Monday Made It - July 29

It's go time people.  Wednesday is my first official day back and I am praying I can get into my classroom to get a few things done today....fingers crossed!!!
My Made Its have mostly consisted of lots of printing, laminating, and cutting out!!! 
I made book luggage tags for my kiddos....yes, yes, I know.......what if my class list changes....then it changes.  If not, I'm all set:)
I finally printed my a set of my Math Headers for ME! (they're kinda all flung on the fridge  This is a new color set I added because I am a spaz and had to remake it a million times:)
Made my desk tags:)  Love how they turned out:)
Made my Just Doin' My Job signs:) 
I am over the moon excited about this one!
This is my birthday jar.  I got this idea from SUGARSNAPBEAN on Instagram!  Isn't it the cutest.  I love this idea for birthdays this year.  Last year I did crazy straws.  This jar is filled with Scento markers.....clearance at Michaels:)
So instead of getting a straw this year, they will get a Scento marker:)  I think this is so fun!  Thanks bunches Sugarsnapbean for the inspiration:)
My daughter said it looks like the markers were photo bombing this pic!!!  LOL! much as I would love to be reading through all the link ups.....I am really hoping that as you all are linking, I am able to get into my classroom!!!!  Either way, can't wait to see all the fun inspiring ideas:)  Don't forget to grab my button and leave some love on the blogs you visit:)


Saturday Snapshots - Vaycay Shopping

Since I can't get into my classroom yet, I have been a printing, laminating, cutting will see all that on Monday Made It.....that's about all I have had time to do....Wednesday is go time!  Wow, good bye summer:(
I'm linking up with my friend Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshots linky!  These pics are not teacher related at all and if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen some of them...sorry.  I just got back this week from Illinois and seeing my family!  We had a wonderful trip....all my nieces and nephews have grown up:(  Most are taller than me!!!  Precious time with my mom and sisters and of course we had to do some girl time shopping:)
In the words of  my girl Farley "bracelet party"!!!!!  Love my Alex and Ani and new Treska bracelets I got on vaycay:)
Wasn't purse shopping but my sis found this and I just loved it!  Fun for summer (or what's left of it....isn't it always summer in Florida?)  It's huge!  Now if I can just remember not to load it up and break my!
LOVE this yummy find.....not sure what it bud Farley said maybe a strawberry basket....I got it at a fun antique shop and am using it for all my bracelets:)
Missed seeing barns and hills.  Don't really have any of either in southwest Florida.
Busy day today.....moving my girl into a different house at college.  Love this kid sooooo much!
Quick F.Y.I. I posted my Daily 5 rotations board as a freebie on my Facebook fan page.  If you are looking for one you can grab it up:)  See ya back here Monday for Monday Made It.....I may or may not still be trying to get through last weeks......I need to stay up all


Daily 5 Rotations Board Freebie

Raise your hand if you're freaking out about running out of time!!!!!  Soooooo much to do, sooooo little time!!!
Yep, that's me!  I am just popping in super quickly to share a freebie!

Several of you have asked about my Daily 5 (4) rotations board that I posted on my Monday Made It.  Well it is now a freebie here under the Freebies tab at the top of the page.   

It is free and "as is".  I won't be making other least not until life settles down and I don't see that happening any time soon!

Hoping I loaded it right....if I didn't, please let me know and I will try to fix eyes are fried from being on the computer all!  Hope you can use it and that you all have a blessed weekend.  We are off to move my daughter into a different house at college tomorrow!


Monday Made It - 7/22/13 - Early:)))))

9 days!!!!!!!!!
9 days and I am officially back to work! seems like just yesterday I was packing up.....and now it's gone......tear.....sad face.....oh well:)
I am still on vacay so hoping this posted without any probs.....
My first made it was simple to put together but I am too excited about it.  I saw this on A Cupcake for the Teacher's blog and knew I had to do it!!!!  She has the cutest ideas!!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher
Super cute and much cheaper than buying a bunch of stuffed animals.  They are animal puffs (shower puffs) from Pier One.....LOVE that store....half my house is that....ok, sorry....sidetracked!!!  These little guys are going to be reading buddies for my kiddos:)  Of course it will be optional....I know my girls will love this.....not sure about my boys but ya never know:)
I LOVE my next made it even though I didn't awesome daughter did!!!
My new hall pass!  I can't believe allllllll the things popping up in my mind that I have got to remake/paint/change because of my little color tweak!!!  It has kinda gotten

We used this last year and I just loved it.  The kids clip a clothespin on their shirt or sleeve and hoping this keeps the germies worries about laying the pass down or forgetting it:)
LOVE!  Thanks to my darling girl!!
Ok, your turn!  Show me what ya got:)



Monday Made It - 7/15/13

Happy Monday!!
Are ya ready to link up????  Before I share my made its, I wanted to tell ya a few things.....first of all, THANK YOU for linking up all your wonderful creations:)  I can't comment on every one of your posts but I DO look at every one!!  I am also loving all the love I see everybody leaving on my blog and others:)  Thanks for leaving comments to others!  It really makes a difference:))
I am going out of town for a little fam vacay Wednesday so I will be away from email and blog and all for a week.  Monday Made It will go on as scheduled next week....I just will have LOTS of catching up to do when I get back:)))  Going to see my mom and sisters and niece and nephews....I haven't seen them all in at least a year and longer!!!
On to MMI!!!!
I finally got around to getting my Daily 5(4) rotation board done.  Amazing what you can get accomplished when your under the gun and running out of time!!!!

I will admit, since I have changed my colors, I am starting to freak out about all the things I keep coming up with that I have to make over!!!!  Eek!  Well, I'm in too deep
This is the student rubric that will be hanging in my classroom this year:)  It's a great, quick way to assess the kiddos after a lesson.  I have them hold up fingers for a quick idea of where everyone is after or even during a lesson.
This is a FREEBIE on my FB fan page.  If you "like" my Facebook fan page, you can get this free.  I have it in 3 different color themes there and there is also another freebie there too!
My final MMI for today is a new product I made.
In the past, I have always used a classroom store as part of my classroom mgt/reward system.  This year my new teamie and I have decided to try to change things up and try out the old clip chart.  We have been juggling ideas as to how we are going to use this.....still juggling actually:)  One thing we know we are using FOR A FACT are the awesome Behavior Beads from Miss Nelson!!  LOVE those!!!  We don't want to give those away super easily but we do want there to be some incentive for the kiddos that clip up.......again, we are still thinking this through.....those incentives are going to be tickets that I made.
This includes 21 different "reward" choices for the kiddos.  I made it in color and black/white.  Right now I am thinking I will have copies of the black/white and when a student earns one, they can pick from the ring of color ones and I will give them the black/white one they have chosen to use.

That's it for me:)  Can't wait to see what ya'll link up:)  Don't forget to grab my button when you link up:)


FB News!

Morning all!
Just a quick post to share some news.  Thanks to the amazing, wonderful, and extremely patient Christi from Ms. Fultz's Corner I was able to get my Fan Freebie tab up and running on my Facebook Fan page. (she has amazing videos that explain a lot! and her blog is awesome:)
I have a few freebies on there and plan to add more:)  (that is, if I did it
Tomorrow is Monday Made It!  Can't wait to see all the goodies everyone links up:)
Happy Sunday!!

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