Take Me Back Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday gang!  I am popping in on my little mini Thanksgiving break to link up with Hope and her fun Take Me Back Tuesday linky:)
I know it's only Thanksgiving BUT Christmas will soon be on us and I wanted to share my popular snow day post that I did with my kiddos last year.  Maybe you can get some ideas and do a little early planning:)  Hope you enjoy.
Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!
(Taking ya back to 12/18/12)
Today was snow day in our classroom.  
It has been planned for a while.  
Time to have fun and be kids.. 
 I am happy to say that we did just that today!  
This is gonna be a super long picture post, don't say I didn't warn you;)
This was the whole set up.  Snowman in a bag treats, hot cocoa, snow playdoh!
Here are the tags...LINK HERE:)
They LOVED this snowman in a bag treat!  

Found some super cute glittery snowflakes to decorate the table:)
The snow playdoh I made them all was a HUGE hit!!  So fun to see them playing with it!  
I actually used a different recipe this year AND white glitter instead of silver and I loved it so much more:)
You can find the recipe here:)
Another fun activity I added was Q-tip fraction snowflakes.
The kids were given q-tips and then could break them apart (easier and safer than cutting them....cutting them into pieces got a little nuts because pieces were literally flying everywhere!)  If you bend them a few times then twist, they break apart easily.  

Then they had to write 2 fractions.  One with how many pieces with the q-tips were used and then how many pieces without the cotton parts were used.  
Then they wrote poems:)  The poems were adorable and cracked me up!

Then we did our "My Snowman Came to Life.." narratives.  After they wrote their stories, they got to draw
their snowmen with chalk!  
Turned out super cute too!  They got hot cocoa while they were writing:)

Finally they made adorable ornaments (totally love this idea from Lisa at Fourth and Ten)
for their parents!  Thank the Lord my daughter was here to help today:)

So cute!  The snowmen are their fingers:)  Thanks Lisa for sharing such a cute idea:)

I am thankful to have some laughter and happiness in my classroom!  
As teachers, we are so blessed and have such wonderful opportunities to make a 
difference in a child's life.  Now more than ever, I am grateful for that!


  1. love this... found lots of ideas I am going back to pin them so I don't forget them :)

  2. Tara,
    What a fantastic idea! I see this in my future for the last day before winter break. We have a party that afternoon anyway, so the day is pretty much lost in the excitement. Two questions: 1. Approximately how many balls of play-doh do you get from the recipe, and 2. Can you send me the words to go with the snowman snack? The link no longer lets you access the letter and I can't read the complete note on your blog or on the original blog.
    Thanks for sharing such fantastic ideas! My kinders will love having a "snow day" especially here in Georgia. It's probably the only snow day they will have!

  3. What a great way to finish off December right before break. Thanks for sharing.

    Renee at the Science School Yard

  4. I remember this post and thank you for the reminder!! We are reading "Snowflake Bentley" after break and some of these activities would be perfect! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. Love those q-tip snowflakes! I need to try those in my room! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Woodward's Class

  6. Great ideas!! I'm planning our winter party and all of these ideas will be perfect. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas!

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  8. I love so many of these ideas! I can't wait to use them later this month!


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