Pre-test Motivating Notes Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!
I had a beautiful day on Siesta Key all day yesterday watching my girl play in the
Fiesta at Siesta college beach tourney:)
Fun day!
Today, I'm gearing up.......
For what, you ask?????
Tomorrow our state tests start!!!
(I won't get on my soap box about how unfair I think they are....:/)
I have seen several ADORABLE test motivators and notes out there.
They are super cute......SUPER cute but most of them call for a treat of some sort....
we have a wellness policy that doesn't like, I know!
I kinda bent the rules Friday with the FCAT Eat a Donut test!
Shhhhhh!  Don't tell!
One dose of sugar this month is all they need!!!
Tomorrow morning will be quiet, peaceful, and classical music playing to
hopefully invoke major focus!!!
My kiddos have worked super hard this year:) 
I wanted to leave a note each morning this week for my kiddies to let them know they can do it and I am so proud of them.  So my Shine On! set was created:)
It has 4 different notes, color and black and white (for most)
There are also some blank ones if you want to add your own personal touch:)
Click on the pic if you would like to read more about it.
I would love to give away 3 sets chosen by rafflecopter:)
Enter below:)  Since my testing starts tomorrow, this is a one day contest:) 
Ends at 11:59 tonight:)
If you have testing this week, GOOD LUCK:)


  1. I already follow you on TPT. I motivate my students by giving them hard candies to eat during the test (mostly mints which are know to help stimulate the brain.) I also try to take them out for either extra recess or give them game time after each test. They appreciate the "stretching time after sitting still for so long!
    Good luck to you and your kiddos next week. We just took ours last week in PA so I feel your pain!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Our testing is not till the first week of June. We test in the morning and have fun in the afternoon - extra art, extra recess and some fun math. Wishing you all the best this week!

  3. I follow you on TPT. You are also on my favorite bloggers list.

    Before our state writing test, I told my students I had a special homework assignment for them. I gave them a baggie with 2 Smarties and the 7 test tips for Smarties.

    Before our state math & reading tests, I plan to give them a "smart cookie" treat. Unless, I win your giveaway. ;)

    Good luck!

  4. I moved from 4th grade to kindergarten in October, so I still think of the 4th graders this year as MY kids. I'm sharing these cute motivators with the reading teacher upstairs to give to 'my' kids. However, I had to ask a question. You are ALLOWED to play music during the test????

    1. OH Mercy NO!!!! It's playing as they enter the classroom...until the bell rings:) Are you almost can't breathe during the!

  5. I already follow you on TpT :)

    I let the students chew gum during the test--it is the ONLY time during the year they're allowed to chew gum :)I also get them these super sparkly ticonderoga pencils that are awesome!


  6. I follow you on TPT!

    To motivate my students, I usually do some fun games to get their confidence high. We do some practice tests as well and I'm sure to do some positive call-outs to make them feel comfortable for the real deal

  7. I have them make a bulletin board where they write positive notes and test taking tips to each other. Each day a few days before the test and during the test, I read a different one and add it to the board. They love hearing their tips to each other! :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  8. I just started following you on TPT! :)

  9. I already follow you TPT store, Tara. You inspire me so much - I love your ideas. My students love the story bubbles and prompts. They have also enjoyed doing the shared story writing. Thank you for all you do for them and us! :)

  10. I follow you on tpt . Love all your work!

  11. Oh how nice...Siesta Key! I am right there with you. I teach 3rd grade in Florida. I have told my kiddos that they already know all of the info and that they just have to find it in the filing cabinet in the head. We use Larry Bell's UNRAAVEL strategy for testing and I think it helps to calm them as well because they feel like they have a starting point. I am also going to play some motivating music when they come in called Don't Forget by Brett Dennan. Best wishes this week.
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  12. I follow you on TPT. We also have state testing this week..I'm in Florida too! We have been doing some fun buddy test prep activities and discussed easy ways to remember our test taking strategies. Pizza party on Friday is surely motivating them to get through the week. By the way; Siesta Key is gorgeous! I don't live too far from there. Hope I win these cute testing motivators! :)

  13. Tpt follower...

    My students are eager to please. To get them motivated we do silly chants with body movements etc

  14. Absolutely love these, Tara! Good luck this week. (Although I know your kids are going to do great without the luck because they have YOU!)

    Fun in Room 4B

  15. Love these! Best of luck this week. Our tests aren't until the end of May. It stinks but it's good at the same time. To motivate my kiddos I make sure to encourage them to DO THEIR BEST. And I usually try to have a one-on-one conversation with on-the-border kiddos that might push them up! :)


  16. I already follow you everywhere. Good luck on the tests. We have a math test tomorrow and a reading test Tuesday. Two weeks later we have two days of science testing! UGHH! These look fantastic. I'm always looking for some different things that will motivate the kiddos. I usually give them a treat with a silly poem on the smart board about the treat each day. This year I didn't do it since a second grade class adopted our class and sent some treats with some motivating comments on them. It was the sweetest!!!

  17. To motivate my kiddos, we always have a classroom pep-rally of sorts. I love adding in some kind of "positive" thoughts activity... such as passing around a sheet of paper with each child's name on it and each student writing something positive, or that they're great at, for them to read prior to their test! LOVE your blog!

  18. I follow you on TPT!

  19. I follow you on TPT. We do a little dance party to get the blood flowing, and I usually give them a little treat when they come back to thank the for their hard work.
    Thanks for all your work on this blog. I really enjoy reading about what you are doing in your class. Your students are super lucky to have you as their teacher!

  20. I follow you on facebook. Good luck with the tests. Ours begin May 6th which is the latest we have ever had them, and it makes the most sense to me. It actually gives us almost the entire year to teach!! What a novel idea!! :)


  21. Such a cute idea! In the lead up we study and apply motivational quotes to our own lives- then they choose one that resonates with them and re-read it a few times so it really sinks in

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  22. Awww, I missed the giveaway, but that's ok! These are super cute! And it's probably cheaper that you can't give treats! We are working on treats for 30 kids for 5 days...yikes!! :O)

    I hope your first day of testing went well! Ours starts next week (boooo!)
    Collaboration Cuties


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