Blossom....Monsters? Writing Fun and Freebies!

This is Blossom:
Isn't she just the cutest, little fluff ball everrrrrrrrrr?

These little guys are Blossom's stunt doubles!
I bought them a while ago for some creative writing homework.
(I thought I blogged about it but can't find it....)  
Anywho, I made 2 covers to go along with them and made journals 
(Super adorable clip art...Melonheadz)

Each day, I would draw 2 numbers and those kiddos got to take home a Blossom (stunt double) and journal to write an adventure with her.  This was in addition to their homework.  Most of the kids loved it and begged to do it.  

Sadly, 3 weeks ago, one Blossom (stunt double) met an untimely death due to being left out on the couch at a student's home and was chewed up.  Very sad.  She lost her tail, her nose, her little was ugly people!  
Honestly, I couldn't believe it didn't happen, after this, we took some time off from the journals.  If you remember, I said most, not all, of my kiddos loved it.  So I decided we were stopping...maybe for a while, maybe forever.  

Didn't take long and the kids were asking about doing it again....when will we start it up again.......will we ever get to do it.......can we get another Blossom..........please can we do it again........

Well, kids begging for homework........can't resist but needed a change.  
That's where these little cuties come in. Clearance at Hobby Lobby!!  Did I tell you a Hobby Lobby just opened up within walking distance of my house!!!!!  WHAT?!!
So I made new journal covers.
(Super adorable clip art Melonheadz)
As of 2 days ago, the kiddos were super excited to be writing again.  They really have fun with it and I know it will help with their narrative writing in class:)

Blossom, classroom pet is happy and still has one stunt double left:)

If you're interested in starting some journals of your own, both covers are free in my TPT store:)

Another freebie that is there and great for this time of year - my Fall Story Starters.

I also made some Pumpkin Patch Pairs.... multiplication matching flashcards.  I'm adding them to my Math workshop tubs:)
I am giving away 5 Pumpkin Patch Pair sets to the first 5 comments that also leave their email:)

Now folks, I'm off to prepare my team for kickoff!!!  The Vikings play the Bucs.....My team is the Vikings.  I know, I know.......I live in Florida!!!  I took the Vikings with my marriage vows.....through thick and thin.....and people that team has been there!!!!  Things are looking up for them this year:)  I say prepare my team because I talk to them all like they can hear me!!!  It is quite a ride to watch a football game with me.  I get a little cray cray (as dear Farley would say).  

Go Vikings!  Night:)


  1. I love your class pet! Now I'm thinking about how much work it would actually be to have one!! I love that the kiddos are so excited about writing and the journal covers are so adorable!! I also use your story starters and my students love them! The Pumpkin Patch sets are awesome!

  2. So very cute! I love all the stuff you create.

    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. Love your blog! Your story starters are great and I am sure my students could give me some great stories using them :) Your Pumpking Patch Pairs would be a wonderful addition to my class :)

  4. Sorry to hear about the Blossom stunt double. Your story was quite amusing. Sad for the stunt double, but funny/crazy to picture. Anyway, I love the pumpkin patch pairs.

  5. Love the pumpkin patch pairs and would love to win them!

    Cathy VerSteeg

  6. Tara! Blossom is adorable!!! Makes me want a class pet!! And I love your journals! I know a first grade teacher who used to do that with a bear and her kiddos loved it! That would be a fun thing to add in our class! Especially since the kids keep asking if we can get a class pet... maybe we can start off with a "stunt double" one! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  7. Oh my goodness...Tara, you are super creative! I love your little monsters and journals. What a terrific idea. I will have to try this with my fourth graders!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  8. Haha Tara I love it!! Blossom is the cutesttt... I have my own Pancake at home (fancy hamster) but I can't imagine having one at school because I would worry about him/her all night lol.. do you take her home or do parents on breaks? What happens in the summer?


  9. I LOVE Blossom, so cute! I had a Humphrey the hamster last year, but he ended up being swept outside by the custodian who thought he was a mouse . . . :/

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  10. I love your monster journals! I am going to do a mini spider unit next week, sort of for Halloween. I am using your Spider Factoids, thanks for sharing it. I prepped the paper plate spider web art activity to use too. I can't wait to post pictures from all of these fun things about spiders next week. We have a live Tarantula coming in too! =) I just love your blog and the ideas I get from you.

    Fabulous Finch Facts

  11. I don't know why I ever try to be the right # commenter!!! BUT nevertheless had to tell you how wonderful your stuff is and how inspiring you are. Here in Texas we really push our 4th graders and I struggle to find ways to make it more "kid" friendly while still teaching to the depth that is mandated by our tests and TEKS. You are always inspiring! Thanks!

  12. It was a tough night last night. :( Love your pumpkin patch pairs.

  13. Awww we have a sweet Guinea pig in our class, Gigi. Adorbs!!!

  14. I love Hobby Lobby!! :) I got this idea from you last year! I sent home two little Zhu Zhu hamsters with a journal! It was cute! :)


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