Perspectives in Life and the Classroom

Hello and happy Friday to everyone!
It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday.
Warning: Short personal story ahead....
The word has many meanings and I have dealt with a couple this week!
I had a pretty dismal perspective Wednesday when I received a phone call that my mammogram had come back abnormal.  I should have gotten one a long time ago BUT, kept putting it off and putting it off.....Then, my girl Farley posted about getting one and I turn. 
So, when I got the news.....Yes, I freaked, yes, I was scared BUT I am surrounded by some pretty amazing friends who prayed for me when I reached out.
Yesterday I was able to go get more tests run and I am so happy to report that I got back normal results and all the concerns they had before were gone!
This little 24 hour roller coaster ride really helped me put some things into perspective in my life as I was reminded God comes first, my family next, then friends, and then my job.
Don't get me wrong.......I LOVE my job but can you believe I was apologizing to my principal about the bad timing of this because our state tests are next week.  Yes, I love my job but my wonderful principal reminded me my health and peace came first! 
Now, on to perspectives in the classroom....
Perspectives in the classroom were a blast!
After I explained and modeled perspectives, I put the kids in groups.
They each got some cubes and had to build each of the different models that were in the book.  After they built it and I checked it, they drew the top and side perspectives.
They LOVED this.  We really had fun and they got it WAY better than I thought they would:)
(sometimes it's hard to think 3 dimensionally)
Due to my 24 hour life roller coaster, the plans I had for making super cute little test motivators went right out the window:/  I was really bummed because I had a few ideas in mind but no time.
Then I got a great email from Joanne at Head Over Heals for Teaching.
Perfect timing!! (You can read more about it HERE)
Our state test is called the FCAT.  I'm sure most tests are the same with lengthy rules and scripts that have to be read before the know.....
"All you should have on your desk is a number 2 pencil"
"I will tell you when there is 10 minutes left to complete your test"
Well she had a script exactly like that BUT the test was eating a glazed donut!
It was hilarious people!
All I had to do was pop in to Dunkins this morning.  After recess, I told them they were having a test and started reading the script......they roared!
It was a blast and I am so thankful Joanne sent that to me:)
I can't believe my first season of coaching GOTR is almost over!
We have out 5K run at the end of April:)  I have a great group of girls and we have had a blast learning and going through this program together:)  I'm pretty sure I will do it again next year:)
Thank you lovely state test for making my room droopy poopy ville!!!!
Oh Daily 5 rotations!!!!  Where are you???
Nothing like blank walls and boards......NOT!

Love how many times I have tripped trying to travel through the maze that is now my classroom!

I took down a lot of things BUT one of my team mates was using Dollar Tree plastic table cloths to cover some things.  Great idea:)  Then you don't have to take everything down!

My kids are working hard to get their 40 books in so wanted to leave this up:)
Covering it means less work for me:)  Rip down the table cloth when testing is over:)
My Autism Awareness Spirit bracelet came!!!
Look at this yummy box!!!
LOVE IT!  I got it from Stella and Dot at Creating and Teachings blog:)
Have a great weekend everyone!  My baby turns 17 so we will be doing some celebrating:)
Photo: My 2 fave people everrrrr!  Fam night:)  Momma is so happy!!


  1. I am glad your tests turned out to be normal! Great idea about the tablecloths. I have used butcher paper and drawn funny faces/written inspirational quotes on them before, but your way is a lot less time consuming! Love your autism awareness bracelet...I need one!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. I am so relieved for you. Good luck on the test next week! I know that your students will do a terrific job (because you are their teacher)! Have a great weekend! Enjoy spending it with your family.

    Fun in Room 4B

    PS~Guess what I used to cover my anchor charts before our writing test? (And purple ones, too!) I'm telling you, we live parallel lives :)

  3. So glad your further tests were nothing to worry about! Whew!

    My room will look like yours in a week. :( poo.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    ideas by jivey

  4. Fellow runner here,

    Keep up the great work! That has to be an absolute blast to runs with your kids! Good luck on the run!

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  5. So glad everything turned out ok! I will be sending positive thoughts your way for testing.

    PS-The bracelet is fabulous!

