeth has her first 5K this weekend!!!!  Please pop over and send her some blog love and well wishes!!!  She's a little nervous.  I have no doubts she will "Rock that Race!"

So, good news.....I've been boo-ed/boo'd......................???

bad news..................I'm scooting off to work and can't do the boo stuff that goes along with these yet.  Hoping to get to it this weekend BUT can't promise cuz guess what??????  I'm going to see my girl play in a beach tourney Saturday!!!!  Happy Day!!!!
Now, I'm off to school......it's going to be quite a day......did I tell you we have special guests coming into my classroom today???????????????????????  Did I?   I think 3......not sure........wanna know who or should I say what?????
I'm not a real live spider fan.......not sure I'll survive this!!!  LOL!  

Great Big Giveaway Kick Off!!!!

Update 10/15/12 Additional entry option added for giveaway

(Frame The 3AM teacher. Graphics MelonHeadz)
Get it?????  Kick off as in football??????
As promised....it's time for a fun giveaway!!!  I cannot believe I have hit 2000 followers (not spiders)!!!!

I seriously started blogging about a year and a half ago, to keep my mind busy and not become a depressed mess as my first born went away to college.  I mean that.....not going into detail but my husband and I went through a lot to get the 2 kiddos we have and I have some separation issues!!!
Don't get me wrong......I was happy for my girl but if I could have my way, I would keep my kids forever with me...lol!!!  I'm just so much happier when we are all together and under the same roof.  So her leaving was super hard on me and blogging saved me!  Little did I know how much it would change my life!!!!  I have learned so much from others, been encouraged by others, made wonderful friends, had super laughs, been pushed as a teacher, found wonderful resources,.........the list goes on!  My only regret now is there never seems to be enough time to read and catch up on all the wonderfulness out there:)  

So, as a little thanks back, I want to celebrate this milestone with a giveaway and a million ways to enter...lol.  Lots of my bloggy buds have joined in on the fun and I'm so excited about this!!!  I have decided to have 2 winners cuz there's so much yummy awesomeness to share! (Thanks bloggys buds!)

One winner will get:
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Winner #2 will win:

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Thank you so much bloggy buds for helping me celebrate!!!

To anyone who reads my blog....my prayer is that someone, somewhere gets some ideas or inspiration!  If I can give back on my blog, half of what I have gained from blogging, than I'm happy!
Thanks everyone and good luck!!

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