You Must Read This Book, Winner, and Like Please

Ok ya all, I shopped till I dropped last night and am revved up and ready for round 2....I am so excited about my goodies but had to go buy more card stock to print everything.....anyone else with this problem???
This girl loves to shop so didn't really drop from shopping today, I ran for the first time since I got that, my friends, about made me drop...ha ha....good news is I made it 2.63 miles.....bad news, it wasn't pretty  
But hey, a run is a run so I'm happy. (right Elizabeth?)

Can I say THANK YOU to everyone that purchased from  my little ole store.  Wowza!  I am completely blown away and such sweet comments!  Thanks guys!!! 

Next, congrats goes to
Emily, you win the Tri-Words giveaway.  Please email me the address you would like it shipped to:))

Ok, it's not Christmas themed but wanted to share a b. board I have up in the classroom.
It's called "You Must Read This Book".  I had my kiddos give little book commercial/recommendations to their classmates to promote some fun reading in the classroom.  

I had them tri-fold (is that a word) the paper and put the title of the book on the cover and the main character on one flap.
This is Junie B. herself.
Then they put their little blurb about the book on the inside, making sure not to giveaway too much info:)

Fun way to get a little assessment on their reading AND recommend books for each other. 
After Christmas I'll be setting up the book recommendation tree inspired 

Finally, a favor.....but only if ya want to....I have finally (after many of my bloggy buds have asked) started a Facebook page for my bloggy poo.  I'm a mess on Facebook cuz I have no clue what I am's really funny actually...anywho, my favor is, if you happen to pop over there, I would LOVE some "Likes" Facebook blog page is feeling kinda
There's a link on my sidebar (the circle with the FB)

Thanks bunches:)  Off to see what else I must have before the sale is over:)


Giveaway Ends Soon and Shop Till You Drop!!

I don't do crowds......I'm pretty sure I have said that before but if I didn't.......there it is........I don't do crowds at alllllllllllll!  So, that means I don't do black Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day of the week for that matter.  I just freeze up and freak!!!  

That's why I just love to shop in cyber space!!  Love it!  Can't wait until TPT's Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  I have a wishlist a mile long and growing by the minute......I'm bad about reading someone else's blog and seeing their wish list, which makes me add their's to mine and that my friends, has gotten out of control!!!
What's on my wishlist????????????????  Well, here are just a few of the lovely items I have in my cart....

Comprehension Question Fans from the fab Jen at Runde's Room

Season's Readings from my bud Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files

Division Lapbook by my buddy Elizabeth - Fun in Room 4B

People, this is just the tippy top of the iceberg!!!!!  So many....too many to name!!!!
Check out this hot mess......I'm diving into the sale fun....all of my goodies will be 20% off and don't forget the code CMT12 for extra savings:)  My Store

I'm such a mess......I make things for my classroom and then forget to print them out!!!  So, I have been printing and laminating and cutting allllllll day!!!  It's a good warm up for all the goodies I'm gonna buy!!!
Last, if you haven't entered my Tri-Words game giveaway, there's still time!!!!  It ends tomorrow night:)  You can read about it and enter HERE!
So many word-building options, so little time!
You can click on the pic to go to Educational Insights and read more about it there too! to cut out some more!!!  Happy shopping all:)


Word Work, Tri Words Review, + Giveaway and Sale News

I love the Daily 5 and am always looking for fun activities for my "older" kiddos to do.  I love to make fun things but am also always on the lookout for anything I can add that I don't have to make.  Well, I found something GREAT!!!!  Right after school started, I was contacted by Educational Insights to review some products.  One of those is a game called Tri-Words.  Well, my kiddos were finally introduced to it a while ago and they LOVED it!  So did I!  (I also had a volunteer/future teacher in helping out and she loved it so much, she said she was ordering it that night!)
So many word-building options, so little time!
There are SEVERAL ways to play this game which is awesome for differentiation.  Basically, it has little triangle shaped letter tiles and the kiddos are spelling/building words.  It also comes with a sand-timer and a dice that tells the kids how many words to make.  The tiles are also colored which, depending on the color and roll of the dice, can add more points.  The possibilities are almost endless.  You could also make up your own rules.  For example, my kids did this in their Word Work rotations and started with 5 tiles each, they set the timer and had to make as many 3 letter words as they could.  This was a great way to start and get to "know" the game.  Then you can build from there.

So much fun!  I just LOVE it!  Now, here's the awesome news.......
Educational Insights is giving away a Tri-Words game to one lucky winner!!  
You can enter this giveaway from now until Monday night at midnight:)  
What are ya waiting for?  This game would be a great addition to any classroom!
I'm also throwing in an word work activity of your choice from my store:)

I also wanted to let ya know I'm joining in on the big Cyber Sale TPT is having:

I'm also doing the big Teachers Notebook sale:

So you can catch some kind of sale, somewhere:)))

Some of my items are:

Don't forget to enter the Educational Insights Tri-Words Giveaway:)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be blessed everyone:)

Winner, Cookies in a Pinch, and Sick Again!!!!

