Five for Friday for Me:)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for my 5 random things from this week:)  I am so glad it is Friday!  I can't believe I only have 5 days left with my kiddos!  I can't believe how much I have to do between now and the last day of school....EEK!!
On to my Friday 5.....#1:
I already blogged about our Campfire writing project!
The kids absolutely loved this activity!  So super fun and they wrote great stories!  I think the glow sticks actually helped them
For #2, I got this gift from a sweet student who was leaving to go out of town and so is done for this school year.  I haven't look to see if it was Pinterest inspired or not.......I loved it!  Such sweet words and the M&Ms were yummy too!
#3: Randomness......our phones were due for upgrade so we took the giant leap from droids to iPhones!!
It is taking some getting used to, that's for sure.....I have been a droid girl for a while.!  Having said that, if you are an iPhone owner and have any fun or wonderful apps, please leave info in a comment....I am kind of Apple dumb, so need some help:))
My #4:  I'm going to blog more about this we did a fun foldable about properties of rocks!
Of course if it involves drawing my kids are all about it:) 
My #5 are these new pedi blue toes up relaxing for the weekend!  Well, not really.  We are having company but it will be a relaxing here is where I will be for the next few hours checking out all the other great Friday 5s!
Have a great weekend all!!!


  1. TpT, of course
    Class Dojo
    Google Drive
    Google Maps
    The Weather Channel
    360 Panorama
    Any store app you frequent (Target, Michaels, Walgreen's) so you can get coupons on your phone

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. Also, I would organize your apps into folders so you don't have to flip screens all of the time.

  2. I have no app suggestions. I use my iPhone for calls, text, TPT, instagram, and that's basically it...I am so not one of those glued-to-her-phone girls.

    I haven't stopped thinking about that camping writing and lo and behold I found glow sticks in a drawer in my room...must have been from a target binge!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. Tar!!!

    5 days?? Really?! We still have over a month left!! So jealous that you are going to be enjoying your summer vacation in just 1 short week!! Your rock foldables look like fun, and my kids are the same way with drawing! They love it!! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  4. LOVE your toes ... I've got to pick me up some fun polish - my girls love playing spa at home. Have I mentioned how jealous I am you have 5 days left ... I've got the 29 school day countdown going on here. :(

    Runde's Room

  5. You'll love the iPhone!! I use my phone all the time, but I don't have a ton of apps. I did download the flashlight app when I got lost in the woods at night on a fifth grade field trip! Crazy story, but it was definitely a lifesaver!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. You'll LOVE your iPhone! I just got a 5 this week after I dropped my 4 and the glass shattered. Lesson learned= ALWAYS have a case on the phone!!! LOVE the rock foldable! Well, who am I kidding? I love ANY kind of foldable LOL!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  7. I can't live without my iPhone!
    Love the glow sticks!
    Love the toes!
    Five more days?!? Woohoo!

  8. I am still loving the glow sticks. = )

    I made the iPhone jump at Christmas. I didn't think I would use it as much as I do. I find it easier to use than my Android and I didn't expect to say that!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  9. Love the gift from your kiddo-so sweet!! You will LOVE the iPhone :) There are so many amazing apps. My favorites:
    -TPT (of course)



  10. I'm hoping my hubby and I are about to change from droids to the iPhone!!!!!!!!

    About to head over to your post about campfire writing. We have 3 1/2 days left and this sounds great for my 5th graders!

  11. I love to take pics so my two favorite apps are Postagram (mail your pictures postcard style to anyone) and postal pix (order prints from your phone, including 4x4 from instagram).
    Enjoy your phone...and your summer! Think about all of us poor teachers with weeks to go still!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans


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