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This morning I went for a walk/run......now let me back up....over the summer I was up EVERY morning, rain or shine and running....
this was my summer
and then school started/happened and all that came to a screeching halt!!!  (do you hear the tires????  I mean screeching:( )
So this morning on my walk/run I was doing some soul searching....warning ya now this post is not a teacher lesson plan, although I feel it ties to teaching, at least for me, and it is gonna be kind of a heart dump (sharing my heart if you will)
so as I was walking and trying to get my run back on I was thinking, trying to figure out why it had been soooooo long since I hit the pavement.  That "thinking/reflecting" led to "where has my drive gone?"  My drive for exercise, reading, teaching, doing....just life.  I feel like I have lost some of that since the school year started.  But, WHY?  Now let me say I have a great group of kids....love them.  So can't blame them.  Love my school too!  Can't blame that.  Not gonna lie, trying to roll out common core and still teaching state standards because that is what will be on the test has played into that....which has led to stress.....which has led to some of my fire "put out".   I think I just "forgot" about me:(
I'm one of those all or none personalities.....not good.....I need to find balance (which might have to be my one little word for 2014).  I pour most (90% plus) into my "job".  This morning as I was walk/running I realized that that is part of my problem.  Now, don't get me wrong.....I am all about being passionate about your job and pouring your heart into it but that has been my focus and nothing else....(I'm sure you can tell that by my blog posts....I have been horrible about blogging lately:(  ) Where did I (ME) fit into this equation.   My focus has been survival and that's about it.   NOT GOOD. 
In August I started a diet/new way of eating with veggie and proteins.....
made great progress

after losing 30 pounds I have managed to pack back on 6-9 depending on the day:(  Why?  I forgot about me again....
When I say forgot about me I mean take/MAKE the time for me.  Not just school stuff me but ME, ME.  You may think that sounds selfish and I'm sorry if you do.  I just know that I have a "list", the Lord and my family first of course but then all these other things are on the list before me.  THAT'S my problem.  I need to push me up on that list!  I HAVE to push me up on that list.  If I do that, I know my passion, my drive, my joy will be around more than it's gone.  Does that make sense?  I'm sure I'm not alone with these feelings.....am I?
So my walk/run brought me to this.  Yes, it's that time of year where we all sit and reflect and make our New Year's resolutions....lose 20 pounds, exercise more, read more, join the gym, blog more, make more products, walk, find a hobby, drink more water.....you get the idea.  I have that list as well....at least mentally.  But this morning I decided to pick ONE small, doable step/goal for ME.  ONE that won't go out the window in a month.  That of course led to a linky (I mean I am a blogger/teacher...lol.  That's what we do, right?)  We share and we link:)  So that is what I'm doing.
(Button collaboration: Melonheadz, Ashley Hughes, Jen Jones Hello Fonts, From the Pond)
 So my 1 for Me is this:  Push ME up on my list this year:)  That's it.  If I do that, I know the stress will go down and the fun will go up:)  Everything will fall into place:)
I would love to hear your "1 for Me" for you;)  Grab the button and link up if you feel like sharing.  It can be anything....doesn't have to be a heart dump like I did...lol.  I just needed to get that out:)  I would love to hear ONE for you:) 
I'm glad my walk/run brought me where it did this morning and I am looking at 2014 with new eyes and excited:)  I hope and pray you all have a blessed and safe end to 2013 and a wonderful beginning to 2014!!  Thanks for popping by and link up if you get a sec:)
Happy New Year!!!


Friday 5 on Saturday!!

Woo Hoo!!!!  It's my first day of winter break!!!
Booooo!   I have a sore throat:(  That's why I am late to this fab Friday linky....I don't feel super hot:/  Hoping to get to bed early and feel better tomorrow!!!  Need to...this girl is still not done with her Christmas shopping:/
Gonna be a lot of pics linking up with Doodle Bug's
Snow day was a huge success:)

Got the gifts for my kiddos and my teammates all to school safely:)
I got my teammies some yummy Bath and Body and Vera Bradley lanyards:)
Thanks to my friend Lisa at Fourth and Ten, we made these adorable ornaments as parent gifts again this year.  So sweet and fun to do:)
The snowmen are their fingers:)  I just love how unique each one is:)
My teamie found this adorable Roll a Snowman sheet.  We did this and then the kids wrote narratives about the day their snowman came to life:)  Then they got to go over the snowman they drew with chalk.  They loved that!

