Giveaway Ends Soon and Shop Till You Drop!!

I don't do crowds......I'm pretty sure I have said that before but if I didn't.......there it is........I don't do crowds at alllllllllllll!  So, that means I don't do black Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day of the week for that matter.  I just freeze up and freak!!!  

That's why I just love to shop in cyber space!!  Love it!  Can't wait until TPT's Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  I have a wishlist a mile long and growing by the minute......I'm bad about reading someone else's blog and seeing their wish list, which makes me add their's to mine and that my friends, has gotten out of control!!!
What's on my wishlist????????????????  Well, here are just a few of the lovely items I have in my cart....

Comprehension Question Fans from the fab Jen at Runde's Room

Season's Readings from my bud Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files

Division Lapbook by my buddy Elizabeth - Fun in Room 4B

People, this is just the tippy top of the iceberg!!!!!  So many....too many to name!!!!
Check out this hot mess......I'm diving into the sale fun....all of my goodies will be 20% off and don't forget the code CMT12 for extra savings:)  My Store

I'm such a mess......I make things for my classroom and then forget to print them out!!!  So, I have been printing and laminating and cutting allllllll day!!!  It's a good warm up for all the goodies I'm gonna buy!!!
Last, if you haven't entered my Tri-Words game giveaway, there's still time!!!!  It ends tomorrow night:)  You can read about it and enter HERE!
So many word-building options, so little time!
You can click on the pic to go to Educational Insights and read more about it there too! to cut out some more!!!  Happy shopping all:)


  1. oh thank you so much Tara!!! I am so thrilled to read this!

    I am with you on the laminating--I like your thought that it's a warm-up for the big sale, ahaha!!

  2. haha I have been laminating all day today too!!! I need to start adding to my cart on TPT though!! Glad to see your wish list items though, because that gives me a start!! :)


  3. Love all those items on your wishlist. Thanks for sharing!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  4. Just bought your holiday hoopla math centers and story bubbles! I had a parent volunteer spend 3 hours today, laminating and cutting.

    1. awwww...thanks!!!! That's totally what I need...a parent volunteer...I spent my entire Sunday laminating and cutting:)))


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