Organizing those ENDLESS Papers:D

Happy Sunday everyone!
  I am linking up to 2 of my fave blogs and their organization linky today
Fun in Room 4B and Ladybug's Teacher Files!  I mean, seriously, who doesn't love to be organized?!  I know it makes me oh so happy when I am and I'm always looking for others ways to organize my little messes:)
 I sooooo wanted to link up yesterday but couldn't because.....I was with this girl
my sweet daughter at a beach volleyball tourney.  She and her beach partner got 2nd place!  It was a super close match and I am so proud of her and love going to watch her play:)  So that's why I didn't link up yesterday....ok, back to organization;)
I have a confession to make.............................I am a paper saver.  Like almost every single paper my students do (almost) I keep and file.  Why?  I'm not sure....I like to have examples for conferences, I like to have evidence of what they can do.........I don't know but the papers and the filing have gotten to be a bit much and a pain.  So this next year I am going to try this:
This is my new, this idea is not old teammate used to do something like this....I just had to name it and make it cute and color coordinate it, yes, another confession.....I have a problem;)  So this is my new "no more paper pain" for next File It For Friday bin.  I got the bin at Walmart. 
We have classroom jobs and one of them is Teacher's I have decided that every morning, my assistant will file any graded papers in this bin.  (Of course, once I get my class list, they will each have a folder)  Then on Friday, those papers will be pulled and put into......................................................................
um................I haven't gotten that far yet.  Thinking a Friday Folder of some sort, for them to take home and empty for the next week.  Ok, so it's not completely thought out and done yet BUT it's a good start.  The papers will be organized and out of my hair:)))  LOVE that!
Hoping I will have the rest of this thought out by next week so I can link some more organization:)
Have a blessed Sunday all and don't forget to pop by back for tomorrow's Monday Made It!


  1. We do Thursday Folders at our school and send home all of the graded stuff from the week. We used to do Friday Folders but it was difficult to get the folders back. Love the bin and folders you

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    1. We also do Thursday Folders on our team. The students take the folder home on Thursday, get it signed with all their papers for the week, and then bring it back to school Friday. If I need to file a paper, I usually copy it for conferences, etc. and keep it in my own filing system. Otherwise, Thursday Folders (or Friday folders) work out great! We just staple a signature sheet for the trimester/quarter on the front of the folder and the only reason we require a signature is so that we know parents "saw" the folder/papers. It's a good idea for Open House or conferences when parents seem to not know how their student is doing... you can say, well you did sign the folder ;)

  3. I also have a file like this one. (Not as cute though!) I used to put their names but I got tired of having to redo it every year. I have a numbering system so I replaced names for numbers. The kids all learn everyone's numbers eventually and each student puts their numbers on their papers. This makes it easy for the helper to file them.

    P.S. I just added "redecorate filing bin" to my summer to do list :-)

  4. Love love love how cute this is!!!!!!!!!!!
    And that a student does it!!!

  5. We do Thursday Folders at my school that the school provides for the kids! We used to do Friday Folders, but like others having been commenting, it was really hard to get the folders back on Monday. So we switched to Thursday so it was "less time" for them to forget to bring them home! :) You are much more organized that I am though because mine is literally just an open bin that I toss all the papers into and then on Thursday we take about 15 minutes passing all the papers home! :) Love your organization though! :)

    Adventures in Room 204

  6. Super adorable Tara! This year I had a "File" drawer just for myself, but the problem was I would fill that up so quickly and never quite got around to emptying the just seemed like TOO big of a task! I really like your idea of selecting a day for filing (it just might hold me accountable)!!!

    I can't wait to come back tomorrow and link up for Made it Monday with my new glitter creations!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. I've always liked the idea of a "Friday Folder," "Thursday Folder," or whatever you want to call them. But I really like that one of your jobs is a classroom assistant & having them file the papers for you. Genius!!!
    Let us know how this works out for you next year.


  8. I am so going to be using an assistant next year to file papers for me! Brilliant! And...I love the name. You are always so cute :) Thanks for linking up, Tara :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  9. I just love it, as I love everything you do!! I think I am going to do the same...this would be such a big help with paper management. Plus it's beautiful, which is the best part! Thanks for linking up, looking forward to tomorrow :) :)

  10. My school has a Wednesday folder. This is the folder that all graded work goes home in, as well as any other fliers, etc that go home. It's pretty standard for teachers to have a "papers to file" drawer (I have a bin), and students know to put work from other teachers in that bin (we switch for math). Then on Wednesdays I have a few students who LOVE to file put everything in the numbered hanging files, and then into the students' folders. The system works very well!

  11. We do Wednesday folders. I have a post planned for this. I will try to remind you when I post it because it really works for me!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  12. I absolutely love this idea. I've worked in schools for a few years, but next year will be my first year with my own classroom and one of the things I was stressing was handling all the paperwork and stuff that I'll need to send home with my kids each week. I am definitely going to have to try your idea. Thanks for sharing!

    - Stephanie

  13. I do Friday Folders. It works well. I send home every other Friday. The only thing is they have to bring me the work back, too, so I can have it for proof if needed. I just file them into a separate bin. It works nicely for me!!

  14. At my school, we send home folders on Tuesdays with graded papers and newsletters/flyers. It works well because the parents are constantly seeing graded papers (they really shouldn't be in the dark come conferences about their child's performance) and it keeps the papers from piling up. If I want a paper back from the parent, I put a note with "Please sign and return." Then, I can file only those papers that I need to for conferences. You could do something similar with a Friday folder. :) Good luck with the new system!
    - Pam
    Moments to Teach

  15. It's a good habit you should keep but should minimize at the same time, Tara. It's acceptable to keep and file each and every paper of your students, but I think you should just do so with your current students. As for papers from previous years, sort them out and save only few pieces of the same document. I'm afraid you would eventually run out of storage space. Ruby @Williams Data Management

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