Math Gallery Walk, Math B. Bd., Book Raffles, Oh My

We were hopping today!  NEVER enough time in a day to get it all done:/  So much to do and so little time!!!  Today we tried something new.....we started a Math Gallery Walk:)
So FUN!  Don't know where I have been that I hadn't seen this until now:/  I have seen it on a few blogs and websites so I decided to try it today.
I made 6 different "posters" with a variety of different skills on them and hung them around the room.  Talk about getting their interest when they walked in:)  (I had pics of all my posters and then got home to look at them and they are all blurry:/  I stink at photos!!)
Then I divided the kids into 6 teams (6 posters)  They went around each station and solved each of the problems on their papers.  I forgot to take a pic of that:/
They LOVED this and it was awesome to see the buddy work/team teaching going on:)

We did have time for each team to go to each station.  We did not have time to present.  Tomorrow each team will solve and present on one poster.
This is also a great review for the big test coming down the pipe in 2 weeks.
I also wanted to show you one of my fave b. boards each year!
It's not done yet....
Each kiddo got a large index card and divided it into 4 squares.  The first box just has their first initial.  The second has a slide, the bottom left a reflection, and the bottom right a 90 degree rotation.
I'll try to remember to get more pics.  They are turning out awesome and they are learning while having fun!  Go
We also squeezed in a new book raffle.  The kids get so excited when they walk in the door and see it set up!!  If you want to read more about it you can click here:)
That's a few of the highlights of my day!  Hope you all had a great Monday:)


  1. I love the gallery walk idea!! What did you have them recod the answers on? Our big test is in 2 weeks too, so this week I'm doing the last of the new teaching and then next week is nothing but review time!!

    1. Ha!! Just saw you are in Florida too!

    2. Hey Amy. I just had them do it on paper folded into 8ths :) I'll take pics:)

  2. I love doing gallery walks. There is never enough time though, but I love listening to the students doing all the "teaching" to each other.
    Thanks for sharing. This reminds me to put this in as I start planning our review time!!!

    Hodges Herald

  3. I love the initial activity. I am definitely going to do that with my students next week! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love the way you can do some revision of work and the children think it's something new and exciting!

  5. Love the book raffle idea!

    I've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award! Check out my blog for details:


  6. Love the flip,slide,rotate cards!!!

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