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I love the Daily 5 and am always looking for fun activities for my "older" kiddos to do.  I love to make fun things but am also always on the lookout for anything I can add that I don't have to make.  Well, I found something GREAT!!!!  Right after school started, I was contacted by Educational Insights to review some products.  One of those is a game called Tri-Words.  Well, my kiddos were finally introduced to it a while ago and they LOVED it!  So did I!  (I also had a volunteer/future teacher in helping out and she loved it so much, she said she was ordering it that night!)
So many word-building options, so little time!
There are SEVERAL ways to play this game which is awesome for differentiation.  Basically, it has little triangle shaped letter tiles and the kiddos are spelling/building words.  It also comes with a sand-timer and a dice that tells the kids how many words to make.  The tiles are also colored which, depending on the color and roll of the dice, can add more points.  The possibilities are almost endless.  You could also make up your own rules.  For example, my kids did this in their Word Work rotations and started with 5 tiles each, they set the timer and had to make as many 3 letter words as they could.  This was a great way to start and get to "know" the game.  Then you can build from there.

So much fun!  I just LOVE it!  Now, here's the awesome news.......
Educational Insights is giving away a Tri-Words game to one lucky winner!!  
You can enter this giveaway from now until Monday night at midnight:)  
What are ya waiting for?  This game would be a great addition to any classroom!
I'm also throwing in an word work activity of your choice from my store:)

I also wanted to let ya know I'm joining in on the big Cyber Sale TPT is having:

I'm also doing the big Teachers Notebook sale:

So you can catch some kind of sale, somewhere:)))

Some of my items are:

Don't forget to enter the Educational Insights Tri-Words Giveaway:)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be blessed everyone:)


  1. If I won I would choose the Letters for Learning Task cards or the Out of this World activity. Love this generous giveaway!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Super Pig and Tyrant King

  2. I love the cute gumball spelling activity! My kids would have so much fun with it!

  3. I would like the Building Snowmen Sight Words if I was lucky enough to win. :)

  4. I actually have a few kinders who would love the tri game! If I win, i trust you to choose what would work for my kiddos, from your store. Everyone is reading at a Level C or above (some are past Level G).

    Hey, I survived the surgery! As you can see--I'm hopping all over the internet, lol--the pain meds are working nicely. Hopefully, I will be able to sustain a chatty voice by Monday.

    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! And, CONGRATS on the award!!!

  5. I would love your Super Hero Sight Word pack! My kids need the practice! Tri-Words looks super fun...thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Tara!! That tri words game looks great!! And your new snowman sight words game looks adorable! Your super hero sight word pack also looks fab! Heck, everything you make is wonderful! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  7. Tri words!!!I have some kiddos who would LOVE this game!! Great for all levels! Who doesn't love a super hero?

  8. I love the Letters for Learning Task Cards. Great Vocab and Spelling practice activity. I also love your literature circles Tweeter Style. Such cute ideas!!!!

    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. I like the Superhero Sight Word Mission sets. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I would love to incorporate TriWords into our D5 working with words.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. WOW- you have such great items!! But I know my students would LOVE Superhero Sight Word Missions. And I would love them learning!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Happy TDay!

  12. I think my students would really like the TriWords game in our daily reading stations!

  13. My students love any kind of word games!

  14. My students would love the tri-words or any word activity for that matter.
    Learning in Bliss

  15. I would LOVE the Building Snowman Sight Words!


  16. So excited about your giveaway. I love Educational Insights products. I love your products too.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Hi Sweet Tara:
    If I won, I would let you choose for me!
    I love to stop by your blog and learn new things... and I have some things on my wish list from your store already!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear sweet friend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  18. Hi friend,
    I'd do the same as Kim :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. I love love LOVE the Superhero ones!!! I'm looking to get some wonderful additions to my future classroom (I'm finishing my student teaching right now), and that would match my personality PERFECTLY.

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  21. Awesome! I am always looking for word work/study center/station ideas for 4th graders. It seems so much is geared to the primary grades. I'd like to try the Tri-Words.

    I'd like the snowmen if I win. : )


  22. Love the tri words. I agree that it's a little trickier finding word work for my 4th graders that isn't too primary. Would love the sight work snowmen too!

  23. I really would love this Tri-Words activity to use for word work. I would like your Building Snowman Sight Words to go with it. These would both be great!


  24. If I won, I would want the Gumball Spelling!


  25. Love so much of your stuff...where would I begin to choose? If I won, I think it would have to be the Snowman Sight Words. Finding great word work for fourth graders can be tricky, but it is so important for them! Thanks for all the great sharing!

  26. Thanks for the opportunity. I would Love your super hero sight words pack. Thanks

  27. The snowmen or letters for learning task cards. So hard to choose! Surprise me. Ha Ha! Thanks for all you do for other teachers that makes our lives easier.

  28. The Snowman Building Sight Words is super cute!

  29. Thanks for the great share. If I won this product I would introduce this into my language arts rotations. I know my kids would love it.

  30. I love the Snowmen Building Sight Words activity!!

  31. The boggle monster and the gumball spelling are both pretty cute!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  32. I already have a lot of your word work activities but I don't have the Snowman Building Sight Words activity...yet! :)

  33. I'm a long time fan of your Super Hero Sight Words. Thanks!

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  34. Thank you so much for all your products. I grabbed a bunch with the sale yesterday, printed them off this morning, and now I'm using prep to laminate them. Great work!


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