Happy Birthday TBA + Friday 5!

TBA turns 2 today!
I have been blessed to be one of the TBA authors and absolutely LOVE TBA
There's so much yumminess all in one place!  Today there's that times 10!
To celebrate turning 2, Teaching Blog Addict is having the ultimate freebie celebration!
You have go to go check it out!!!
1000's of freebies, for ALL grade levels!!!
Now for my Friday 5 with Doodle Bugs.....well, the TBA birthday celebration was my number 1!!!
We are in test prep/crunch/stress/polish/prepare/practice.......time!!!
It's been a week and I'm happy dancing it's FRIDAY! 
Here are the rest of my 5:
Billy visited again:)  Do ya think he's feeling the pre-test stress??
Billy's trainer has several tarantulas.  You can read all about our visit with
some of them HERE.  Anywhosie, her biggest tarantula molted and she brought
this in for us to have.....

Freaky?  Yes!
Do the kids LOVE it? YES!
It's so cool, you can even see the fangs:)
Lots and tons of reading and today,
we revisited Author's Purpose
with these wonderful
Jen has all kinds of fan sets and they are amazing!!
Ordered this last night and can't wait to get it!  It's for Autism Awareness.
I was blog hopping and saw this on Erin's blog Creating and Teaching!
Adorable blog, btw....if you want to read more about this great bracelet for a
great cause, pop over to Erin's.
Don't forget Monday is Monday Made It for April:)
I'm hoping all you luckys on Spring Break had a chance to make something to link up:)
Have a blessed weekend and hope to see you back here on Monday!!!


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  2. Wow, those tarantulas would scare me to death. Very cool, though. I'm sure the kids LOVED it!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Omgoodness, you are incredibly brave- those pics of the tarantula made me woozy, I can't imagine the real thing!!

    Don't you just love those fans? We use them for reading comprehension and they are such a lifesaver (especially on days I haven't had enough coffee to think on my own!)

    Happy weekend!!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  4. First a snake in your house and then a tarantula (and its moltedness) at school. YIKES!

    You are one amazing woman. Now if I could just subscribe to your posts and get the words only...

    Happy Friday!

  5. Seriously got chills looking at those spider pics...gross! :)


  6. I'm trying to guess what kind of creature you're going to post pics of next.... :)


  7. I just love your pictures of Billy. The tarantula's molted "skin", not so much.

    Can't wait to link up with you on Monday!

    Fun in Room 4B

  8. Great post! The spiders kind of freak me out..and I tell everyone I'm not afraid of them! Please consider accepting my invitation to link up your blog post at the TEST PREP LINKY PARTY being hosted at

  9. Oh my! So cool - and thanks for helping make TBA #1 too as you are a cool author Tara!
    - Leslie


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