Weekly Monday Made It Kick Off!!!!

Oh my mercy!  Can you believe it's June already?!  Makes me sad because I have only been out a week and feel like the time is flying by already!!!!  We go back in July (WHAT?!) so, this summer more than everrrrr I have got to be organized and focused!!!  It's a must.....so..........
I know Monday Made It will hold me accountable...lol:)
So here we go........
For those of you who are new to Monday Made It, you can link up anything you make (or partially made), recipes, classroom activities, home improvements, crafts,....you name it:D  Last year when this all started, I tried to link up one HOME made it and one CLASSROOM made it.  I did this so my focus wasn't all in one place and then before I knew it,  my summer would be gone and I would have gotten nothing accomplished.....I'm good like that....lol!
Here is my HOME Made It:
My new/old potting bench:D  Can I tell you how happy this makes me?!?!?!  I love to garden.  Gardening is like therapy to me:)  It calms me, makes me smile.....Just <3 it so much!
Now.....let me clarify.....I didn't make the actual bench.  I did make it from something else, so that counts;)  This was a very old, antique desk my hubs found many years ago on the side of the road. (Don't judge!)  I totally fell in love with it and for a while it was my desk.  (I used to design jewelry and here is where I created) I dig antiques and this puppy is old!  LOVE the patina and chippy paint!!!  Anyway, I have been thinking about turning it into a potting bench for a while and finally....did it!
I just covered it with water sealer to protect it (as much as possible) from rain.

 Gonna be spending lots of time here this summer!!! 
On to my CLASSROOM Made It:
Yep, those are crate seats!!!!  They have been a LONGGGGG time coming....
I had Home Depot cut the plywood....(don't know what happened but it was a little big.  HUGE thank you to my sweet daughter who hand sawed off the extra!!!)  Bought a roll of foam and the fun fabric in my new/adapted/tweaked classroom colors!!!!!!
- have the plywood cut (my plywood was 1/2 inch thickness
- cut the foam to fit each top
-cut your fabric
-lay your fabric down face first, then foam, then plywood
-pull the fabric tight and staple - do opposite sides so it lays better (like top, then bottom, then turn it and do the same thing)
-staple on ribbon if you want a pull
Took a while but totally worth it:) 
A word of wisdom....I bought a little longer staples for my staple gun thinking that would be better......NOT!  The staples all buckled:/  I got so frustrated because I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong!  So buy shorter staples, they work better.
Can't wait for my kiddos to use them next year.  I am going to put them at my small group table:D  I also love that they can also be used for extra storage.  I put ribbon pulls on all of them to lift the tops.  Hoping they will hold up well.
Ok, your turn!  Don't forget to grab my button when you link up AND I am so excited because if you are an instagrammer then you can link up there too!!


  1. Oh my!!! That potting bench is just fabulous! I love antiques too and am always on the lookout for things like that!! I found this arts and crafts style chair a couple years ago on the side of the road for $10 because it had been out in the weather and there is no seat. Well, I started sanding it (the wood is beautiful) but that is as far as I got. Maybe your linky will push me to finish it:)
    I LOVE your new colors and fabric for the crate seats too!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Love the seats and the bench!!!! Definitely no judgment here, some of the best items are found on the side of the road, one man's trash and all that... So excited to be able to link up again! I can't tell you much this linky party did for my classroom last year and I'm thrilled to see what happens for next year!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  3. I'm so excited to be joining up again with Monday Made It. I was so inspired last year by all the great ideas!

    Your stools came out great. I'm sure your color update it going to be wonderful.

    room 4 imagination

  4. I love your stools, I really need to make some for my room. My goal is to link up at at least every other week (if not every week) so that I can keep myself on track this summer and get many of my projects on my to do list done :)

    ~Diving Into Learning

  5. I absolutely love everything (but you already know that)!!! You put a lot of work in last week. Slow down a little so that I can keep up ;) just kidding- that's not possible with you, is it? I can't wait to see what's next!!! Have a terrific week:)
    Fun in Room 4B

  6. Wow! I am so impressed all around! I love the patinaed look (is that a word?)! It looks great!

    And look at those stools! You have been busy! (not gonna lie, nail guns kinda scare me!)

    I love your new patterns! Do the cushions just sit on top of the crates or are they attached?

    Thanks for hosting!
    Collaboration Cuties

  7. I LOVE the potting bench! The bright colors on your crate seats are fabulous! I made these for my classroom last fall, and my students loved them. They held up really well also.

    Thanks for hosting the Made it Monday!

  8. I FINALLY made it on Monday! Ha! :) Thanks for hosting!

    Organized Classroom

  9. Love those crate seats! Mine really need a re-do. Love the fabric. I've never made a Monday Made-it, so I'm going to have to think quick of something I can do to post.

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  10. I really like the potting bench! I love the rustic look of it and would love to have an area like that!

  11. I am new to Monday Made It. I added my link and I connected with a few other bloggers that linked up. Are there any rules that I need to know about? I love the seats and the patterns you used!

  12. Thanks for starting up your Monday Made It! I think I spent all summer on your blog last year. I still have 2 more weeks of school then it is off to start my to do list. Just a suggestion for your beautiful crate seating-scotch guard them or protect the fabric in some way. I can't believe how dirty mine became over the year! Now they are on my to do list to redo :-(

  13. This is one of my projects for the summer too! Er one of my husbands projects hee hee! No I will do everything except cut the plywood :)

  14. Thanks for starting this Made it Monday! Inspiration is always great

    I love your new crate seats--the colors are beautiful.

