Vashti, Currently, Sit Disease, and Linky Reminder

Hey gang!  I have a confession to make....................................................
here goes.............................
as you will read below, I have a disease this weekend called "SIT and DO NOTHING" disease!  I CAN"T get motivated to do ANYTHING!!!!  That doesn't mean I haven't done anything but I sure haven't done much and my heart is not into doing anything:(((((  AND coffee hasn't fixed that!!!!!  Terrible, I know!!!  I even had an extra turbo shot in my Pumpkin Latte yesterday and nope, nothing!  Oh well, this too shall pass.....I'm actually blogging so that's a start, right???  Anyone else have this problem???

Ok, on to Vashti......I LOVE the book The Dot!  Super love it for tons of reasons.  Anywhosie, a few weeks ago we were working on character traits and motivations.  I came up with this quick little activity for my kiddos to do during Word Work.  After I read the book to them, we talked about how Vashti was acting, words to describe her, and why.  We also talked about how  her traits and motivations changed from the beginning to the end of the book.  Basically, I had them draw 2 Vashtis.  Then they had to come up with some words that describe her traits and why she was acting that way.  Kind of a before and after thingy.  Here are some pics of some of my faves: (ignore some of the spelling....I wasn't grading them on that....focus was the traits and motivation)

I love this kids traits: self centered and not confident.....I love how she picked that out.

It was neat to see all the different ways the kids described her and the different things they picked up on.  
I also super <3 all the cute and different Vashti faces!!

Ok, my I know I am number 2 million to link up.......................://////
Go link up and be number 2,000,000,001...after me:)
Oh' boy fourth grade

There ya have it!  Don't monthly Monday Made It is up and running.  You can link up anytime in October:) 
Now I am going to attempt to get rid of my "sit disease" and go RUN!!!
Have a blessed day everyone!!!


  1. I had the disease last weekend. I couldn't get motivated to do anything and spent about a billion hours on the sofa....I say go with it. I think my body and mind needed a time out. Oh how I would love to be running...unfortunately, it's 26 degrees here right now :( Instead I'm off to grade exactly 128 assignments from last week and lesson plan for the short week (we have Prof. Dev. on Monday and the kiddies are off).

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    Super Pig and Tyrant King

  2. I have had the disease many times! Some days it's just hard to get up and get moving. Today I feel rested and ready to go! Your blog looks adorable! I arrived here from the Linky Party. I linked up after you so I guess I'm 2 million one! LOL!! It's great to get around and read everyone's great ideas. I'm working on character traits this week with my 3rd graders so your activity will be perfect. I have to check out The Dot. I'm obsessed with books and I'm always up for a new one! THANKS for sharing!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. Oh friend, we have so much in common this month! My son is away at college and I want to see him soooo bad or at least talk to him every minute of the day. I’m also loving football season – although for a slightly different reason. Give me a Saturday and some college football!! It sounds like your Sunday is my Saturday. Yes, what is the reason that fall gives us “sits disease”. I love that you’ve labeled it!! Adorable!!

    Have a great football Sunday!


  4. I think I get that disease a lot, haha. As soon as my son goes to bed (or takes naps), that's all I want to do. Sigh... football Sunday was made for that though, right?? Thanks for sharing about the book. I've never heard of it, but I'm going to check it out!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  5. Don't go run!!! If you do, I will feel the need to go (and I'm not feeling it today) :( I guess I have your disease, too!! I need to get up and do something, though. Hum, pumpkin coffee...that's what I'll do :)

    1. I did it:) I ran with the pitbull:))) Felt great! Happy I got off my butt and did it:))))))) I sweat enough for both of us if you don't! gross! My son is off to buy me my Pumpkin Latte (iced) with a turbo shot:)))) All is good:)

  6. You are good Tara!! I haven't done anything like that yet and now it's getting chilly and cloudy so I want to stay in! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  7. It's contagious! I have barely moved from the couch. Granted, I've been doing work stuff, but does it count if I'm intermittently watching Real Housewives of New Jersey?

  8. Lol- I have been stricken with that disease today, too! As soon as we got back from church, I got straight into my yoga pants (which haven't been to a yoga class in years!) and now I'm in bed reading blogs while my little girl naps...I think it's a combination of fall and also running around like a crazy person these last 2 months since school started. I need to either sit down or I will fall down :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  9. I know I have Sit Disease! Is it bad that I'm not searching for a cure?? Spookley is one of my favorites, too! Loved reading your linky! Going to line up my crafts so I can be a better contributor to your Monday Made It. I've got nothing right now! Happy Fall!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  10. I have contracted that dreaded SIT disease myself....I even took a nap this afternoon....I never do that! Love all the Vashtis...they are all so cute!

    Mrs. B's Nook

  11. I have had that disease too... and it doesn't help that we got a Kindle and now I can be on several devices at any given time... OH MY!!! thanks for always linking up!!!

  12. Hi, Tara! Hey, say a little prayer that I learn to run....seriously, I think I need to try and I am just plain scared. It hurts, lol!

    Hubby went to see #1 son at college yesterday. It was "dad's weekend" at the frat house. Lo and behold, our son is running for the position of Social Chair. I want to know when he is studying! He already mastered the social stuff, the high school yearbook testifies to that; we didn't need to pay 20Gs for more tutoring in that area!

    I also love "The Dot". I'm tying it into an art lesson in the spring!
    hugs, ReadWriteSing

  13. I love your sense of humor. And I feel the same way today. I have spent 70% of my day on the couch. I just have little motivation to do anything. Kudos for going running. I think I might go for a walk in a little bit. Running is still beyond me. :)
    Life with Mrs. L

  14. Hi,
    How do you create the "Currently" feature? I think I'd like to add it to my school webpage for my kids to complete but I don't know how!



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