Morning Math Meeting - Rollin' into Week 4

What?  Starting week 4????
It seems like I was just scrambling for open house!  I can't believe how quickly time is going by.  We have had a good start to this new school year.  I love my new kiddos and they have been working hard.  We have successfully launched Daily 5 and Math Workshop:)  I only wish I  had more time in a day to get EVERYTHING in that I need/want to!!! 
I have recently had several questions about our Morning Math Meeting, so thought I would try to explain/answer some of that today.
I have one of those dry erase easel cart things, so that's what I use every morning for our Math Meeting.  (any dry erase board or chalk board will people still have those?  I have a huge one in the back of my classroom but only use it for our math word wall.)
Each morning, before the kiddos come, I set up the board with 5 -8 different problems.  One or 2 of the problems are what we have been working on already.  Some are things that we won't get to in our text for a while (area and perimeter), others could be something they maybe have been struggling with.  EVERY single day we have a multiplication problem!  Almost everything we do in 4th grade is built on them knowing their multiplication facts, so I always use the Multiply It header:) 
 I also add problems that I know 4th graders struggle with like variable expressions.  Those I will add very soon.  At first, no one knows what to do.  If they get to a problem they don't know how to do, I tell them to try it or skip it.  As we are solving whole group, I explain.  The next day, a few kids get it....and then the next day a few more.  So, by the time we get to expressions, most of my kids have it.  It worked great last year:)
I am lucky because Math is our first subject of the day!  The first couple of days of school my kids were trained how to do morning math meeting.  As soon as the announcements are over they take their dry erase boards and markers and head to the carpet and begin.
These are the boards I made over the summer.  They are so awesome and we use them ALL the time!  Fairly cheap to make too:)  If you missed this post, it's just shower board from Home Depot.  They even cut it for you.  I just added the tape for cuteness, of course, and to finish off the edges:)

The kids were "trained" in this just like Daily 5.....get started right away, stay in one spot, work get the idea.  While they are working, I am doing attendance, messages to office....checking agendas....that kind of thing.  I only give them about 5 minutes, if that to get it done.

After a few minutes, our meeting starts.  As soon as I greet them, they know to close their markers.  Yes, there are a few students who don't get all the problems done.  I need their markers closed so I know they are watching and listening to me and explanations, instead of writing.
While we are solving these whole group, I use a lot of WBT....mirrors on....because I teach them different hand motions to go along with some of the things like area, perimeter, and place value.
We also do tons of celebrating!  Lots of little cheers when we get the answers right.  After we solve each "header" together, I quickly ask "raise your hand if you got that right" and then we do a little cheer.  This gives me the opportunity to quickly scan the group and see who is struggling and see if they understand why.  Most of them are just multiplying or adding wrong.
(Don't judge the!  I'm writing sideways as I'm talking and bending and all kinds of things) 
This whole process usually takes about 12-15 minutes.  The more used to it they get, the quicker it goes.  They LOVE it and that makes me happy!  There have been times I have forgotten to fill in a spot and they are all over that!  They want more and that is music to my ears!  We are already up to 4 digit by 1 digit multiplication and they are begging me for bigger:)
I hope this helps explain our little routine and how it works in my room! 
Now I am off to Tay's college!  She has a tourney today!  Can't wait to see her and watch her play vball!!!  Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!!


Time to SHOP!!!

Thank you Amy Lemons for today's super cute button!
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Happy shopping and have a blessed Sunday everyone:)

B2S SALE and Friday 5!!!

