Literature Circles Football Style and Sale

Poppin in fast to say
I hope you are all having a blessed and love filled Easter!
A quick reminder that all my products at my TPT store
 are 20% off until midnight tonight.
If anyone is planning on doing the Spring Cleaning Sale on the last two days of the quarter, I whipped up this little logo...what do you think? I can make changes before I post the file for anyone to grab for their blog posts or what not....

For all those sports fans out there, I wanted to tell ya about a new
Literature Circle set that I made.

I don't know about your kiddos, but mine LOVE Lit. Circles.  This set includes
7 job posters each with football themed names, student journals, job cards,
and bookmarks to match:) 
I would love to play Easter bunny and giveaway 4 sets to this first 4 people
who comment telling if you use Lit. circles and how you may be able to use these. 
Don't forget your email:)
Ready, set, GO!

Spring Cleaning Sale AND Five for Friday!!

If anyone is planning on doing the Spring Cleaning Sale on the last two days of the quarter, I whipped up this little logo...what do you think? I can make changes before I post the file for anyone to grab for their blog posts or what not....
Adorable sign by Krista Wallden
Hey everyone!  I am trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.....I wanted to let
you know that
I will be having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale in my TPT store this weekend:)
I also wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs for her wonderful Five for Friday
So here's 5 random things about my week.........

Yep.....more foldables:)  Science related this time!
We're coming the Earth, Sun, and Moon.
We have been doing A LOT of this!!!!
FCAT practice! 
That test is right around the corner so we have been doing small group and whole group and all kinds of reading (and math) group practice!!

I have replace Word Work in our Daily 5 with book clubs.
Can I tell you how much my kiddos LOVE this!!!
They are reading in their guided reading groups.  Each group is reading a chapter book for their level.
It is so cool to hear them stop and have conversations about what they're reading, while they're reading!!!  I'm hoping to start Literature Circles after FCAT.
They still have Read to Self also and haven't complained a bit about all the reading time they get.  Gotta confess....I wish I had more time to read:)

One of my sweet girls made this for me.  She said all the words were words that described me:)
Such a sweetie!!
These 2 have been my best friends this week.....I have been/am not feeling to hot.
2 more this.......(that makes it more than 5...I know)
I have decided to shift Monday Made It to the second, not first Monday of each month
(until summer, than hoping back to weekly)
So please get your craft on and come back and link up then!!
Finally, I pray you all have a very blessed Easter!

Zippin Down the Freebie Trail

Hey, hey!!!!
I am so excited to be a part of this fun linky:))))  Thank you Brenda, from Primary Inspired, for organizing this fun, free week:)  If you haven't "zipped" down the trail yet, you must!!!
Freebies galore people!!  From all kinds of bloggers:)
My freebie is:
They have an adorable bunny theme (Ashley Hughes adorable clip art) that would work for Easter, Spring, or any time of year:)  I hope they are something you can use to inspire your kiddos in a fun way to write, write, write:)
Be sure to keep on hoppin tomorrow and check in with another awesome blog:


Social Studies Foldables

Happy Monday everyone!
This will be short and sweet.....
I'm getting sick:( 
Seems like everyone else is and I was so glad it had missed me.....
well.........I think it caught me....uck!
FOLDABLES!!!!  If I can make one, I'm going to! 
The kids think they are wonderful and enjoy making them so much,
they forget the are actually "working"....Ha!
I had them do these at the end of our unit on
The Causes and Effects of Spanish Exploration.
(Apologies in advance....the pics are hard to see because they are on white paper:/)

There's 2 parts to this foldable and I used it as a little assessment for our chapter study.
The left side is vocabulary.  I had my kids do these Laura Candler style from Corkboard Connections.
You can read about her vocabulary foldables here....TONS of great info on her blog:)

So, on the left they did vocab...the word and a picture on the flap. 
Then the definition on the inside.

On the other side of the foldable there were only 2 flaps.  The top flap was...
"The effect the Spanish exploration had on the Native Americans"

The bottom flap was...
"The reasons for Spanish exploration"
The students had to give a summary for each of these flaps explaining
the causes and effects (the whole idea of our unit lesson)

I think they turned out pretty good and as I said before, the kids loved doing them....
having fun while learning:)
SO important!!
I would LOVE to know IF you use foldables and if so, HOW???
I need some other ideas:))



I am happy to say I have survived going back to work after spring break!
I wanted to share some pics of some great book reports my kiddos did!
I call them scrapbook page book reports.
(yes, I've blogged about this in the past. 
These are new ones.)
Love the fish stickers all over this one on Soul Surfer:)

Check out the yellow brick road!! 
 Did you know that Dorothy's shoes were
sparkly silver??????????? 
Shut the front door!!!!
Well in this older version of The Wizard of Oz,
they were!!! (I made the student show me where it said that in the book!)
 Go figure!!  They're silver!

Lots of this going on in my classroom!!!
Big Nate I mean, not flipping out!!  LOL!

I LOVE the Humphrey books!  I also love how she included OG the frog:)

The sky was the limit with HOW they decorated their scrapbook report. 
WHAT they included was:
Main Characters and descriptions
Summary of the story
Their favorite part
I LOVE how different they each are!
Would you believe me if I told you the kids BEGGED for this assignment!!!
Begging for homework?????  Yep, you read it right!


St. Patty's Day Sale - One day Only:)

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!!
Poppin in to tell ya I'm joining a bunch of other bloggers for a
20% off sale linky at my TPT store:D
That means everything will be 20% off today only:)
Here's a peek at some of my items:

While you're there, don't forget to grab my latest freebie:
Squirrely Story Starters
Have a happy day!  I am off to drain the last precious minutes of my spring break:))
Be sure to head over to Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade and check out all the sales:)


Five for Friday....Spring Break Edition

Not gonna lie.....
so sad today....
my daughter went back to break is almost over.....just sad!.....
I have pretty much been away from technology all week....just popping in to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.....this is totally a spring break teaching on this link up....sorry:/
#1 -  I started off the week with hosting March Monday Made It
Lots of great ideas are linked up:)  If you haven't linked up, pop over and do it.  You can join in any time in March:)  Thanks bunches to those of you who have linked up and added to my to do list:)
#2 -  I've spent a good part of my week here:
with this guy!!!
We did some therapy:)
After gardening....did some reading in the garden:)
I bought a book on my Nook and finished it last night:) 
Loved it and love to read....just never enough time:/
#3 - I bought this little guy:
Oh my mercy.....does he sing:D
(it's a canary)
#4  Spent as much time as possible with these 2:)
Went to Jake's Lacrosse match (and froze) Wednesday night:)
They won!!  Woop woop!!!
Celebrated Tay's bday Tuesday
#5 Had my hair chopped off!!
I totally HATE HATE HATE pics of me so cannot believe I am posting this but did....
Just got it done a few hours ago.....color and chop:) 
Now, I am off to suck every last second out of spring break that I can!!!!

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