Take Me Back Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday gang!  I am popping in on my little mini Thanksgiving break to link up with Hope and her fun Take Me Back Tuesday linky:)
I know it's only Thanksgiving BUT Christmas will soon be on us and I wanted to share my popular snow day post that I did with my kiddos last year.  Maybe you can get some ideas and do a little early planning:)  Hope you enjoy.
Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!
(Taking ya back to 12/18/12)
Today was snow day in our classroom.  
It has been planned for a while.  
Time to have fun and be kids.. 
 I am happy to say that we did just that today!  
This is gonna be a super long picture post, don't say I didn't warn you;)
This was the whole set up.  Snowman in a bag treats, hot cocoa, snow playdoh!
Here are the tags...LINK HERE:)
They LOVED this snowman in a bag treat!  

Found some super cute glittery snowflakes to decorate the table:)
The snow playdoh I made them all was a HUGE hit!!  So fun to see them playing with it!  
I actually used a different recipe this year AND white glitter instead of silver and I loved it so much more:)
You can find the recipe here:)
Another fun activity I added was Q-tip fraction snowflakes.
The kids were given q-tips and then could break them apart (easier and safer than cutting them....cutting them into pieces got a little nuts because pieces were literally flying everywhere!)  If you bend them a few times then twist, they break apart easily.  

Then they had to write 2 fractions.  One with how many pieces with the q-tips were used and then how many pieces without the cotton parts were used.  
Then they wrote poems:)  The poems were adorable and cracked me up!

Then we did our "My Snowman Came to Life.." narratives.  After they wrote their stories, they got to draw
their snowmen with chalk!  
Turned out super cute too!  They got hot cocoa while they were writing:)

Finally they made adorable ornaments (totally love this idea from Lisa at Fourth and Ten)
for their parents!  Thank the Lord my daughter was here to help today:)

So cute!  The snowmen are their fingers:)  Thanks Lisa for sharing such a cute idea:)

I am thankful to have some laughter and happiness in my classroom!  
As teachers, we are so blessed and have such wonderful opportunities to make a 
difference in a child's life.  Now more than ever, I am grateful for that!


Spiffing Up Our Writing

spiffy - adjective: spruce; smart; fine.
We have been working hard to spiff up our writing.  Narratives have been the focus since school started.....we started expository writing today.
The kids are getting better and better at descriptive writing that helps the reader have a "mind movie".  I wanted to share or revisit some of the tools and activities we have been doing to spiff up our writing.
Here is a little video (if it works...lol) of our Show Don't Tell wall.  The kids really enjoyed drawing these emotions/feelings and then writing a little blurb about it. 
I shared about this on my last Monday Made It but didn't have it up yet.  If you want to read more about how we did it you can read that HERE.
We have also been polishing up our creativity skills.....metaphors, onomatopoeia, similes, and idioms.  Last week we made little simile foldables.

We folded a flap down from the top and one up from the bottom (both to meet in the middle).  On the top outside of the flap they wrote their simile.  On the bottom outside flap they wrote what it meant (some wrote sentences).  On the inside they drew a fun pic of their simile:)

The kiddos are really loving using our Sharpen Your Writing interactive bulletin board.  I was concerned they would be up and down and up and down....like maybe putting off their writing and "acting" busy but that hasn't been the case at all.  They really are using it properly:)
If you want to check this out, it's at my TPT store
Sharpen Your Writing

Hope you all have a great rest of your week:)  I'm counting the days until Thanksgiving break.  Can't wait to have my fam all under the same roof again for a bit!!!!


Monday Made It - November:)

I have been doing this for how long?????  And each time the Made It Monday rolls around.....I'm never ready!!!!!  At least not during the school year:/  
Sadly, I have no Home Made Its to share....unless you count  little decorating touches....but that really doesn't count:(  So on to my classroom made its I go:)
I made a winter themed set of story starters to use during Work on Writing.  There are 16 different story starters to get your kiddos creative juices flowing:)
I bought and printed these adorable Candy Corn Fact Families (multiplication and division) from my friend Molly at Lessons with Laughter.  Yes, sadly I still have kiddos who aren't fluent with their multiplication facts so these are fun practice.  I love that they can easily be changed to division facts...great for differentiating:)
The adorable little matching bags were from Target:)  Last week instead of just having them practice, I gave each team a timer and they timed each other to see how many facts they could get in a minute:)  They loved that too:)
This made it is in the making so you'll have to check back when it's all done.  I saw this pin from Miss Radka's Rhapsody and have wanted to do it forever!!!!
Well, we finally got started:) We have been working soooooo hard on our writing of "showing, not telling".......Here's what I did..... I gave each of the kids an emotion/feeling I had printed on cardstock.  They had to first draw a picture of what that would look like and then write a great description of what it would look like without using the word they got.  Then they took turns reading them aloud while their classmates tried to guess their words.  Here's what we have so far....

This student wrote "My cheeks were red as a tomato.  My head was hanging down as my slumped shoulders hung down too.  I could feel my weary eyes start to get watery and I start to sob.  It feels like people are laughing at me in the background.  I feel like a tiny rain cloud is only over me and the sun is trying to shine the other way at other people."
WOW!  This kid has got it:)
This student wrote "My eyes were half shut, I feel like I will fall down to the ground.  It feels like I should lay on a comfy sheep and relax.  My head starts to nod but I keep putting my head back up."
"I have my head straight up and my eyes are wide open.  I am jumping and my mouth is open.  Sweat is dripping from my face.  I am shaking really bad and my heart is pounding."

I'll post pics when it's all done and up in my room:)
Thanks for popping by.  Hope you can link up this month.....it's open all month:)  Don't forget to take a sec and leave some love on the blogs you visit:)


Friday Five - A Little Late

Linking up with Doodle Bugs a little late with my Friday Five.

It feels like forever since I have blogged....sorry about that...it has been a crazy week!  So here is a peek at my week with some random pics:)

My kiddos are loving learning in a math workshop format.  Here are 3 of the multiplication games they played this week during their Math Facts rotation. 
They always have their dry erase boards for Teacher Time with me:)  Making those was the best time spent EVER!!!!!  We use them alllll day!
Got up to make a coffee during small group and lost my seat!!!!  This little one popped in (again) and took over.  She did such a good job, I sat and played student for a bit:)  She asked questions about vocab, helped with pronunciation, asked about predictions....a teacher in the making;)

Spent Thursday night with my sweet girl at her college for senior night.  (she is physically a junior but credit wise, a senior and will graduate this year:)  So proud of this girl!!!  What a fun night, and they won:)

We ended our week again with Flashlight Friday!  What a hit this is with my class!!!  They just love it:0)  Joanne from Head Over Heals for Teaching shared this idea a few weeks ago.
My last pic is a reminder that Monday Made It is this Monday!!!  Are ya ready????  I'm not.....not yet.....it always sneaks up on me:/  BUT I'll be ready:)
Pop back Monday and link up:))
Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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