Word Nerds Update....So Love this Book!!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  I wanted to give you an update on how our journey with Word Nerds is going.  I continue to love it more and more and I delve in a little deeper each week with my kiddos.  This last vocabulary cycle we tried another activity....Counting Dude, Bragging Dude...
Wearing their lanyards, they had to pair up.  The lanyards have our vocabulary words and synonyms and antonyms of those words....enough so that everyone has a lanyard.  Once they pair up, they introduce themselves as their word.  Bragging Dude gives a 7up sentence...Counting Dude counts to make sure it's 7 words or more and that they used the word right.  Then they switch.
Here are a couple videos of the kiddos doing it:)
Here's another...
They had all kinds of fun doing this and it really is helping them learn and expand their vocabulary.

We also did our Color Words
and our Word Illustrations....they just get better each time!

I'll say it again....if you haven't bought and read Word Nerds....YOU MUST!!!
Had to share this t-shirt one of my kiddos wore this week....on what day?????
Woot! Woot!  Love it:)
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Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Word Nerds! I just finished it, and I LOVED it! I'm going to go back through and reread the parts that I highlighted (which are quite a few) so I can get ideas on how to implement the strategies in the second grade classroom I'm teaching in!

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom

  2. I started reading Word Nerds in Thanksgiving and haven't finished it yet! Only because I go back and re-read what it saying! It has some wonderful advice in it. I love the different options of cycle they offer up. I am hoping to complete a Word Nerds post as well on my blog, which I just started!

  3. I'm definitely getting this book! The work your students are doing is awesome!! I love the meaningful illustrations, it must be such a huge help for your kids. Thank you for sharing this my lovely friend! :)

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated on how Word Nerds is working in your classroom!! I plan on starting it this week!

  5. I've pinned this book, but I have a question. Do you think it's appropriate for first grade?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Totally love the word illustrations! What a great idea!

    One Happy Teacher

  7. I bought the book after your last post and still haven't had time to start reading it. Your post has once again inspired me. Thank you!
    Literacy Loves Company

  8. This is so fun! I love it! I'll have to go get that book. I teach social studies but I could easily adapt it to use our vocab words!

  9. How great are those word illustrations? I missed your original post but am now inspired to find the book. Thank you! Caitlin (The-Room-Mom.com)

  10. I absolutely love these videos :) My principal bought a few of the Word Nerd books after she saw that I commented on your Facebook page about it. I hate to hog one right now since I'm a "math teacher", but now I'm seeing all of the wonderful things I can do with math vocabulary! I think I'm going to ask to borrow one. :)

  11. I bought this book after your first post. You are so right...it is awesome! I am gearing up to start using some of the ideas/activities in a couple weeks once we are finished with our state testing...wishing I had read the book earlier to implement it BEFORE testing..ahh next year. I love seeing how you are using this with your kids. It is so motivating to see it all in action. Thanks for sharing!
    On the Trail of Learning

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  13. I also bought this book after reading your post! I was wondering if you for this into their spelling lists or how you assess their knowledge? How long is one vocabulary cycle? Thanks!

  14. When I get back to the states, I absolutely MUST check this book out! I am always looking for new ways to practice and learn vocabulary, especially with my ELL's. Thanks!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

  15. HI! I read this awesome book and started it 3 weeks ago. I was wondering about your ideas for summative assessment. I am a beginning teacher. Thanks for any suggestions!

  16. I have worked with the authors of this book- one of them was my mentor for student teaching! Counting dude, bragging dude is my favorite. Another fun addition is to have the bragging dude brag if they have a 7up sentence. I have my kids do silly things like a victory dance if they used 7 words or more!

  17. LOVE the word picture idea! We use Words In Action at our school and these pictures were GREAT for review weeks! We covered our classroom with them! (The teacher who moved in my old room even still has one up I left behind! lol) In every writing piece our goal was to revise our work trying to use 5 of our vocab words. This book is STILL on my list!


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