Five for Friday (I have an excuse)
It's Five for Friday time again and I'm late AGAIN!!!!  I kinda have an excuse...I really do;)
So here's a peek at some randomness in my week:)
I have said it before and I'll say it is MAJOR crunch time for time prepping these kiddos is running out.....too quickly:(  Kinda freaking me out a little!  So of course we are writing and writing and polishing and writing some more.  I think I shared before I found these cute puffy stickers at Target (or did I share that on Instagram?????  My blog world and Instagram world blur else have that problem?)
The kids got really excited over's the little things....right?
If they scored a 4 or higher, they got a puffy sticker:)
I started this last week and forgot to share here.  This was my teamies idea.  We are graphing every demand write we do.  4 or higher:)  (I still have some papers to grade to catch the graph up but you get the idea)   You can also see some of my kiddos have a ways to go:/  I think they know what to do, they are just not doing it.....hoping that will change very soon cuz we're out of time!!
We have played lots of Scramble and Counting Dude/Bragging Dude!
The kids love it when I shout out "SCRAMBLE"....these activities are really helping them grasp their vocab!  You can read more about how I use Word Nerds and our Counting Dude/Bragging Dude activity HERE.
One of my kiddos brought me this...
Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!?!  Gotta love Florida!!
My observation is Tuesday!!!!!  YIKES and can't wait till that is over.  I am doing making inferences.  We did a fun activity that I got from the FAB Abby at The Inspired Apple.
The kids LOVED finding out what I carry in my purse and it was a great activity for my 4 ELL kiddos:)
Got this cuteness in the mail!!!  This is from the TPT shop Tea and Coffee!! (Love the name and and the gals who run it)  Can a teacher ever have enough magnets????  Um....NO!
Love my Melonheadz mini me as a magnet!
Go check out their fun shop!!!  Too fun!!!  Tea and Coffee:)
Now, here's my excuse for being late.....we had field days with our kids yesterday.  A day full of all kinds of outdoor fun!!! ( I the only one that thinks kids spend too much time in front of TVs and video games and not outside playing?!?!?!)  So this day was FAB!!!

Then, this happened......
Dummy me tried to do this jump, twist thing with a hula hoop around one ankle and well.....
the hula hoop won:(
Boo!!!!!  Just call me fatty ankle:/  AND, I start coaching Girls on the Run Monday!!!  Ugh....I'll be doing a lot of pointing and not so much running:((
Don't forget what's coming up Monday....
Hope to see ya back here for that:)  Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!


  1. Boo for a hurt ankle, but the rest of your week sounds productively smooth! So for the graph, you are graphing the total amount of 4s in your room? (is 4 the highest score?)
    Teaching in Room 6

    1. I am graphing 4's and higher. 6 is the highest. 4 is passing.

  2. Oh my word!!! Your ankle!!!! OWWWWW!!!!!
    And love puffy stickers and all you have going on in your room. I did the What's in my Purse thing too. It was slow going with first graders, but we got there! :)

  3. Love the flower your student brought - how sweet! Your poor ankle - hope it is feeling better! I loved your inference activity - how CUTE!

  4. Oh no! I hope you heal up quick! I agree, kids spend WAAAAYY too much time being inactive. Even the PE at my school isn't that interactive. It makes me sad. But at the end of every year we have "Sports Day", which looks similar to your field day! Awesome, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Don't you just love observations? And why is it that other professions don't have observations? I mean, think about it. Does your doctor get observed? Or your lawyer? No! But teachers do. Anyway, I know yours will go very well!

    Hoping your ankle is better by now!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  6. What a busy week! Isn't it amazing how much stickers influence kids?!?!? I hope your ankle heals quickly. What is Melonheadz? I mud be in the dark ages. Very fun to stop by your cute blog!

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  7. Oh no! I hope your ankle feels better! Good luck on your observation!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  8. I'm loving everything in this post except for you getting hurt. My puffy heart goes out to you with the "4 or more" crunch time. My kiddos are helping our 4th grade neighbors giving them some suggestions since they've already been through it. Let me know if you need us to send you anything for de-stressers...Starbucks, chocolate, etc!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. I love Girls on the Run. This is my first season coaching and we have had 5 sessions. It is a blast!


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