This is gonna be a quick one!  Sorry I didn't post the winner this morning.....I have gotten sick again......well, not sick again........just never got over what I had and it has now turned into bronchitis:(((((((   I'm on all kinds of medicine and an inhaler.....yucky!  No fun!  :0(

Ok, I'm sure this has to be somewhere on Pinterest but I had to share.  This was a quick little recipe I got from my mom.  Have ya ever heard of Cake Mix Cookies????  Well let me tell ya, SO easy to make and SO yummy to eat!!  Ya just need 3 things:

- Eggs - 2
- Vegetable Oil - 1/2 cup 
- Any, yep I said any cake mix

All you do is put all the ingredients together and stir them up until everything is mixed up good:)  Then just plop spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 10 - 12 minutes.  (the longer you cook them, the cakier....a word??..... they get, the less time you cook them the chewier they are...I like'em chewy)
So easy and the flavors are almost endless with all the cake mixes.  I made spice and fudge and funfetti this weekend:)

Quick, easy and yummy!  Try it!  You will be soooooo happy you did!!!

Ok....winner time:)
Congrats Cree!  Pop me an email or comment with the email address you would like me to send all my holiday goodies to:)  Thanks to everyone for entering and all the wonderful Christmas read aloud ideas AND all the mouth watering comments on your fave Thanksgiving only regret is that I didn't ask you to send the recipes:)!  It all sounds sooooooo good!  

Now, I'm off to rest and get better and hope my appetite is back by Thanksgiving.  
If I don't get another post in before Thanksgiving, 
I pray you all have a blessed and yummy Thanksgiving:) 
 Eat bunches and enjoy family:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Fave Turkey Read Aloud and a Just Cuz Giveaway

Thanksgiving break is allllllllmost here.  Tomorrow and then 2 days next week before my break starts.  Can't tell ya how jealous I am of those of you who have the entire week off!!!!  I wish!!!
I am feeling a little better everyday:)  Good news:) AND.....I finally got to run again today:)  A little over
2 1/2 miles:)  AND I didn't cough up my lungs doing it AND I didn't have to stop to breathe!  Oh joy:))

I wanted to blog quickly about my all time FAVE Thanksgiving read aloud.  
Turk and Runt ROCK!  Love this book!   I decided to use this book with one of my favorite strategies to teach/talk about with the kiddos, visualizing.  We had a little chat about how, as you are reading, you are visualizing what characters, settings,....look like.  (we call it mind movies in my class because I am also encouraging them to write so descriptively that their reader is able to make a mind movie)  
Anywho, I had them take plain white paper and fold it hot dog, hamburger, hamburger...that gave us 8 little boxes to draw in.  I had the book in a folder so they couldn't see it.  I chose (ahead of time) 8 places to stop.  I have talked about this before but basically here's how it goes......
I explain they need to really listen, eyes closed, and at different places I will say DRAW.  I give them about 2 minutes to draw and then it's heads down again.  On and on until the book is done  
They loved this and if you are familiar with the book, you will see that some of the pics are really dead on:)  Some of them are a hoot AND some of them were a little off 
( quickie assessment......hmmmm)
It's a neat peak into their little minds:)
Here are a few of their pics:

These 2 crack me up!!!!
After pics were done, I read the book again on the ELMO so they could see the pics and compare their pics  to the book.  Super fun:)  If you haven't read this book, you MUST!

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner (MY GIRL IS COMING HOME TUESDAY!!!!!)
I decided to have a quick little giveaway because I am so thankful for my bloggy  buds:)
This giveaway is a little Holiday Pack.  The winner will get:

and a new little multiplication game I made (cuz ya can't practice those multiplication facts enough!)

I couldn't wait to make something with the absolutely adorable elves from Nikki at Melonheadz!!

I'll announce the winner on Monday:)  Have a great weekend all!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Be Merry, Sick, and Minis

Happy Veteran's Day!
I thank the Lord for the brave men and women who have served in our military as well as those serving now.  Thank you for you commitment, bravery, and sacrifice for our country!

The creepin crud got the best of me at the end of this week and boy did I feel terrible.  I went right to bed after work on Friday and slept 16 hours!!!!!!!!  CRAZY!  Then got up, ate a tiny bit and slept for 4 more hours!  Wowza!  I'm feelin' better today.....100%, no, but better than before:)  I guess it's that time of whole class either has sore throats or coughs or drippy noses or all of the above!!  
Needless to say I haven't had the energy to run and HATE that!  Hoping to get back into it in a day or 2. (have to be able to breathe without coughin up my lungs

I wanted to tell ya about a few things I have made.  First is my "Be Merry" banner.  I made this with the holidays in mind (red and green theme).  I know some classrooms have to be careful with "Merry Christmas" so I made a "Be Merry" banner:)
Sorry, the pics aren't the best:/

Shoot, I may just put this up and leave it up:)  
Be Merry is a great reminder for everyday:))

I have also had several requests to break apart my Holiday Hoopla Math Centers into separate sets.  So, here ya go:)

I still have one more to add.  
I'm hoping to get caught up with some blog stalking, laundry, housework, and everything
else I missed out on sleeping my weekend away:(  
Thank you bunches to those of you who have linked up!  
If you haven't, please oh please pop over and link up:)  
I may even link up my "Be Merry" banner to my own that allowed?????

I'm in a giving away mood SO the first 5 people that leave a comment can choose a mini unit of their choice or the Be Merry banner:)  Let me know which you would like in your comment and don't forget your email:)

Be Blessed:)

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