Organized....Maybe.....Getting There:D

I am a little OCD in the organization department (although you would never be able to tell that if you walked into my classroom today or's the last 2 days with kids....enough said)
I am more than happy and excited to link up with 2 awesome bloggers and their Optimum Organization Linky!  Can't wait to browse through all the link ups and hopefully get some great organizational tips to end my year right (and start my next year righter!!!  Yep, word, I called it!)
I'm going to share a few things that I used this year that really worked for me:)
Of course the all too wonderful Teacher Toolbox!  I have seen so very many of these all over the internet!  Tons of them were linked up to my Monday Made It last year!
I don't sit at a desk is my small group table so this little puppy sits right behind me.  I love it.  Everything is right where it belongs.  Easy for me to find, easy for my kids to find if they need to:)
The inside of the drawers are actually decorated with pieces of border cut down to fit!
Love it, will use it again next year!!
This was another thing I tried at the end of last year.  I was soooooo frustrated with so many borders (I have a and no way to store them.  Then I decided to use one of the little 3 drawer carts I got from Target to store it all.
Love this too!  Will def use it again:)  Actually was filling it up today as I was slowly taking things down from my classroom.
Another wonderful thing I used this year was my T.O.T.
Can I tell you how organized this binder has kept me this year?!  (You can read more about it here)
Last year I was ALWAYS misplacing a paper or 2!!!  I would eventually find it BUT sometimes it took forever and caused LOTS of frustration.  Now, everything has a place and I can find what ever I need when I need it! 

There is NO doubt I will be using this again next year....probably adding to it:)))
What is not quite tweaked for me yet are my cabinets.  I'm a container and label it all gal....

This isn't working for me........a lot of my problem is that it all won't fit where I want it to.....I know it may look organized but my cabinets are a hot mess right now.  I really want to get things neatly put away so when I come back, it's all neat and ready to go.....the problem is, I tend to get tired and "done" and just start shoving and then have a bigger mess to come back to......
So, this is still a project in the making.....gonna go look for some ideas at the linky!
I also wanted to let ya all know I'm moving and shaking in the techno dept. and now have an Instagram.  Let me warn you ahead of's me, Tara Instagram, which means my classroom, my family, my yard, my life!  So it's not exclusively 4th Grade Frolics.
My user name is taraeiken
Have a great Thursday!  I am going to energize up for my last day with peeps!!!!  Love them to pieces but these unstructured fun days are draining!!!!!! LOL!


  1. I don't think I could live without my teacher toolbox, either! It sure has saved me time and a lot of headache! Your boarder organization is fantastic! I really need a better system for those. I love your binder, too! You are an organization queen! Thanks for linking up, my sweet friend.

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Your teacher toolbox looks AWESOME! I love the pink and black theme - too cute! I also really like you store your borders - I am looking for a system to store all of mine - this will be perfect! Thanks for the great tip!
    Question: how do you store posters and/or anchor charts?

    Joy in the Journey

  3. Your teacher tool box is adorable. I have everything in 3 large binders and they are falling apart. I love the idea of putting everything in their own binder. I love the binder covers you made, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Foreman Teaches

  4. I love my toolbox, too! It's really helped! I am glad you mentioned the cabinet organization. I have got to figure something out for my cabinets, too!

  5. I have a slight border problem too! I store mine in the long boxes for borders but they were previously rolled up so they do not lay nice and flat in the boxes - they just want to roll back up : (
    I may have to use your drawer idea - that way I may not forget some of the borders I alreay own! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. I just finished making my own teacher toolbox for next year (It'll be my first year teaching. Your's is absolutely adorable. I also found a nifty idea through Pinterest using Home Depot aprons for extra storage for the students and posted about it on my blog (

    - Crayons & Storybooks

  7. I can relate to everything you're saying! It's my last day, and I HATE the last day! Thank you for your ideas- I need to organize my back cabinets better. I wish they could be visually appealing and organized well at the same time! I will go find you on Insta- I'm so glad you are on there!

  8. Happy last day of school?? :) I love my tool box too.

  9. I could look at your organization all day Tara! It's smart, it matches, and it just makes me smile! Happy Summer vacation (right??). From your envious friend :)

    PS Thanks for linking up!!! :) :)

  10. I used a binder similar to that this year and loved it too! One thing I had trouble with was how BIG it got. Did you keep your lesson plans for the entire year in it? I found I could only put in about 10 week s at a time because my binder got so full of other things. I am on a 3 man team which means keeping track of about 18 IEPs and declass documents. THAT part of the binder got huge... I ended up with a separate student data binder.
    Next year I'm a two man team.. so hopefully less IEPS, but I have to manage a social studies curriculum too,
    I love the paper you used!
    Enjoy your week... is it the first free one? I just looked for your Instagram account, I may need your sunny pictures to get me through my last 3 weeks!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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