Florida Native Americans and a BOO-SALE!!

I'll tell ya about the sale in a sec.......

First I want to share a social studies project we did.

In social studies we just finished a lesson on the Native American tribes of Florida.  To wrap it all up, I wanted a fun project for the kiddos to complete.  They made Florida Native American Paper bag Pockets.
Their assignment was to choose 1 of the tribes we studied.  First they illustrated a cover.
On the inside, they had to draw a map of Florida and show the region that their tribe lived in.
Finally, they had to choose 5 facts/things they learned about their tribe and write it on cards.
The fact cards just slide right into the open end of the paper bag book:)
Here are a few other examples:

I think they turned out cute:)

I have to share cuz I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!  I just finished my very first Math center unit!  
My eyeballs hurt from looking and all the numbers...lol!  It has 7 different activities that would be great in a Math workshop or for centers:)
It's 29 pages:)  If you want to check it out or read more about it, you can see it HERE.

Kind of a making words activity for those lovely sight words some of my kiddies spell wrong.  
It can be used with any spelling list though:)

Now, to the sale....
Starting October 29th, everything in my stores, TPT and TN, will be 20% off until midnight October 31st!
Hope ya find something you can use:)


  1. Activities look great! I used to teach 4th and I did something similar with the Native Floridians. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I LOVE the paperbag project. It looks awesome! Your new units look great also!

    Have a great week!


  3. Your native American paper bag idea is awesome. I was looking for a fun activity to do with my kiddos on the Northeast. I think I'll use this one! Do you know the size of the paper bags and the paper you used? We have no school tomorrow because of Sandy, so I'm going to plan ahead.

  4. I love the paper bag projet! They look amazing :)

  5. In love the paper bag project. I pinned it so I can do it with my students when we do our Wisconsin state unit. Thanks for the fab idea!

    Peacocks & Penguins

  6. I'm loving the paperbag project..really great! I also adore the look of the scarecrow letter word work. I do a lot of word work but my older ELLS hate to use the baby letters. I think they will love these.

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  7. I am just wondering how many Native Americans would be in one average tribe or clan back in the old days, especially before the English raped, pillaged and killed their people. I am just wondering the answer for personal satisfaction to one of the many random questions rolling around in my head. Also, any links to answers would be helpful. Please no stupid or unrelated answers. Thank you.

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