Monday Made It - January - A Little Early

First Monday Made It of the New Year!  I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful holiday and New Year and are refreshed and ready to head back to school.   Not gonna lie....I have really enjoyed my time off and have been draggin my feet at getting back into the swing of things.  Tomorrow we have a teacher work day so hopefully I can get back into the groove quickly:)  I'm posting this a few hours early because I know tomorrow morning will be
Now on to my Monday Made Its.  I'm sad I don't have any crafty, fun made its....I am really going to shoot for that for the next one.....Me time, remember ;)
My first Monday Made It is my newest product.  (I don't like promoting products on my MMIs but it's about all I got done:(  )  I knew we were going to need some review coming back after such a long break so I made these centers to refresh my kiddos memories.  They will work perfectly in my guided math rotations:)
I fell in love with this clip art from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips and had to make something with it:)

I got these super cute items to hold the task cards from Target:)
It includes multiplication, place value, and area and perimeter.  Click HERE if you want to check it out.
My other Made It, I'm super jazzed about.  I spent some of my break reading.  I finally read Word Nerds and Oh My Word, what a great book!!!!  I only wish I had known about it and read it before school started....but it's never too late, right?  One of the many wonderful things they talk about are Vocabulary Lanyards.  After I read about these I knew I had to do them!!
I made these little tags to go in each of the lanyards.  I have a lanyard for each student.  I hope after trying this out this week, I will have lots of pics and details to share about it:)  If ya can't wait, you need to read the book!  I loved it and have high hopes that it will help my kiddos with vocabulary.  I have some kiddos that struggle and 4 ELL.

I also got these hooks to hang in the classroom.  Each morning the kiddos will pick up a vocab word and each afternoon they will hang them back up here at Vocab Central!!
That's it for me for this month.  Hoping to get more accomplished for the next one but life is fixin to get really crazy with observations, and state tests coming down the pipe soon:/  

To share some love I have decided to giveaway 3 of my Love Letter Math Centers sets:)

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Thanks for coming by!  Link up when you can....I know this is a crazy time with everyone going back to work.  Have a great week all!!


  1. Emily @ I Love My Classroom

  2. Those vocab lanyards are adorable and I just know your kiddos are going to have so much fun with that! What is it about lanyards that kids love so much?!? I can't wait to read more about that. I've got Word Nerds on my "to-read" list!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. Your centers look beautiful! I can't wait to run to target and pick up some goodies :-) Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas! My Pinterest name is Kristen Marie.

  4. Thanks for recommending Word Nerds! I already had it on my Amazon wishlist and your excitement helped me bump it to the top! My username on Pinterest is shulsman.

  5. Your math center is precious. Love it. I also love the vocab gab and lanyards. I need to reed Word Nerds. I've had it on my list. Happy First Day back! I go back with kids tomorrow. Enjoy your teacher work day.

  6. Love your math centers. Awesome. I've pinned them. My pinterest name is Mrs. G. :)

  7. I love your centers. I have thought about Word Nerds since reading a review before, but was thinking I would start in the Fall. I can't wait to read more on this blog. I hope to get a couple of things accomplished on my snow day tomorrow. So much snow with several more inches and bitter cold to follow!
    My pin:

  8. Now you've got me wanting to check out Word Nerds! Thanks for the great tips as always! Nikki @

  9. Thanks for hosting!! Love the V-Day math games, they look like fun!!


  10. Glad to link up again! Pinned for you!

  11. Love your new math centers! My Pinterest name is Sarah Poole Simons!

  12. I love your vocabulary ideas. My pinterest name is dina hurwitz.

  13. I had not heard of Word Nerds but now am definitely intrigued and will have to check it out. What a neat idea- looking forward to seeing your pics of the lanyards in action. My pin name is krj6 (here's the pin-
    On the Trail of Learning

  14. How adorable are your task cards! I'm in LOVE with the chevron coupon holder and little owl from Target! I'd love to go and get some now...but it's -18 degrees out here...BRRR!

  15. I reread Word Nerds over vacation too and am ready to go! So many great ideas in that book. :) I love your new Valentine's Day math pack. Seeing all those beautiful hearts and pinkness make me feel happy! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  16. Your post has definitely piqued my interest. I've never heard of Word Nerds. I feel so out of the loop!

    Diary of a Grumpy Teacher

  17. I've been trying to incorporate more vocab in my reading class to help my readers. I look forward to reading more! Today is also my first monday-made it linky! Have a good rest of your week!

  18. Hi Tara,
    LOVE the new stuff!!
    Pinned you!

  19. Your love letter math lookes great! Hope your day went well back at school : ) I loved that you did MMI today (I felt like I got a lot done on the winter break--even with all the kids home). Good luck with all the testing prep in the near future.
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  20. Love your ideas! I just made vocab lanyards too! (I did a cheap version, though!) Thanks for the inspiration and hosting the linky party - I love it! :)

    4GrShenanigans Pinterest
    Stephanie from Fourth Grade Shenanigans


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