Gnome on a What?? + FREEBIE!!

So, teaching 4th grade, I have no idea what to expect with my kiddos and what they believe or don't believe ...each year it's different.  Not that it's a topic of conversation in's totally not but I listen and can hear them chatting....this year I have quite a few that have younger siblings and are totally believers:)  There are a few that have the famous Elf on a Shelf and have told me crazy tales. 

Well, Monday, one of my quiet boys asked if he could show me something.  He goes to his backpack and pulls out this teeny, tiny gnome (that's what he said it was)  It's adorable.  He said it was from memory is fading with the approaching holidays....I think Germany, not sure..anywho, he said it knocked over his Mom's Christmas characters.  I said he had better not wreck my classroom and my sweet boy said
"Oh no, Mrs. Eiken.  He will be in my backpack."

Haha!  Let the games begin!  So needless to say, during a trip to another classroom to look at social studies projects, I got some helpers to wreck my room.  We got back to this:

As we were entering the room, my kids did the whole train wreck reaction.....the first one stopped dead in his tracks and then boom, boom, bang, crash.....pile up!  Then as they entered the room...with mouths WIDE open, one of my boys yelled out and I quote:
"We've been robbed!!!"
I about died!!  
So gnome has been a fun substitute for elf.  After 2 days of gnome havoc, he is only allowed to come back on Fridays.  It has been fun to see the looks on my kids faces.  It's is also great to see how quickly (I'm talking minutes) they pick up and after a few minutes of excited chatter, we are back in action.

Let me introduce the culprit.....gnome:
He's the little tiny thing on the  I'll get a better pic next time.  I am actually thinking about making some of these...kinda fun and lots cheaper than the elf.  Plus my daughter would not come home from college if I got the elf, he scares!
Love this pic!
I love that I can still have this kind of fun with my older kiddos:)
I'm linkin up my gnome fun with Miss Nelson who is having a Elf linky party with some 
yummy prizes:)

I can't get enough of Melonheadz adorable elves!  I made up some No Homework Passes in hopes of keeping academic focus up and encouraging best behavior in this countdown to Christmas break:)

They are free at my store:)  Happy weekend all!
Don't forget Monday Made It December edition is this Monday:))))  
Please oh please, get your craft on and link up:)


  1. So cute! We have an elf in our class. I'm going to get my craft on this weekend. Come link up... you could win some really cool items. Just link this post

  2. thanks for linking! I didn't see the fb pop up. :)

  3. Too funny! I bet the look on their faces was priceless ;)

  4. I agree with your daughter. Elf on the Shelf creeps me out, too!

    Fifth in the Middle

  5. oh my word, that is too funny!! What a cute little guy!

  6. How stinkin' cute is that?!?! I love it because, teaching 3rd, I always worry if it's too old for them, but you just made me a believer & I will need to try this. Wonder if there's still time this year?

    Thanks for the MMI reminder- I haven't done much but make it TO Monday these days, better get my craft on today and tomorrow :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  7. Tara-Dear:
    Love the "train wreck" description. I was laughing out loud as I read your description of their reaction!
    I bet there is always something FUN going on in your classroom...
    Big hugs sent your way!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. What a terrific freebie, I can't wait to use it! Thank you for sharing this at TBA, have a wonderful week!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!

  9. Omigosh so cute! I'm sure your students had a blast!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  10. That is adorable!! My students are quite skeptical with the desk fairy but I need to try this. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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