Crunch Time! Monday Made It #9!!!!!!

226!!!!!!!!  Really????  That's how many wonderful bloggers linked up their yummy crafts and inspirations last week!  Thanks guys for making Mondays so fun all summer!!!  I have had several of you ask if I am going to keep this going..........I plan to keep it up as long as there is an interest:)  I know we all start school at different times so maybe after September, I will change it to once a month.  We'll see, but for right now, it's on!!!
I'm gonna jump right in with my Made's crunch time.......official start day, Wednesday, Aug. 1.  I am actually finally able to get into my classroom.  So today as this linky party is happening, I am trying to get my room done:)  You know........paint ball, chicken with no head style..............
Can't wait to get home and dig in to all these link ups!  My list grows and grows each week!  This week, like last, most of my Made Its were "you guys" inspired:D

Classroom Made It #1

Printed, laminated, and cut out this adorable idiom activity from Jennifer Findley.  It is a free download at her TPT store (HERE) and it is just adorable!!!  Love the red and blue solo cups:)
I love using these Mead folders to store some of my Daily 5 activities in. (I posted about these here)
Can't wait to add this to my word work activities!

Classroom Made It #2:
Word Work Activity
Remember these?????  From Target.
and these from Target dollar spot.......
Well, I didn't really make this.........more like put it all together...........................
I found these cute little dry erase boards at Dollar Tree.  I wanted little ones so the kids can work by themselves in word work.  Well, they are also magnetic!! Score!!  Love Dollar Tree!!
 I plan on using these with several different word work activities, including my Letters for Learning Task Cards.

Classroom Made It #3:
Downloaded, printed, laminated, and cut out these yummies from my bud Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B.

Classroom Made It #4:

Classroom Jobs Clip Chart
I was inspired by this clip chart from Katie at Building a House of Love.  I super loved her job chart idea so had to make one to go with my classroom:)

Once I get my class list, I'm going to make their names in the same fun blue letters and glue them to clothes pins and I'm all set.

Classroom Made It #5:
Gifts for Team

I saw this adorable idea from Jena at  1st Grade with Miss Snowden.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to make them.  

I even made one for my girl to take back to college, which is this week, so those of you who know me know I will be sobbing for days...........................................

I also wanted to let you know I added my Poetry Pot labels and my Math vocab words to my Teachers Notebook store for free.  Here:)

Ok, your turn!!!  Can't wait to see the wonderfulness!!!!  Happy Monday!!!



Monday Made It #8 - Wowza!!!

Hey gang!!!  I wish I could say that I am refreshed and relaxed since my vacay BUT since I have been home and as August 1 gets closer and closer..................................I have graduated from being

 a PAINT BALL to ...............................................................................................................

drumroll please/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//

a Chicken with it's head chopped off paint ball!!!!!!  Don't say there isn't such a thing because there is and it's me!!!

I cannot tell you how fun this linky has been!  I have stacks and stacks of things to haul into my classroom so it has kept me focused and I'm hearing from some of you, the same:)))  The past Made Its I have worked hard to comment on every link up.......but gang, with all I have to do in the next 2 weeks, I won't be able to do's too time consuming and as much as I love to do it and love ya all for linking up, I am running out of time.  I hope you all understand that:))

Classroom Made It #1:
These little dry erase sleeves have been all over Pinterest.  I believe they originally started with the wonderful Charity on her Classroom DIY blog.  I have to confess I kinda cheated here as I first bought the dry erase pockets from Target, then covered the edges with duct tape.  They can be used as dry erase boards or slip a work sheet in and use them that way.

Classroom Made It #2:
This wonderful game I found last week during the linky.  It is from FlapJack Educational Resources.  It's a free download HERE at their Teachers Notebook shop.  I soooooo love this game.  It is self checking and will be perfect for Math workshop and practice with those multiplication facts!!!
The set is huge so I broke it into 3 equal piles and put them in some little photo boxes I got on sale at Michaels.  
This is the inside.

There's the card with the poke and self check.  How brilliant is that!  Love that FlapJack Ed. Resources!!!  Thank you!!!