  15. YAYAYAY!! Love those crate seats- I have some of the same fabric in my classroom! I've been making a list all year of things to make for Made Its this summer! Soooooo excited! Now off to the Hobbs...
    Rowdy in Room 300

  16. Love the crate seats and the linky party. I will for sure be linking up all summer.

    - Your newest follower, Kendra
    The Social Student Teacher

  17. I am so excited to be linking up with you for my very FIRST Monday Made it! I absolutely ADORE your new crate chairs! The CHEVRON looks AMAZING!
    Excited to be a new Monday Made It groupie!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  18. I'm so glad it's weekly again!!! I loved participating each week last summer :)
    I love your crate seats! Where did you find that beautiful chevron print??

  19. Oh my word, I love that garden bench you made! I need to get ready for the next Monday Made It!

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  20. I love your potting bench - looks great! I found the crate seats on Pinterest last summer and knew I had to make them ... so I did! I put them in my library area and at my listening center. The kids and I love them. As you said they are wonderful for the extra storage that they provide - us teachers never have enough storage! :)

  21. I love your potting bench! How cute and love the shabby look of it! :) I really need to make crate seats, too. I hate that I missed the first Monday Made It, but I am still in school and in survival mode! :) LOL! Last week....woohoo!

  22. EKKK I can't wait to link up! I will tomorrow! The problem is though this summer I have no idea where I am teaching or what I am teaching...with moving across the country, across the ocean, I really can't make a dang thing:( Hopefully I will get a j-o-b right after I move so I can start creating:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  23. I'm excited for the weekly MMI's to start back! We have 3 1/2 days left and I'm sure I'll need a few weeks before I start creating!! There will be so many great ideas on here, though, to get me started! Yay! :)

    Miss R's Room

  24. I can't decide which project I like better!! What a kick off girl! I really just love the idea of the potting bench. Just looking at it makes me think of outside and flowers and happiness.

    Now those cushions. GORGEOUS! Where did you find those fabrics, I never seen anything nice like that around here! I have held off on making these forever 'cause I'm not very handy and I don't know if I can pull it off. But you have me so, so tempted.

    Ok, my made it is very lame in comparison, but I have this goal of linking up with each one this summer so I get a lot done, so I wanted to participate anyhow. Thanks for everything Tara, this really is a huge highlight of my summer :) :)

  25. I will be making those stools. No made-it for me this week though...I can barely keep my head above water!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  26. I can't wait to start linking up!!! I am still in school for 17 days... but I'm going to try to start a project ASAP! This linky keeps me motivated!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  27. I absolutely LOVE your potting bench. I guess I need to watch more carefully as I am driving around. ;P Your crates seats look terrific! When I see all of them being posted, I think yes, but I still haven't taken the plunge. Great work! Thanks for hosting the linky again this year.


  28. First of all, I gotta say I am SOOOOO excited that you're hosting this again this summer! Loved it last year and will love it this year :) I also realllly love your repurposing of the desk. It's BEAUTIFUL. And your crate seats??? LOVE them. The colors are just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again for hosting this fantastic linky :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  29. Those crate seats are adorable! :) Last year, I made seats out of buckets for my brand new pirate theme in my room...they are THE PLACE to put your bumper in my room! :) Hee hee hee! :)
    I am sure your kids will love the new seats as much as mine did! :)
    Thanks for this awesome new way to connect and meet new bloggy friends! :) I can't wait to get into some unfinished projects this summer! ;) This linky is keeping me accountable! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  30. I am OBSESSED with your crate seats!! They are SO cute! :)

    Adventures in Third Grade

  31. Your crate seats are AAAA-DORABLE! I admire your diligence at completing all of these projects! I've enjoyed visiting your blog and have become your newest follower!

    Short and Sassy Teacher

  32. Your crate seats are adorable. I love the colors and patterns. I loved this linky last summer. I made so many wonderful things for my classroom from everyone's ideas. I just started blogging, so I look forward to linking up this summer. I still have 9 more days to go before school ends and then I can join the party.

    Foreman Teaches

  33. Question: Do you have the seat where it will come off and you can store inside the crate? If so how did you do this? I would love to try these in my new upcoming room!

  34. Your seats turned out adorable! I have three right now but want some more! I love all the extra hidden storage :)

  35. I'm so happy for the Summer kickoff! I've been looking forward to this all year.

  36. I found a way to make my crate seats even more beautiful! I threaded large ribbon through the holes in the sides of the crates. It adds so much to the fabric on the seat AND, more importantly, it hides the contents that is stored within!

  37. Just added your site to my Teacher Links page (http://the-room-mom.com/teacher-links/). Love sharing ideas! Caitlin

  38. LOVE how your crates turned out!!!! I'll link up next week for sure!

  39. Love Made It Mondays. I discovered your blog halfway through last summer and spent many hours looking at what everyone made and making somethings of my own.

    I am wondering what is the best way to view all the links. I have been going to your blog post and then then clicking on the individual links but my home computer is a clunker gets so slow after I have opened a few of the links. Would a blog read be better?

  40. I have been wanting to make those crate seats for a long time now...thanks Pinterest! :) I think you have given me the inspiration to work on some next week. I am glad I found your blog and I am now following you!


  41. I would recommend you cover the crate sears with a clear covering. I bought clear heavy plastic liner at Wal-Mart. This was necessary to protect the fabric on the seats. The kiddos shoes and Fanny movements were pulling at fabric. Now there is no more issues. On another note ...this years pack up was so much easier with the storage use of my crate chairs.

  42. Just a note - I LOVE side-of-the-road furniture. Definitely the best.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  43. Can the bigger fourth graders sit in these seats? I have had fourth graders weigh over two hundred pounds. I don't want to call attention to these students if they cannot use the seats. Thanks for the info!

  44. Hello! Since you have 4th graders, how do they size up to using these crates as seats? I had worried that they might be too small for my 4th grade kiddos.


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