Fold It and They Will Come...

Foldables = FUN!!
I don't know about you but I try to squeeze in activities with foldables any chance I get.  I remember when I saw my first Dinah Zike book.  She has a foldable for EVERYTHING!!!  I was in love:) 
This post is full of pics of some foldables we have done in the past few weeks.  I love using them because I can grab an assessment and a grade and the kids are having fun while they're learning:)
This first one is a tri-fold.  I showed the kids examples of some I had from some amusement parks as an example.  We were studying Spanish missions and the students had to make a brochure "advertising" a Spanish mission.
Here are 2 different covers that some kids did.
2 more:)  Love how different they all are.
On the inside they had to do a layout of a Spanish mission...kind of like the amusement park.
On the flaps they had to describe/"advertise" social life and work life on the mission.
 Another foldable we made this past week was for Science.  We just started learning about properties of rocks.  I put some rocks out for the kids to check out.  They chose 4 to draw (4 flaps) on the inside of each flap they had to list 3 properties.

They loved looking at the rocks:)
Next up is a Social Studies foldable/book thingy we made.  We have been studying the different native American tribes of Florida.  They got to chose a tribe and then write about different things on each flap about that tribe.
On this flap they had to draw a small map of Florida and label where the 5 tribes were located.  On the other side they listed the vocab for that lesson and defined them.
On this flap they had to write about all the different ways they got their food.
This flap was for illustrations of the types of houses they lived in.
My last foldable to share is a fab idea from the wonderful Laura Candler of Corkboard Connections.  Click HERE for the link to her blog and a ton of wonderful ideas:)
We used these for our Science vocabulary.

For these they did a flap for each word.  The word and an illustration on the front of the flap and the definition under the flap.
That's the foldable fun we have been having in our room:)  I also wanted to share a pic from this morning...
I got to cuddle with this little guy this morning:)  Too fun!!
I also wanted to let you know that Monday Made It is going to be postponed by ONE week. ask?  Well I am too excited to be part of a HUGE linky that will be hopping on Sunday.
It's gonna be hugemongous!!!!!!  You'll def want a notepad and pencil to write down allllll kinds of wonderful ideas:)
See you then:)


  1. If I tell kids we are going to make a booklet, their interest rate immediately improves. My favorite is the "burrito book." I use it for all kinds of journal-y type things. I have directions here if you want to check it out! Loved this post. Caitlin (TheRoomMom)

  2. I completely agree, Caitlin - my kids love doing interactive notebook-y type foldables. You have some really cute ones here Tara! These are so refreshing to do instead of a worksheet all the time. Thanks for the ideas and the pictures!

    Jen @ Cupcakes & Curriculum

  3. I loved teaching rocks and minerals! I miss the strangest things in 4th grade! haha!

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  5. Rocks and minerals are one of my favorite parts of 4th grade! I love the title of your blog post too. :)

  6. Love your ideas for foldable projects. So many ways to use these activities.


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