Classroom Made It #3:
I am diving in and trying Math Workshop this year.  (yes, it scares me....remember, I don't like
So I needed to make my board.
This was inspired by my bud Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B.  Go see her board.  It is awesome.  She got it from the super wonderful Clutter-Free Classroom., so if you're looking for a wonderful board to add to your classroom, check hers out.  I still have several pieces I need to add but at least I have the bones to start. (if I don't chicken

Home Made It:
My home made it is just a tiny little thing.  I have seen memory jars and bottles all over Pinterest, so while on vacay with my Mom and sisters, I collected some tiny shells and put them in a vintage bottle to remind me of our trip.  We have never done a trip just us without the kids, so that's a memory.
So there are my Made Its for this week.  Thank you all for the sweet comments and unending inspirations each week:)  Can't wait to see what's in store this week:))


Work on Writing Ideas + Freebies

Last summer I entered the blogging world and was excited/overwhelmed by all the ideas, inspirations, and resources out there!!  It was then that I learned about Daily 5, Cafe, and The Book Whisperer.  I read those 3 books last summer and they changed my life and my way of teaching!

Now, I have shared in other posts that I don't do Daily 5 exactly the way the book says.  I make it work for my kids and their needs and stay as close to it as I can (I'll share my set up more in a later post).  As wonderful as Daily 5 has been, in the beginning I struggled to find activities for my kiddos, the fourthsies, (yep, a word people).  There are TONS of things for k-2 and even 3 (and I have used those) but still had a hard time with things for 4th and up.  So, as the need arose, I made different things for my kids.

Now, before I share about some of my Work on Writing activities I have to thing I did exactly by the Daily 5 book was the "training" of each of the Daily 5 areas.  I used that book as my script and followed it word for word.  If you do that, your life will be a joy.  I could not get over how hard my kiddos worked and how little the interruptions were (hardly any) because of the training/building stamina routines you do with the kids.  So important to do that part right.  It sets the tone for the year with your Daily 5.

Having said that, I thought today I would share about a few of my Work on Writing activities.  I have all of my Work on Writing activities in the same area, set up on a table so the kids know exactly where to go.  Last week I shared some of my Shared Writing Journal Covers.  This is one of the options my kiddos have during Work on Writing and they LOVE it.  I keep all the journals together in a tray.  They pick a journal and go and write until time is up.  When I first read Daily 5, I thought....there is NO WAY they will do this the whole time.......people, THEY DO!!!!   If you take the time to "train" them and build their stamina, they do it:D  It makes for a very happy classroom!
Another option I give them are my Story Stones (you can read more about those here).  They love this too!  I keep these little guys in a basket on the same table.  They grab a stone and off they go to a corner to creatively write:)  Let me warn you, these little stones are addictive once you start making them....too fun:)
Another activity that has become very popular in my classroom for Work on Writing is my Story Starters.  I have created several sets of them.  I print, laminate, and cut them out and then set them in a little bucket.  The kids just go, choose one and then go find a spot to write in their journals.  Using these, I don't hear the famous....."but Mrs. Eiken, I don't know what to write about."  I have to say, I didn't hear that ONE time last year.  I have several sets of Story Starters in my stores, some free and some not.  Today I am sharing a freebie of story starters:
There are 12 different fun story starters to spark creativity in the minds of your littles:)  If you would like a copy, click HERE.  I would super <3 it if when you were at my shop, you would fave my shop:))

Here are links to the other free story starter sets.

These are just a few of the things I use during Work on Writing.  I do try to keep things "fresh" throughout the year.  Introducing new activities every once in a while and sometimes even taking away some and then bringing them back later.  The kids don't get bored with the same old, same old, when you change it up.

This year I really want to incorporate some more technology along with my Work on Writing.  I did that with Word Work last year but have some fun ideas for Work in Writing I will share later.  Hoping these freebies can help add to your Work on Writing or writing workshops in your classrooms!

Have a blessed weekend!

I'm Back...Kinda...+ a Shopping Share

Quick post to tell ya all I am back from my mini vacay with the girls (sisters and mom).  We had a wonderful time and now I need a vacay from my vacay....LOL!  Ok.....funny, not so funny thing...I'm the Florida gal and I'm the one with the worst sunburn:(((  Like I think my entire back is going to come off....just drop a sheet......................................................