Guess what time it is..........
It's sale time!  I can't wait to to find the time:)  Everything in my store will be 20% off and if you use the promo code BTS13 you can get another 10% off:)  So I'm planning some jammies and coffee and shopping!  3 of my faves:)  Thanks Krista for the super adorbs sale button!!  I definitely will be buying up some of her adorable clipart!!!!
Another fave of mine is linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky:)
So my sale is my number 1 for my Friday 5:) 
Next up......
My large Seed of Happiness from Run, Miss Nelson's Got the Camera.  I love these things.....I have the little ones too:)  Everyone needs a seed of happiness:)

I made some new banners last night and added them to my classroom....sorry the pics are poopy!  I am not a good iphone pic taker...:(((((  I need some lessons from my gal Farley!!!
Here's a before and after pic of one of my Morning Math Meeting:)  It is off and running and the kids are loving it and doing so well.  Don't mind my messy hand writing and sideways  Don't works:)

My last pics are of our Daily 5 anchors.  We have successfully launched Read to Self and Work on Writing.  Still have some stamina to build but all in all not doing bad:)
If I don't get back to blog before the weekend ends, I hope you all have a very blessed and relaxing weekend.  I will be shopping....because that is relaxing to me:)  Would love to hear an item or 2 on your wish list for the big TPT sale!


New School Year, New Start, New Teamie!

We are into our second week of school and over all it's been a great start!!!
My only complaint....not enough time or energy to get stuff done!!!!!  Like blog, Pinterest, FB, Instagram, house stuff, more classroom  I'm sure it will all chill out soon as I get back into the routine!
Since I know there are some of you still not in school, I wanted to share a great beginning of the school year activity we did.  Let me first start with, THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA....I have a new teammate this year and she is also my roommate!!!!  Love having a neighbor to chat with, bounce things off of, share, get the idea:) 
My only part in this plan was showing her these books:
I LOVE Maria Dismondy!!!  If you don't know who that is, RUN to her website HERE and check her out.  I have had the honor to be part of some of her blog tours and just love her books.....on her website, it says "Books that make a difference" and that can't be more true! 
These books, and her others...we have read these and The Potato Chip Champ and Pink Tiara Cookies for Three, have been a great and fresh way to start off the new year:) 
I love the traditional First Day Jitters, Miss Nelson is Missing, and more but by the time the kids get to me, they have usually heard them all.  These, most had not so it was wonderful:)
My teamie's tied Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun to a great BOY activity:)  An I Am collage.  After doing the read aloud, we did 2 thinking maps on the 2 main characters and brainstormed words that described those characters.  We also talked about why they felt the "mean" character acted the way he did.  Then each of the students made their own circle map, filling it with words that describe them.
 M teamie has seen projects like this and they were on canvas....that was a little costly, so we used cardstock and it worked great.  The kids colored the cardstock....preferably covering the whole thing.  Next the kiddos got to cut up magazines to make words that are on their circle maps that describe them....or their likes.....they could also use pics:)  Some of the kids even brought in pics from home.    Then they glued on their pics, letters, and words, with I AM at the top:)
Here are a couple close up:)  The notecard on the bottom is a little letter they wrote to themselves as a kind of "pep" talk for their new school year.  They are really precious:)
They look awesome hung in the hall:)
These would also be a great getting to know you....the kids can present them in front of the class and explain their words:)  We didn't do that.....I have run out of time every day so far.....EEK!  But we still may do it.  They love reading them in the hall and are quite proud of their creations:)
I promise to get my act together and my schedule and my fam's schedule on track so I can blog more:)  (and read blogs.....I miss that sooooo much but only get to read a few here and there)
New teamie also has a great idea that ties The Juice Box Bully and making our classroom mission statements.  Will be blogging about that soon:)
If you haven't read these books, you really need to check them out:)  If you have, I hope this activity is a fun new idea you can use:)  Here are links to Maria:


Monday Made It with a Sunday Start:)

