Best and Brightest of 2012!

Hi, hi all!  
I take a little "bloggy break" and find that I am about 10 linky parties behind and wayyyyy behind on my blog reading!  I have some catching up to do:0)  One linky (of the many) I wanted to link up with is 
What a fun way to reflect on the wonderful things in bloggy land in 2012.

So here we go with some of my little ole blog's best and brightest of 2012:

Best Self Motivation turned Awesome Linky
This past summer, I felt the need to pace/motivate myself by doing/making one thing for my house and one thing for my classroom a week.....I really needed that accountability piece!!!   I was just going to post once a week about my "doings"....
  Well, little did I know that I wasn't alone!!
 I had several people ask me to change this into a linky AND Monday Made It was BORN!!!
Talk about an inspiration, creativity explosion!!!  
What fun we had all summer!!  
Since school has started, I have changed it to a monthly linky, never enough!
Thank you to everyone who links up!  You all have inspired me more than you know:)  AND my TO DO list just grows and grows and grows:)

Most Viewed Post of 2012
My Organizing as I'm Packing post was most viewed.  I posted this at the end of the school year last year.  As I was thinking about and beginning to pack up my classroom, I (my daughter) made a few early summer bucket list items, one being the ever popular Teacher Toolbox, originally started by the awesome Rebecca from Create*Teach*Share.

Best Freebie I've Shared
This is an end of the year memory book I made for my kiddos to fill out.  I still have a type of memory book from when I was little and thought it would be fun to make something that hopefully, my students could keep and look back on with fond memories:)  You can read more about it HERE or download it by clicking on the pic:)

A couple of my Best sellers this year were:
Ironically (because it's so close to the end of the year)

Best Time
Florida Blogger Meet Up
Mor (A Teacher's Treasure), Jen (The Teacher's Cauldron) and I hosted
what I hope is the first of many Florida blogger meet ups:)  Too fun!

Best Blogspirations!

Who doesn't love Farley's Currently Linkies?!
Oh' boy fourth grade
and if that isn't enough, her posts crack me up:)

Ladybug's teacher files
One of the first blogs I EVER started following (before I even blogged) was Kristen's! 
 I was instantly inspired, helped, and addicted:)  That continues with every one of her posts as well as a good chunk of my classroom decor is from her store;)

My math will never be the same thanks to Stephanie!
Teaching in Room 6
Thanks to her calendar math posts, I started my Morning Math Meetings this year
and truly feel it has been one of the best things I have done this year for my kiddos!

Bloggy Buds

I have "met" and chatted with tons of people and am so very thankful for the new cyber friends I have made on this journey.  There are too many of you all to name:  Reagan, Nicole, Amanda, Jen, Kristen, Kim, Holly, Lana, Michelle, Molly....the list goes on.  You have talked me through questions, tears, technology, crafts, ideas....
Each of you has inspired and changed my life as a teacher and person, all for the better and I THANK YOU!!

Fun in Room 4B
You have truly become one of my closest friends.....and we haven't even "met"!  
It's crazy how many things we have in common OR do the same (shopping.....crazy!)
Thank you for sharing, listening, coffee, chatting, the works!!!

Those are just a few of the best and brightest highlights of my 2012 blogging experience!
I can't tell you what blogging has done for me.  I know I have said this before (sorry) but, one of the reasons I started blogging was to keep me from "losing my mind" and my heart breaking as my daughter went off to college 2 summers ago (really??).  It kept me busy, my mind off my sadness and partial empty nest issues....

I had NO idea when I started what a wonderful experience I was in for.  I have learned SO much from so many of you!  I have been encouraged and lifted up by so many of you!  You may not even know it...I wish I could reply to each and every comment!  Comments that have come "at the perfect time" and maybe helped me through a tough time and just plain old made me smile!  Thank you!!

I look forward to the new friendships, chats, crafts, inspirations, and so much more for 2013!!

Thank you for blessing me!!!


  1. You are amazing! :) Love this post!

  2. Loved reading your "best and brightest"! :) What a wonderful year!

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. Tara, I'm writing this as I continue my walk around the track that I told you I was FINALLY doing...
    Thank you for being such a true friend even if we haven't officially "met" in person! I'm truly blessed by our friendship :)

  4. LOVE YOU!!!! and this post... thanks so very much... did I make you laugh yet???

  5. TARA joined my linky party?! What what?! YAY!

    I loved doing Monday Made Its over the summer and can't wait until I can start doing them again!

    Thanks for linking up!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  6. I might have shed a tear or two! Such a sweet post! I can't imagine what my summer would've been without Made Its!! Love ya girl!

  7. Oh my gosh...I am JUST seeing this! I am so so so glad that Calendar has been such a success for you. That makes my heart happy :) Thank you for the shout out and know that you are a constant inspiration :)

    Teaching in Room 6


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