I am slowly starting to get caught up in the blog land.....boy do you fall behind in just a few (4) days....yikers!
Between housework, laundry, unpacking, and painting, I am checking out Monday Made Its and leaving my comments:D  These Made Its just keep getting better and better!!!  Thanks too for the sweet comments!  I also have had lots of email patient guys as I try to get caught, hello, I need a personal assistant!!!  Like bad!!! LOL!

On that note I wanted to share a fab find I found at Target last week (let me tell ya, they aren't at all Targets...I've checked, I need more....)  I found these awesome magnets!!!!  Now when I say awesome, I mean awesome....see, LOOK:
Aren't they YUMMY????????!?!?!?!?!?!?
I've got big plans for these!!  Sorry but I don't remember exactly how much they were....thinking around $2.50 a set...there are 52 in each set.

Okay.....I'm out.  Just wanted to say I am back and catching up!  


Monday Made It #7 and VACAY!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

If all is going as planned, this posted with no problems and I am enjoying some time on the beach with my sisters and mom!!!

I have been super busy this past week (in my oh my goodness summer is almost over panic) trying to knock some things off my huge TO DO List.

So here we go with all my projects.  They were all inspired from posts people left at my linky last week:)  Which BTW is so wonderful and why I do this linky (that and to focus  Can I also say that as I am commenting on each post, I am seeing all kinds of kind posts from all of you to each other!  Thanks guys!!  It takes 2 seconds to comment and you never know what it might mean to someone:)

Ok, enough rambling....

Classroom Made It #1:
As soon as I saw this post I knew I had to have this for my classroom.  This wonderbar idea came from Mrs. Plum at There's No Place Like Second Grade.  She has set these up for brain breaks in her classroom.  It's a free download and I so loved what she says in her packet and the cute little signs already made.  Why reinvent the wheel when there are awesome bloggers who share:)

I love this idea!  Who doesn't need a brain break every so often......I know I sure do!  So here is mine.  I made 2 smaller baskets.  All I had to do was pick up the light bulbs from Target and I got the little baskets from Dollar Tree.

Classroom Made It #2:
Another yummy item from another great blogger:)  This comes from Teri at A Cupcake For the Teacher.  Apparently I am one of the few if not only people who don't use classroom numbers.  Well, I'm now on the number bandwagon, so printed these super cuties and made my Pick Me Pot.  Can't wait to use this this school year:)

Classroom Made It #3:
I didn't make only part in it was the printing, laminating and cutting......but that counts too:D
I have been putting off making my library labels forever because I couldn't decide how I wanted them.  Then one morning running, it hit me.  I wanted the awesome signs that my buddy Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files know the ones....the sharp looking flipped ones!!
Aren't these awesome?!  They will go perfect with my black/white theme:0)  You have got to check out all her awesomeness!!!  Not only did I print, cut out, and laminate these lovelies but I also have a wonderful new alphabet to use!!!! (See her alphabet in her room here)
I just love it!  I super love that each letter also has a word.  I know my kids will use those.  Can't wait to get into my classroom and add these yummies:)  Go see Kristen's things...she has different sets of the alphabets and lots of other wonderfulness!!

I don't have a Home Made It this week....I was too busy running around like a chicken without a head trying to get ready for the mini vacay!!!

Now it's your turn!! Don't forget to grab my button and link away.  


I'm a Paint Ball, Linkies, and a Share

Hello all!  Happy Wednesday!

I'm sure you're all wondering about the post title......

Paint balls.......are you familiar?  When they hit, what do they do???


Well folks.........that's about how I'm feeling right a splattered paint ball!  I'm doing this.........I started that........I'm trying to get organized for school..........I'm trying to pack for my upcoming mini vacay..........I'm trying to shop for vacay.........I need to do laundry...........I started laundry.............I have appointments.........oh no, there's some dishes to do.........I've started my Monday Made I'm off to the store......................................

Ok, you get the idea.........I'm a paint ball!!!  SPLAT!!!!  (fyi......iced coffee doesn't help that either!!)

Now as for the Linkies in my title:

A)  My Monday Made It Linky  has been so much fun, I can't tell you!!!!!  There are ideas galore out a matter of fact, my entire Monday Made It for next week consists of projects and ideas from you all!!!!  That's what this is for!!  Loving how many ideas I am getting, I'm loving reading everyone's sweet comments and so far, I have been able to comment on each entry.  (not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep that up.....Monday I found out I need glasses........well, let me rephrase that........I  can't see so figured I needed glasses....anywho, had my eyes dilated.......try reading a computer screen and commenting in that condition.  So if there are tons of spelling errors in your comments, that's why.....sorry!)  So thanks again gang you all are amazing!!!!  Also remember, it's never too late to link up:)  If you don't make it this week, jump in next.

