Classroom COLORS!!! Needing a change....

Ok people.....I'm only 2 days into my summer vacay and already got a bug to completely do over my classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Someone talk me off this cliff!!!!! 
Here are some pics of my room for the past 2 years:

I LOVE this but want a change.......Making my whole classroom over is silly and not in the, here are my thoughts and the direction I am heading with a few changes.....
I LOVE my black and white.....and last year added some gray from Creative Teaching Press.
Super love the Doodles and Dots Border.
I saw Glitzy in First Grade's classroom on Pinterest and was totally inspired!!! 
Glitzy in 1st Grade
I think my problem is.....
I'm over the pink......and pink is my fave color but kinda over it.  (It may not look like a lot of pink, but trust can see more pics of my classroom and the pink, HERE)
So here's what I'm thinking......
I have lots of lime and some I think I'm gonna focus on those colors WITH the black/white and gray! 
My buddy Elizabeth did some scouting for me yesterday and sent these pics...

LOVE the turquoise/black/white/gray/lime!!!! 
I'm in need of some fabric for my first summer Monday Made It!!  Hint, hint!
Love these from Schoolgirl Style
I have these for our book luggage but am going to change half out to turquoise and will remake some fun tags...of course;)
I also have several turquoise baskets I could switch out with the pink....
I also love these from Creative Teaching Press

SOOOOOO, I'm just thinking out loud and looking for some feedback:) 
Any ideas, thoughts, comments, me through this ya'll!
AND don't forget......weekly Monday Made It starts this Monday!!!!!!!
Just the thought already has me in gear!!!  You can also link up your Made Its on Instagram at
See ya'll here and there!!!
Please leave me some help of the classroom colors:D


  1. Love your thoughts!

    I forgot about your book luggage... where do you store them again?

  2. Haha I am in the same boat wanting to change it up too. I am meaning toward focusing on lime green added in order doing red/white/ black. It doesnt help that I am getting a new room again this year. Really makes you want to start fresg

  3. Haha I am in the same boat wanting to change it up too. I am meaning toward focusing on lime green added in order doing red/white/ black. It doesnt help that I am getting a new room again this year. Really makes you want to start fresg

  4. I LOVE the new look idea:) So fresh and Clean. I am thinking the same thing since I am moving and will be starting over from scratch. But then again, I have SO much money into my colors and theme...ugh!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  5. I like your idea of adding lime and turquoise. I loved your classroom last year, and almost redid mine, but decided to keep it the same. This will be my third year of using the dots on chocolate color scheme with owls. You tempt me to do a complete room redo!

  6. I went and checked out your Morning Math Meeting post, and was wondering if you would be putting that into your store? Yours looks awesome! Thanks!

  7. CUTE! My classroom is turquoise/lime/yellow with animal print and some rainbow thrown in there because the school gave me RED chairs (ugh): totally clashes with all my blue and green! Here's a link to my classroom tour, maybe it'll give you some ideas (I teach Kindergarten!)? I made a blue/green/black/white pennant banner too, that link is included in this blog post:


  8. Your classroom looks great! I definitely don't think you need a redo, but it is always fun to think of all the possibilities. Do you have a post on how your students use the book luggage? I would love to read about it.

  9. Oh my gosh- I love the second fabric picture. The turquoise is the perfect compliment to those colors!! Now you've got my brain spinning... :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  10. I was in fabric heaven when I saw your pic! I went back to the US last month and brought those exact fabrics back for my room too. I could. Not decide which one so I bought both collections. Love your idea to pair it with the black and white" Go for it!!

  11. Where did you get your rug??! I need it!! I have the same exact color scheme this year. Black with some of the gray/black stuff from Creative Teaching Press. I was also looking for a bit of a change and love that you made this post. I love your ideas and want to find that Chevron border! Have you seen Schoolgirl Style's latest creation? She has come out with black and white chevron and I'm thinking about getting it but I'm loving that chevron border too. Hmmm...

  12. Where did you find these fabrics?? I LOVE the color and think they would look great in your classroom face-lift!!

    1. Where can I find this fabric????

  13. I love the fabric samples! Those colors and designs are beautiful.
    Kids Math Teacher

  14. I switched my colors this past year. Now, my classroom is navy and lime green. Occasionally, I let in kelly green, light blue, and a little bit of chocolate brown. I love it. It is very calm and relaxing.

    I have a few red items leftover. They are leaving at the end of this year.

    I love the fabric, especially the stripes and polka dots.

  15. I know exactly what you mean!! My room is mainly blue and green and now I am itching to add more colors, but like you said, re-doing is not in my budget! Still thinking about what to do! :/

  16. Love your ideas!! I'm excited for weekly Made Its... keeps me motivated! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  17. Love your ideas for the color scheme! Oooh Monday Made Its...had a blast with it last summer.
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  18. I love, love the fabric Elizabeth took pics of for you!! That is just fabulous! I think you should go for it:) You will probably be kicking yourself all next year if you don't!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  19. Love the lime green! Can't wait to see what you come up with. And it's Monday Made It already???????????? :)


  20. Awesome colors! This year I changed my colors to black, white, lime and green. I used the black and white calendar you show and the first picture of fabrics. I LOVE it. I do have some blue...the fadeless paper on my bulletin boards is a sky with clouds pattern. GOOD LUCK!!

  21. I am going with the turquoise/black/white/gray/lime next year so check out my posts. I will add a picture of some stuff I just bought right now since you posted this. I will be keeping an eye on your decorations for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I'm loving all of your changes! You are inspiring me to make a slight change, too! Can't wait for you to show everyone what you made with the fabric you picked!!

    Fun in Room 4B

  23. I know I already told you this, but I just love all of your ideas for this change!! And it's so smart and money-efficient! I'm looking forward to reading all about it this summer :)

  24. OHHH!! I love that color scheme! Its beautiful!! I say jump off the cliff. (okay not helpful but still I think ya so go for it).

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  25. YES to the new green/turquoise/grey/black color scheme!!!

    The Eager Teacher

    I added this cute owl set to my black and white last year and I love it. It has a lot of red with lime green and turquoise worked in. It looks really great with my black and white calendar set.


  27. Looks great! Where did you happen to find that floor rug? I love it!!!

  28. Looks great! Where did you happen to find that floor rug? I love it!!!

  29. I have the same black and white borders! I love them too! I added touches of yellow and blue to my classroom. :)

    The Spunky Teaching Monkey>


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