  6. Whew. You had me worried when I read the first part of that post! I am so relieved to hear everything is okay. You are right--it really puts things into perspective! Sounds like you have a wonderful principal :)
    I hate the dreary "testing room." I am so not looking forward to my room looking like that in 2 weeks! yuck :( LOVE the glazed donut testing, though! I am heading over to check it out right now :) My kiddos will get a HUGE kick out of that one, and relieve some serious test stress! Hopefully your leg heals up soon--It's so hard not being able to run, I'm sure! Have so much fun at beach volleyball tomorrow! I wish mine was beach.. it's indoor unfortunately :( Can't wait until we have beach volleyball weather and our leagues start up here in Ohio! Wish your daughter good luck for me :)


  7. Praise the Lord for your negative test results! I love the autism awareness bracelet! Have a great weekend!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  8. Glad that your second round of tests came back clear - I can only imagine the stress and anxiety those first results caused.

    Thanks for the tip for covering up classroom resources during testing - that is way less time consuming.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  9. I was so relieved to read that your second set of tests came back normal. I can't even imagine. I know what you mean about having to stop and put things in perspective. Sometimes I find myself always apologizing if I have to take a sick day for one of my own kids and then I have to stop and think about how much they really do need me! You are right, God first and then family. Have a blessed weekend:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. So glad to hear your second round of tests came back normal! Seems like a lot of us are having lessons in perspective lately!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  11. I'm glad your tests came back normal! I recently posted about my personal life as well...our spring break did not go as husband's grandma passed on Easter and the following day we found out that my husband has MS. It has been a few weeks of ups & downs for us (we had just announced to our families a few days prior that we are expecting our first child!). Fortunately our principals have been really great and understanding as well. So yes, perspective is key. Prayers to you!

    Sliding into First!

  12. Glad your test results were great!! I know the feeling you were having because 4 years ago I was called back but didn't get the good news you did. My breast cancer was caught in the very early stages and I am thankful that I always remembered to get my mammograms. Now on to the question I have for you--my students are also on a 40 book challenge but I am unsure of how to keep track of it. They have reading logs to fill out, but I noticed you have cards with o-rings. What is on the cards? Is this the way your students keep track. Thanks for answering my question and congratulations again.


  13. I am jumping on the band wagon to say, glad your test results came back normal. How scary. You do your tests later in the year...which seems like the way to go. In Michigan we take the MEAP in October ( it measures what they learned the year before) makes sense right...NOT! We do have MAP testing coming up at the end of this month...not fun, but the kiddos do that in the computer lab so we don't have to take anything down or cover anything up in our rooms. That would stink.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  14. My third graders won't get the joke of the donuts yet, so I am going to use that as a post test funny. LOVE it!

    The tablecloths are a fantastic idea. I've done something similar. Much easier!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  15. So glad your 2nd set of results came back with good news attached!!

    My baby girl turns 19 on Sunday so I guess we will both be doing some birthday celebrations this weekend. :) Have fun!


  16. LOL!!! I bet your kids were freaking out over that donut test!! Happy birthday to your "baby" boy!! I can't imagine what it will be like to have grown up babies! (I'm going to avoid thinking about it...I couldn't even make it through the mention of Ella's Kinder orientation during a team meeting without crying LOL)Can't wait till summer so we can craft it up again!!! I started making a list!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  17. I'm so glad that everything turned out ok for you! That can be so scary! Where I go they make you wait and they read the mammo right there. That way if they want more pics or squishier ones they can do it immediately. They made me go back in and I was a crazy wreck. But everything turned out fine too. BLAH it's not a good feeling!
    My classroom is bare walls too. My Smarties think it looks so strange.. we hate it. I can't wait for all of this testing to be over. I'll be sending you good testing karma!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  18. So, so thankful that everything turned out okay for you this week. Praying friends are such a treasure!

    I love the Dollar Tree tablecloth idea! I hate tearing off butcher paper every year. This will be so much easier!! :)

    Third Grade Bookworm

  19. Celebrating your good news report...we do forget that health is critical!
    And happy birthday to your boy!!

    We took the Terra Nova and the InView tests during the first week of April. My kindergartners were pretty funny during the process: one of my lil guys kept shouting, "That was easy!" and then the entire class would yell, "Easy Button!". Lots of deep breathing on my part :-)

  20. You are very blessed! Perspective is an important thing and as busy teachers, we sometimes forget that. Glad to hear that all went well. Best of luck on your testing week! (In Wisconsin, we test in October....totally ughhhh!)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  21. I'm so glad your tests came back normal Tara! I love the beautiful autism bracelet, and the donut test sounds so fun! They must have loved it! Have a great Sunday! :)

  22. Glad you are well!

    We take both our reading and math tests the computer lab. I'm thankful I don't have to go through the trouble of taking down and covering up. Boo to that!

    Treats 4 Teachers


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