Friday 5

Linking up randomness from my week for Doodle Bug's
If you read my last blog post, you know I read the book Word Nerds and am soooooo jazzed up about it!!!!  Well we did another activity from the book.  We did word illustrations.  The book is full of ideas and example they showed was illustrations similar to the ones we put in our vocab journals.  Then they gave examples of kids putting the pictures right into the letters of each word.  Well I showed my kids the examples and I was SO EXCITED with what they came up with for their first try at this.

I just LOVE how these all turned out!!!!  It really shows me they understand the vocabulary.

And are ya ready for this???????  Are ya?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
They had their test on these words and EVERY kid in my class got a perfect score except one and he only missed ONE!!!!!!  That's amazing considering I have 4 ELL students and some consult kiddos!!!!  I am so excited about this book and trying out some of the other ideas in it:))))  If you missed my post on Word Nerds, you can see it HERE:)
A  few weeks ago I got new glasses....the classroom kiddos still aren't used to them.....
one of my teamies kiddos said I looked like a witch and one of my own said I looked like an old lady.....hmmm.......Oh well, ya win some and ya lose some:/
We had our fab Flashlight Friday again today!  The "newness" and fabulousness has not worn off!  They LOVE it!  Beg for it and are as quiet as mice when the lights are off and they are reading:)
If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this hot mess......the PILE monster has been in my room this week......several times.....he's following me:(
Finally, we ended our Literacy week with a vocabulary parade a la Miss Alaineus style:)
The kids had a blast and some of them came up with some great words and outfits!

LOVE this one:)

This was my word!  Any excuse to wear jammies and a robe to school:)) 
Happy 3 day weekend everyone!!!


  1. Love the vocabulary parade! What a great idea...and I think the glasses look cute! Not like an old lady at all!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. I was so motivated reading your post on word nerds!!! Did you give your students a fill in the blank assessment? How does that work using vocabulary from different content areas? Trying to wrap my head around it!!! Thanks!

    1. Monica,
      I used the test from our reading was not fill in the blank. For the Science content words, they will test on that in a different test. This is all new to me too, so it's try it and see what works:) I'm just thrilled that my strugglers are grasping and retaining what these words mean:)

  3. I LOVE the idea about drawing a picture including the word. This is so perfect for me {a sub} because I can literally apply that to any grade and any class. Thanks so much for sharing what you are reading : )

  4. your kids did a WoNdErFuLLLLL job on those word pics.... i really LOVE the SPURS!!! I am going to have to try this with my kiddos soon!!! and a WITCH???? does that kid need glasses? maybe he was referring to GLENDA the good witch??? I think you look sophisticated!!! have a great long weekend friend!!!

  5. Have you posted about the flashlight reading? How does that work? Love you and your blog!


  6. I love reading Miss Alaineus to the kids when we do our Writer's University in 4th grade. We always do a Fancy Nancy parade at the end of the week to get us pumped for testing. All the students dress up fancy and parade around their vocabulary word. Love that you actually do the Miss Alaineus parade and the kids dress up like their word.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I just love your blog. I cant wait to do the vocabulary pictures. I just started math rotations and Im loving it.


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