B)  I am finally linking up with my friend Elizabeth at Fun in 4B for her linky
So here is my recent (today) may bore all you scrapbookers.....I don't scrap book so have no clue about all those fun gadgets...
This little baby is amazing!!!!  It's a 2 inch circle easy squeeze circle punch.  Wonderful little, keep in mind, I don't scrapbook.  I have used this to pop out all kinds of yumminess for my Monday Made It.  It's so easy and makes perfect circles and my life easier!!!  

Finally, my share for the day............
People.......they are bookends!!!!!  Bookends I tell ya!!!
They are like bean bags.  I got them at Kirklands and here's the best part........they were on clearance and only $4 something!!!!!  They also had owls and frogs!!!!  SUPER CUTE!!!!
Ok, I'm off to "SPLATTER" elsewhere in my world!!!  Have a happy weekend all and hope to see you on Monday Made It linky!!!


Monday Made It #6!!

I will confess I am freaking out (just a little/LOT) about the SMALL amount of time I have left for summer and the LARGE amount of things I have/need/want to do!!!  Deep breath.........

I have TONS to accomplish in the next few weeks......go back officially Aug.1 (I'm sure I'll be going back early if I can)......moving my girl back to school........moving tons of furniture........painting her room.......painting my living room.......sneakin in a 4 day vacay with my sisters and mom........getting ready for open stuff.......finish reading Guided Math.....refresh Daily 5.........


Deep breath..........Ok, I'm good now!  BTW...I try to comment on each and every person's blog that links up:)  (there are a couple of you that have something other than blogger and I don't know how to comment on that.....sorry)  Next week's linky I will be out of town (hoping it posts ok) so please know that I will see everyone's yumminess and comment when I get home.

Ok, told ya all last week I needed to focus more on the "functional" made it items.  Well, I have done just that this past week:) (and I think they turned out cute too:) )

For my first Classroom Made It:
  I got the inspiration from Kim at Splish! Splash! Ms. Lander's Second Grade Class and her Made It from last week.   Her idea got me thinking.......Some of my plans for making "functional" things are to add to my Word Work and Work on Writing choices for my Daily 5 this year.  I loved her Ransom Note idea.  I decided to make a few of these letter sets.  I am calling these "Letters for Learning".  I bought the craft containers at Walmart.
I also bought 4 packs of scrapbook alphabets.  They were only .98 cents each and have at least 2 of each letter. 
Here is the finished product: (I still need to put little stickers in so the kiddos put the letters back in the right place.)
After I made the tubs, I made Letters for Learning Task Cards to go along with the sets. These task cards can be used with any letter manipulatives.  There are 24 different task cards.

If you would like to check them out you can see them HERE or HERE.

I also have one more "functional" classroom Made It to tell  ya about.  Last year in Daily 5 I used shared writing journals.  (You can read the original post about that HERE)  My kiddos LOVED them.  Well, of course I needed new ones this year so decided to make some new themes.  I'm super excited about these:

There are 2 per page so 6 total.  Because I am loving this linky so much and lovin you all for making it so much fun, I am offering my Shared Writing Journal Covers FREE TODAY ONLY:D  So, after you link up your fabulousness, pop over to my store and grab your copy!!  If you do download them, I would love to hear how you are going to use them in your classroom:)  Pretty please!!!!

And for my Home Made It: 
I didn't make it........I picked it all out, so that's kinda made it right???  Still working on my bedroom.  Taking it I have been looking for a headboard everywhere.  I have been all over Pinterest and haven't found anything I was nuts about.  The walls in my bedroom are funky because one side goes up to cathedral ceilings....anywho, at our last trip to Hobby Lobby...saw the turquoise wall art first and, that would be great but it's too small.  Then found this huge mirror and it all clicked in my head.  For less than $100 now have my version of a headboard/wall art.
Lovin my AFTER and the turquoise wall art is the extra pop of turquoise I needed with the dresser:)

Okay gang!  Grab your button and let's go!!!!!!!!

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