Hey everyone!  Happy MMI Early.  I had to post this early to make sure this video works because I won't have time to mess with it in the morning.  Before I share my made its, I just had to share this video I took today!  My husband and I went for an early morning walk on the beach.  You could see several turtle nests marked off with orange tape.....well as we were walking I saw 3 people that had turtle patrol shirts on.  One was digging and I saw eggs next to her so I asked if I could please take a pic.  Then all of the sudden she started pulling baby sea turtles out of the ground!!!  A raccoon had gotten into the was what they called "a surprise nest" the only way they found it was by the tracks of some of the babies.  They were just precious!!!  Because there were so many, they had to release them 5 at a time along the beach and asked us to watch and make sure they made it to the water and that no one would come along and step on them.  I cannot put into words how AMAZING and what a true blessing it was for us to witness!!!  Such an awesome morning:)  Hope you enjoy the video!
Now on to Monday Made Its......I almost didn't have any and was going to post (repost) my  I finally came up with a couple.
A little while back I bought these cute door hangers from Joanne at Head Over Heals for Teaching.
Then I forgot I bought them....ever do that????  Anywho, remembered and printed the black and white ones on colored cardstock. (There are also colored ones in the set with many other door hanger options....too cute!!)
My kiddos will be so excited to get these:)  We did our "I PICK" book lesson and Read to Self launch last week, so they are all about their reading:)))
 My next MMI are my labels for our reading response notebooks (different from their reading response journals that are for homework:)
My last made it is my new........
 I made this for several a better way to get to know my new students, to be used kind of like exit slips (especially for my sweet strugglers), and for my super sweet shy littles.  I have some super quiet ones this year and really want to get to know them so am hoping this little cookie jar will help.
These are the little "cookie slips" they can fill out and put in the cookie jar any time:)
So there you have it! 
Now, I do have an announcement to make......this will be the last WEEKLY MMI for the summer.  After this I am going back to once a month, on the second Monday of each month:)  The second Monday because I so want to do my bud Farley's Currently and haven't been able to:(
I hope you got lots of wonderful ideas this summer and continue to create and link up:)  Thank you to each and every one of you for linking up and for all the bloggy love throughout the summer:)  It has been a blast!!!


Classroom Reveal 2013 - 2014

To excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' and
My classroom for this year.  I absolutely LOVE it!  More than my classroom last year (and pink is my fave  I still have a few little things I want to do/add but the big parts are done so I am ready to share:)
Here's the view from my front door. 
My Morning Math Meeting board and area.  Today is only our second day with kiddos and we have done meeting both days:)
Figurative language posters from sweet Molly at Lessons with Laughter!  I'm going to be adding to this area:)
My AR board!  I LOVE the chevron and could KICK myself because I didn't order enough and now it's on back order:/
My writing area for Work on Writing:)
Our student understanding rubric (freebie is a few colors on my FB fan page) and our daily goals section.
A little reading corner and also my homework section on my board.
Cubbies with chapter books (loving my Ladybug Teacher Files book labels)  You can also see my clip chart from the fab Cupcake for the Teacher!  LOVE!  I know this section is nakey but if you look closely you can see my glittery clothes pins.....soon to hold anchor charts:)
My Job Board ( it's my Just Doin' My Job set in TPT)
 The kiddos book luggage all lined up like little soldiers:)
Hallpass with clothes pins:)
WONDERFUL genre posters from The Tattooed Teacher!  I need to get some close ups of these!  They are just fab!!!!
My desk used to be here but moved it in the back and love it there.  This is now a table where kids can work or read or my volunteers can work with kiddos:)
A little closer shot of my calendar.
 A different view of my cubbies.
Homework and Spoggle (Spoggle is also at my TPT store if you're interested)
Awesome clip chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher:)  If you look close you can see I'm using my freebie numbers - My Number, Not My Name
Daily 5 section!  I LOVE how this turned out!  I looked and looked for plain turquoise paper and couldn't find it!!!!  Then my daughter spotted this gray and white striped and I flipped out!  Just love how it looks:)
My absolute favorite place in my classroom!!!
I got these big wire flowers from Hob Lob!  Love them;)

 My Math Workshop area:)  More of that striped paper:)

That's it!  Hope you enjoyed looking at the million pics I loaded:) 
Bad news......I am so stinkin tired I hardly have time for anything......I feel badly that I haven't blogged more but hoping that will change soon once I get our routine down.
Good news......I have only had them for 2 days and am completely in love with my kiddos!!!!  So excited to teach them and more excited to learn from them:) 
Have a blessed night all:)

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