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I am finally linking up with my bud Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!  You know I have to be number 599 or I'm not happy!!!  Lol!  Farley, you're the bomb.
Let me clarify....
No, I haven't shopped, not one little bit.....what the heck is wrong with me???
I am loving all the RAK and RACK things I am seeing all over blogland and Pinterest.  It really has me thinking.....we should do this everyday, not just December.  So my RACKs for today were buying the bosses and office staff some yummy Dunkin Donuts along with the super cute RACK tag from Farley:)
The tip to the donut gal was also a RACK...why, you ask.  Well I go in there often, you know, have to have my coffee.....anywhosie, she has not been pleasant to me....ever.  One day I left and was ticked....then I had to step back and think, ok, why is she so miserable at 6:30 in the morning...then I felt, today I decided before I went in I was going to tip her...more than my coffee cost.  It was fun and she was pleasant today:)  

Ok, on to Billy.  Who's Billy you ask?  Well Billy is a therapy dog in training. 
Is he the stinkin cutest, or what?!

 He is 5 months old and just awesome!  He comes to my classroom 3 times a week because his trainer works with one of my students.  
So, while she is working with my student, my other kiddos take turns reading to Billy:)
Remember, I don't "do Daily 5" the way the book says to mostly due to time constraints, SO 
some times I combine Read to Someone and Read to Self.  (some kids are doing one while the rest
are doing the other)
We also have 1 iPad and 1 Nook that the kids use during Read to Self and Read to Someone.
The kids LOVE reading from these.  I have several free and purchased stories.
Whether Billy is there or not, the kids will take turns on both.  At the start of a rotation, one person from the group will come get the iPad, then when they finish a story, they know to take it to one of their teammates.  This continues until that rotation is up, then we start again with the next group. 
This week they were reading Christmas stories to Billy....He's not to interested here....
and here.......

maybe not even here.......but maybe???

and now he's asleep!  That is usually what happens every time!  After about 5 minutes, he
is sound asleep and my sweeties just keep reading:)  It is the cutest thing and they LOVE reading
to him!  I feel blessed that we have gotten this opportunity:)
"Do you have a treat?"  Lol!

Don't forget to check out my Monday Made It December Edition:)

There have been lots of cute, Christmas ideas shared:)  If ya haven't linked up, it's
not too late:)  Recipes, crafts, classroom crafts and the button
to go check out the party:)

It's Friday folks!  Now, I'm off to find my energy!!
Happy Weekend!


  1. I love your RAK ideas! It might be a good time for donuts at my school! My school tried to get a therapy dog, but for whatever reason, it fell through. Have you ever seen the website It has so many great books for free! My students love the site and we have access to more books because of the site! I hope you get some Christmas shopping done! Glad your daughter is coming home, my son will be home in about a week!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. Isn't it vote how they get so in to reading buddies like that? I don't have a therapy dog, but I have giant microbes ( giant stuffed animal germs like the cold and flu) and one of my kiddos was reading out loud to it today. Like showing it the pictures and reading with expression and everything. It was seriously adorable.

    Good luck on getting that shopping done, and don't feel bad, I haven't done mine either.

    Adventures in Room 5

  3. Oh my goodness, Billy is the absolute cutest thing ever!!!!! SOOO jealous that you get to have such a sweet puppy come to your classroom 3 times a week!! Although I'm pretty sure if I had a dog like that in my classroom I would be distracted the whole time and wanting to pet it and read to it like the kiddos! haha Love all your pictures though! Seriously adorable! And what stories do you have them read? They look neat!

  4. Therapy dogs are great. We used to have one at my school, then our counselor got reassigned. This year, one of my parents teaches self contained and she has a therapy dog, Lotus. She hasn't been able to visit the kids yet, but I am hoping soon. Enjoy your Christmas shopping!


  5. so jealous of your therapy dog... OH MY GOSH!!! LOVE IT!!!
    and thanks so much for linking up!!!
    LOVE YA!!!

  6. What a great opportunity for you an your kids to have that sweet doggie come to your classroom :)

  7. I wonder if I could get my puppy trained as a therapy dog... Maybe it would help my kiddos... I'm just jealous!!

    Oh, 2 other things... Thank you so much for the tri words. They came in today's mail. Awesome!! Also your Be Merry banner I'm using as an incentive to get through the last 2 weeks of school. Instead of class points we are trying to spell it on the board to win a special treat for the holidays. Donuts were my plan for this coming Friday.. Hopefully it will be spelled out by then. We only have be m so far. :/

  8. I made so many connections to your Currently! My daughter will be home from college this week, I haven't done any shopping, and I'm so behind in the laundry that we have to use paper towels for wash cloths! Did I mention that I need to do some decorating? I wish I could make a connection with your Billy, but the only Billy I have is 18 and he's eats more than a therapy dog!
    Merry Christmas!
    Owl Things First!

  9. Billy is so cute! And I love your RAK too!
    First Grade Found Me

  10. Billy is stinkin adorable! I wish I had a furry friend to come visit me! Enjoy your time with your daughter!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  11. I only just started my Christmas shopping today. Don't feel bad!

  12. Hey Tara, I hope you get started soon with Christmas shopping, but don't worry, there are still a lot of sales out there!! I looove shopping so I can't help but start Black Friday. I try to give give give whatever I can, even if it's not a lot. Billy is such a sweetie pie, I wish I could have a dog come in so my kiddos can read to them. ADORABLE! :)

  13. Great blog! I am your newest follower! You've inspired me to get some breakfast treats for my staff on Monday! I'll give you all the credit lol!! I've got a blog at, I'd love it if you came over for a visit! Happy Holidays!

  14. Tara - Oh that's so funny that the kids like reading to the dog.

    Since you have iPad in the class I thought you may be interested in Speed! Speed! is a skip-counting card game created to help kids learn multiplication. It is available both as physical cards and now on the iPad. I created the game to help my daughter learn multiplication and it worked great. My husband is a computer engineer and created the iPad version.

    Although this game was meant for kids we are finding that teens and adults like it too. Maybe your kids at home will have fun with it and we hope you can find some use for it in your classroom.



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