Thursday I was running on empty and pulling things out of a hat.....the kids were pretty wound.  I was too excited to find this idea on Instagram from another bloggy bud Amanda at Teaching Maddeness. 
Area and perimeter presents.  The kids made a present, decorated it and then had to find the area and perimeter:)  To cute and good practice:)

Finally, I am over the moon excited that my girl is home for a bit from college:)  She came in and brought me a treat one morning:)

Then she hung out and helped her mom:)  This is our we survived pic at the end of a very long week and day:)  Told you there were a lot of pics:) 
Now I am off to eat and early bed in hopes this sore throat gets better:)
I won't be blogging for about a week or 2 so I can spend some down time with my precious family. 
I pray that each and every one of you has a blessed and Merry Christmas! 


Holiday Gifts for my Kiddos:)

I am linking up with Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts to share my Christmas gifts for my kiddos this year since I am right smack in the middle of making them;)
  I ALWAYS buy them a book because I work so hard each year trying to instill a love of reading. 
So this year they are getting a book, a pencil, a winter eraser, and a Smencil.  My kids LOVE Smencils.  Our PBS club sold them before Thanksgiving and I bought a class set and put them away for Christmas:)
I popped everything in a white lunch sack (well, I have to confess....my hubs helped me out and stuffed all my bags for me.  Do ya think he can see the stressed out look on my face?  LOL!) 
As hubs was stuffing, I was folding a little flap over, poking holes and then used pipe cleaners to tie them shut.  Then I twisted on a candy cane and note:) 
I put the gifts on Instagram and got a few requests for the tags so....here ya go:)  Click the pic or HERE to download them from Google docs:)
Now, I am off to finish up their gift.  I have posted about our "Snow Day" in Florida before. Another part of their gift is the snow playdoh.
This pic is from last year because I haven't made it yet.  Will be doing that as soon as I am done with this post:)  The recipe I use for this is HERE.
I also give them Snowman in a Bag snack.  They love this too!  (again, pic from last year as I'll be making that today too!!!)
These are the tags I made to go on their Snowman in a Bag.  You can find a link for this freebie HERE.
There ya have it.  Those are my kiddo gifts for this year.  I hope you got some ideas for this year or next:)  I know I'll be checking out the other gifts at this linky and pinning away for next year.
Have a blessed week everyone:)


Random Acts of Kindness for Sandy Hook

As educators, we remember and honor our fallen colleagues and their students from Sandy Hook School.  We honor them each day in our classrooms in which we continue their dream of teaching our children.  We honor their memory with our service.  Join with teachers everywhere in committing random acts of kindness to show our love for Sandy Hook.
Prayers for that community!

RAK and Monday Made It - December (on Sunday)

Hello everyone!
Before I kick off this MMI, I want to take a second to share.  It was almost one year ago that there was a terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook.  I know how I felt after hearing about it and can't begin to imagine the sadness and loss felt throughout that community.  As the one year anniversary draws near, the people of Sandy Hook have asked that people commit random acts of kindness to honor the precious lives lost.  As a teacher, you have to opportunity to change lives on a daily basis.  Please take this opportunity to make random acts of kindness part of your week, if not life:) 
As far as MMI goes, I feel like this should be called my "Monday things I'm Gonna Make!"  I have made several things but have lots more to make to prepare for my kiddos on their last few days of school before Christmas break.  Here are a couple of the things I am gonna make (but haven't because it's too early)
Last year we had a "snow day" in our classroom right before break.  So far, I am planning on doing that again this year.  Here are 2 of the things I will be making.  (wanted to share them in case anyone else wanted to do them and needed to plan)
Snow Playdoh:)  The kids LOVED this last year and it was kinda fun to make:)  The recipe is HERE.
This "gonna make" is "Snowman in a Bag".  Fun snack to go along with our snow theme:)  There are links to the recipe and the tags to put on the bags HERE.
So, those are my gonna makes;)
Next up, I have been a printing and laminating machine this past weekend!!!
First up is the fab game Elves and Deer from the super fab Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!  My kids absolutely LOVE this game:)
Farley also has adorable, free RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) cards that you can print and use.  I printed up some to use for myself and with my class this week as we remember Sandy Hook and commit RAK:)
My next MMI is a fun game I got from the sweeties at Collaboration Cuties!
Can't wait for my kiddos to use this fun game to practice those math facts that are killing me this year!!!
I also finally printed and laminated my Snowball Smack game.  (it always takes me forever!)

To start off the week of RAKs I would like to make this item and my Be Merry Banner
(the y is there I promise....just got cut off in the pic)
FREEBIES till midnight Monday!!!!!
I hope one or both are something you can use in your classroom. 
As the 1 year date draws near, please keep the families and community in your thoughts and prayers and please spread some love and sunshine by putting RAK into practice:)

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