The Itsy, Bitsy Spider Crawled up Mrs. Eiken's Arm...

Catchy title, right?  It didn't crawl up my arm!  It didn't crawl on me at all!  Look at that pic!!!!!  
That's not the spider, that's the spider's molt!!!!  FREAK me out!!!!!!  
Looks just like the spider!!!!

So, the tarantulas came and we had quite the time of learning. 
Interesting?????  YES!
Did I learn lots? YES!
Do I like spiders?   NO!!!!  Still don't!

But my kiddos LOVED the learning, the up close and personal with the molts and the real deals!!!  
Spider molt......I know!!!!!!!  It looks so real....the kiddos did circle maps and took notes during the presentation. (that's the start of it under the spider!)
Spider molt on the ELMO!  Yikes!
This is one of the real spiders!  Black, hairy, crawling.....eekk!!!!
2 different molts without the "back" part.  If you look closely, you can see the holes where each of the legs 
came out!  Ewwww!
Ummmmmmmmmm!   Too real looking!  One on left.....HUGE!  Her name is Elvira!  LOL!
Brave kid holding molt, not real spider, that was not allowed.  

Real baby tarantula.  Not cute, even though it's a baby:/  
Her name is Sweet Pea, by the way.....
Another real one again!  This is Liberty.

Kids loved the day!  Super cool experience!  If you have made it through all the creepy, crawly pics 
I have a freebie for ya:)  I have finally posted my Spider Factoids sheet at TPT.
It can be used with any non-fictional text about spiders:)

Good news.......I got to see my girl yesterday playing at a beach tourney!
Bad news........I forgot that the beautiful sand and Siesta Key acts like a mirror SO it doesn't matter if I sit under a tent all day..........I have a sunburn from the top of my head (no part is sun burnt) to the tips of my toes!!!  OUCH!!!!!

BUT WAIT!  More good news!  My girl is coming home to hang out for the day and watch football with me:)))))  That makes the sunburn hurt a lot less!!!!
Happy Sunday all!!!


  1. eeeeeekkk!!! You are so brave, I couldn't even touch the molt--yikes! The kids must have had a blast!!

    Have a wonderful day with your girl :)

  2. omgosh - I LOOOOOOVED having a tarantula one year as a class pet - it was SOOOO cool!!!
    loved seeing you in pictures :)

  3. Never in my life . . . you are SO brave! Have a blast with your girl. We went last Sunday for a day trip to deliver "winter" clothes (said VERY lightly in TX) and it was SO good to take her to lunch and spend an hour. EnJOY!!!


    1. Yeah for you:) It's amazing what a few hours of needed kid time will do for ya;)

  4. OH my gosh... you almost had me freaking out there. I don't know if I could even hold the molt!! ahhhhh!! But it looks like your kids had a great time learning about it :)

  5. Really cool science for your kiddos. We have tarantulas around the school and have had more than one wander into our classroom. I think they are great to look at, but I don't plan on holding them anytime soon! Way to stay brave in front of your students!

    1. Brave, stupid.....not sure which! Lol!

  6. Your students are lucky to have a teacher like you.

  7. I really enjoyed this post . . . I am sure your kids will remember this for a VERY long time! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  8. Eeeekkk! You are so brave! Have a nice day today with your girl :)

  9. Oh my lawd! I don't even know what this post was about, but it needed a WARNING in the title! :) As soon as I saw that hairy freak of nature, I had to scroll down immediately and then ease my way back up to comment. If that was you holding that thing....well, we can possibly still be friends, but I'm worried about you dear! ;)

    #mybiggestfear #needphobiatherapy

    Teaching Maddeness

  10. ACK! You are one brave teacher...even the pictures gave me the creepy-crawlies. :-) What a great day to have as a 4th grader though!

    Craft of Teaching

  11. haaha! Mine are going to finally get to hold our REAL one tomorrow. They beg all.the.time! Funny you posted this! Now you can look for me holding the real one =)
    It's so weird when they molt. they lay upside down and look dead-then suddenly it looks like you have two!

  12. Tara!!! SO fun! We are having spiders come first thing on Monday!!! Can't wait!! I am NOT a fan of spiders either, but I figure this will help my kiddos like them and then when we find the little guys in our classroom, they can rescue them and I won't have to worry about it! haha I love your factoids sheet, now I just need to find a good nonfiction piece to use with it!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  13. NEVER!!! Just looking at these pics is freaking me out!! Brave woman! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  14. Oh my GOSH!! These pictures freak me out!


  15. I had no idea they molt. OMG! You were very brave.
    Love the recording sheet. Thank you

  16. EEEKKKK! No way could I hold that!! I hate spiders!

    Total freak accident story about a spider: When I was younger (middle school age) I was riding four wheelers with a friend and we were riding through the woods. I opened my mouth to talk and we went through a spider web and a spider bit my tongue. It was awful. It was swollen and painful! Ugh! No wonder I hate spiders, right?!


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