Quiet Pencil Sharpener?!?! YEP!

Hello all!  We are currently under a tropical storm warning so I am popping in to tell ya about this amazing pencil sharpener the kiddos and I had a chance to try out the last week of school.
I have seen the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener on several blogs and have to be honest.....wasn't sure I was believing what I was reading.  I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with my pencil sharpeners. 
My classroom has this lovely bolted to the wall:
It is wonderful for an upper body workout, but for sharpening pencils....not so much:/ (it doesn't even hang right....)
Then I invested in electric sharpeners.....one not so much money, the other, a little more money.  Both worked for a little bit BUT both got jammed often and one sounds more like it's giving a bad root canal than sharpening a pencil.
My kiddos are SUPPOSED to have pencils sharpened before the bell rings....BUT, you always get that one or 2 kiddos that forget....that's fine until I'm in small groups and the "root canal" sound starts......
So, I decided I had to see what all the chat about this sharpener was....couldn't hurt, right?  Better than the horrible drilling sound.....
Enter Classroom Friendly Sharpener...
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised:)  It is VERY quiet.
And sharpen pencils????????  Take a looksy..
No noise, no upper body workout (as much as I might need it...my kiddos don't), and super sharp pencils every time!
I'm also excited because it came in black and that matches my classroom:)  My kids couldn't believe it....especially since they had to wrestle with the others all year...lol.
Will be grabbing another one of these before the new school year starts:)  If you want to check them out for yourself, click on the pic below:
Don't forget, I've kicked off the weekly Monday Made It...
You can still link up this week or get something ready for next:)  I'm so excited about all the great ideas I am adding to my to do list:)
Have a great day and if you're in Florida with me, stay dry and safe:)


  1. My classroom has two of the sharpeners and we LOVE them!!! I think I've convinced most of my school to switch.

  2. Stay safe sweet lady!

    I also have that sharpener and the kids always want me to bring it with me to school haha!
    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  3. I seriously need to get one of these beautiful little things.

    Crofts' Classroom

  4. I need one too! Happy to see how cheap they are, too!

  5. I love my sharpener! After spending years trying to find a good electric sharpener that would hold up, I invested in the Classroom Friendly Sharpener and was amazed! Even my co-workers were amazed (and fighting over sharpening pencils)! Enjoy your quiet sharpener!

    Teaching Special Kids

  6. I've been wanting this sharpener for a while now. I think it's time for a purchase. :) AND...now that it is summer, I will find some time to link up with you on Monday! :) Thanks for the hosting. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  7. I have the same sharpener (except in green) and it is the ONLY pencil sharpener that has lasted an entire year without breaking! LOVE it!

  8. Am I the only person who has some negative views of this sharpener? After seeing it on so many blogs, I convinced our team leader to buy each of us one. The sharpener gets graphite dust all over the surface it sits on. After a few months, most of us noticed that it wasn't sharpening as well. I needed to get a replacement blade. Also, it does not do well with colored pencils. I wanted to love it so much, but unfortunately, I don't.

  9. I have had mine since February and it is still going strong! My students still love sharpening pencils! I bribed my maintenance guy to mount it to my wall because it always slipped around using the clamp. I have a picture of it shown here mounted: http://fourthgradeflipper.blogspot.com/2013/03/monday-made-it-classroom-jobs.html
    I like the black too:) I goes with everything!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. That looks like a great sharpener! I finally upgraded to the Xacto School Pro sharpener- and it worked like a charm for 4 months- then one of the kids used a colored pencil in it, and it broke! I started getting the warrantees awhile ago, so I could save a little money, since they always need to be replaced! Thank you for showing us this one!

  11. I've been wanting to try this sharpener. Looks like it's a good buy!
    Hey, you mentioned a couple of weeks ago that you wanted to help out teacher's affected by the Oklahoma tornado. Mardel is selling a t-shirt that has a quote from one of the brave teachers and the proceeds go to the two schools that were destroyed. I didn't know if you had Mardel in your state so I'm sending you a link. I bought mine last night!!
    Prayers you've been safe through your storm!
    God bless

  12. I absolutely love this pencil sharpener. So much so that I have 2! I let the kids use one and I use another. I like to keep one close to me at all times....hehe :) So glad that you are safe from storms now.

    Fun in Room 4B

  13. I too am like you and have seen them all over people's blogs, but was skeptical. You may have convinced me! :)

    Adventures in Room 204


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