January Currently and Made It Reminder:)

Hope you have all had a wonderful start to your new year!!!
Only a few precious days left of my break!  Yikes!  I am popping in again quickly from my techno vaca to join my bud Farley's Currently....although, I haven't looked yet but am pretty sure I am like number 2,000 something.....
Listening - Currently the Today show is on....not watching...just background noise right now..lol.  I have talked about it before but I have an aviary that my hubs built me years ago with several birds in it....the doves are cooing.....they coo every morning:)  Nice:)
Loving - Just Dance 4!  Thanks to my bud Elizabeth listening to me whine about how I have hit a weight plateau...she suggested Just Dance....bought it and the fam and I have had tons of laughs and fun as well as some workouts.  It's not easy people!!!
Thinking - There are only about 1 million things in my mind that need to get done before my break runs out.....lesson plans, house stuff, Monday Made It, laundry, cleaning, yard work!!!!!!  AHHHH!
Wanting - I have thoroughly enjoyed this time off, techno break included....it has given me some much needed time with my family and a mental break that was also much needed!!!  I have loved this time so much.....I am SO very happy when we are all here under the same roof! 
Needing - well, I don't need to explain this one....Yeah, I ran, I have run every day but 2 since Christmas.....wish I could keep that up when school starts again but for some reason my mental exhaustion drips into being physical and then I just don't have the energy...lol.  The humidity here in Florida is nuts right now!!!  We haven't really even had a winter yet....80's  is not winter!
My One Little Word - Had to tie this to my New Year's resolution....I need to find more peace in my life.  That starts with God.  When I have that everything else will fall into place:)  Last year I let a lot of "outside" things that I had NO control over, stress me out and steal my joy!  Gonna work really hard to not let that happen this year:)  With PEACE comes joy, calm, happiness....all the other one little words I want to add:)
That sums up my Currently:)  Don't forget this Monday coming up is the first Monday of the month which means Monday Made It:)  Get your craft on and please pop back by to link up:))


  1. Congrats on the running! I definitely need to get my butt off of the couch! :) It's 18 degrees (but feels like 5) here in Ohio so I'm super jealous of your warm temps!

    Mrs. D's Firsties

  2. I'm super proud of you for continuing to run. I'm sticking primarily with the Just Dance for now since my temperatures aren't quite as warm as yours have been (although it's not too cold...I'm just a wimp!) Enjoy your last few days :)


  3. Love keeping up with your blog! I also love watching the Today Show, and have really been enjoying it during my break. You're definitely going to have to do a post on the birds. I would love to see this aviary you own. I also have really enjoyed this break and the time spent with my family. Glad you have enjoyed yours! Have a great rest of the year!

  4. I totally understand your 'Thinking". I was just 'AHHHHH!" today..ugh :) I hope you do keep running and I enjoy learning from your blog.

  5. I want to get Just Dance so badly. It's such a great way to work out. I am looking forward to the first Monday Made it of the year. I am already making some projects for my classroom.

    Darling Little Learners

  6. Keep working at it! You'll push past that plateau :)

    Ooooh...I forgot about Monday Made It! Guess I have an excuse to do some pinterest stalking :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  7. I definitely see that I need peace too. I tend to let everything around me make me uncomfortable and feel very "unsettled." May you experience peace this year!


  8. Love you!!! Love your blog!!! And I need to think of something to make... Pressure!!!

  9. I will pray you find the Peace that passes all understanding.
    Janet | expateducator.com

  10. We had an aviary growing up. That is awesome! The doves were my favorite, too.

    Too hot and too much to do...could it be a Florida thing? Hope you have a great first week back!

  11. I love Just Dance. My husband and I own Just Dance 1-4. We used to play a lot more, but since moving we haven't found the space we need yet. Looks like I need to rearrange some furniture. :) What is your favorite song to dance to so far?
    Life with Mrs. L


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