Spiders!!! A Summary and some Facts

Happy Sunday all!  I have had quite the lazy weekend.....football, housework, nap, more football, another nap.....just chilling with my fam!  My baby (6'3" senior) had homecoming this weekend:)  Happy and sad momma at the same time......they grow up way to fast!
Ok....just wanted to share a quick project we did last week in our classroom.
We have been diving into as much informational text as we can.  That seems to be where most of my kids struggle and I really think it's most kids in general.....just my opinion:)
Anywho, we have National Geo. for our Science text and they came with awesome leveled readers.

We have also been working on summaries and key details.  My kiddos struggle with the summary thing too:/  So for one of their Daily 5 rotations (it took a couple of days) they made these Spider Paper bag pockets.  I did something similar last year when they did a little project on Native Americans. 
I just love using paper lunch bags for projects.
We folded them and then made a "cover" for the outside.  Along with a picture, they had to have a name on the cover and it couldn't be the same as the book. 
After reading the assigned pages, they had to come up with a summary.  That goes on the inside (after you open the folded over flap.)
Finally they had to find 5 facts about spiders and make a card for each one with an illustration.  Those 5 cards go in the open end of the lunch bag:)

The kids really enjoyed doing this and the spiders fit in great with this time of year:) 
Have you ever made lunch bag projects?  Would love to hear your ideas:)


  1. I've never seen lunch bag projects before. Too cool! I could see those being great for math units and then use to review before testing. I'll definitely give them a try. Thanks!!

    School Days with Smith

  2. I love the idea of lunch bag projects! Need to try these out!

  3. Tara, I really like the lunch bag report. It looks like it is simple to put together w/o any prep work. Yes! I also like how some of them made vertical books and some were horizontal.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Excellent use of a paper bag scrapbook type concept!

  5. After teaching science most of my day, I work with an enrichment group of 15 3rd graders. This is a great way to have the kiddos read different books and still do the same project. On my list of activities. Thanks for the post.

  6. I tried your lunch bag report a couple months again and my kids decided to call it a "fact sack". We hadn't done it for awhile and I decided to pull it out again. The kids were so excited for it. Thanks for the great idea!


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