Snow Day! In Florida?!

I feel like it's been forever since I have had a sec to blog.....I am soooo behind on reading blogs, but this last minute Christmas crunch is consuming  So much left to do, not ever enough time! 
Thank the Lord Friday is almost here:)

My kiddos are getting anxious and a little giddy for Christmas break BUT we have kept up the academics and structure to keep my little elves in check;)  I have promised them that we will have a "snow day" next week.  I'm planning on doing some stuff from last year and adding a few new things....all things SNOW:)

I asked for a show of hands yesterday and there are at least 8 of my kiddos who have NEVER seen snow:(
So sad:(  
Our snow day will start with this:
This is the start of a cute anchor chart....
The kiddos will be brainstorming some adjectives to help them prepare for a snowman writing activity.
Once this guy is filled out, they are going to write about 
"The day their snowman came to life"
After they write their narrative, they draw with chalk and love this:) 

While they are writing, they are gonna be snacking on this:
I made these last year and they were a huge hit!
It is a snowman in a bag snack:)  Super fun!
You can get the recipe from Gourmet Mom on the Go Here.
I found these cute napkins and cups at Dollar Tree!  They fit right in 
with the theme of the day:)

My daughter and I are gonna have a little craft day and make up a big batch of 

Of course there will be lots of snowy read alouds:)  You can never get enough of those:)  
My kids love to be read to! 

During Math Workshop and Daily 5 we will also be doing "snow" activities:

We might even squeeze in a snowball (paper) fight;)

I also want to make some super cute snowman ornaments that Lisa from Fourth and Ten made:)
Pop over to her blog to take a peek:)

Now I'm off to Pinterest to see if I can find some more ideas:)))
If ya have any suggestions, pop me a comment:)


  1. Ok, can I just copy everything you have planned? :) Such a cute and fun day! I know your kids are going to love it.

  2. We are doing that next week too! We are doing a biography research project on the book Snowflake's my FAVE!!! I was able to get 12 copies from all the elementary schools in our town through are inter library exchange. We are also writing Haikus about snowmen we create with coffee filters. They are also going to write about their favorite winter activity and then take a pic of themselves and put it in a snowglobe. This was in someones blog earlier this week and I can't remember which one....I'm totally using it because it is adorable! I live in KS and am still holding out home for at least a few flakes in the next couple of week!!

    Happy Snow Day!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      My class just did a project on Snowflake Bentley as well! I LOVE that book! We also did poetry - either acrostic or haikus about snowflakes and Willie Bentley. Great minds think alike :)

      Pop over to my TpT store to download a FREE PowerPoint to use after reading the book. I also have some free winter-snowflake themed paper to use for writing or poetry.

      Joy in the Journey

  3. I guess I am going to have to do a snow day next week too now!!! Sooooo cute, Tara!!! Ahhh I love everything about it!!! Now I just gotta go to all those links to find out how to make all these fun goodies!! I just wish I could bring in real snow! Maybe I will bring in some shaved ice in a cooler instead? :)

  4. What a wonderful idea!
    I teach in NJ where we normally get PLENTY of snow. Today we were doing a snowman glyph and one of the questions was "Do you like snow?" and the answers were yes, no, or never seen it. My students thought the last option was hilarious! They couldn't imagine not ever having seen snow before :) I'm going to tell them about your kiddos tomorrow!

    If you do decide to read Snowflake Bentley, as Lisa recommended (and I do too!) then pop over to my TpT store to download a FREE PowerPoint to use after reading the book. I also have some free winter-snowflake themed paper to use for writing or poetry.

    Joy in the Journey

  5. Last year my student teacher found a paint chip snowman craft on Pinterest. She added a few cute little writing prompts, too. Have fun!

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  6. Can I just say how much I love seeing all the "fun" activities you have for older students??!!! Playdoh, picture book read alouds, ornaments, all looks GREAT! I think sometimes folks forget the older kiddos still enjoy these types of activities too!! Hats off to you!!!:)

    Granny Goes to School

  7. Have you considered ordering instant snow from Steve Spangler (just google his name to get to his store/web site).

    Instant snow is so cool!

    I really liked all of your other activities. My daughter would have loved to be in your class!

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